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Eugenie Liu ❤ Marcus Chang (Behind Your Smile Couple)


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Official Eugenie Liu  ❤  Marcus Chang Thread!

(Behind Your Smile Couple)


Marcus and Eugenie!



Eugenie Liu and Marcus Chang first appeared together in the Taiwanese web series Happy Together. Although they were not paired together then, but they became good friends.  



Some time later, they were paired together for the first time for the Taiwanese drama Behind Your Smile.



Over here, portraying the roles of Lei Xin Yu and Zhao Yi Ting respectively, their chemistry blew everyone away and forced us to create this page! 



Eugenie Liu as Lei Xin Yu was a delight to watch! Her character was was optimistic, brave, compassionate, kind, hard-working and someone who was wiling to go through thick and thin for the ones that she loved. Not just that, but her character was a true golden-girl who was wiling to take responsibility of the wrong-doings of her loved ones and correct their wrongs. And she did everything with a beautiful smile on her face. The light of our show. The girl won our hearts both, as Eugenie and Xin Yu!



Marcus Chang as Zhao Yi Ting was not your typical hero! At first he appears to be manipulative and selfish, but we soon find out that hidden beneath the layers of pain and distrust is a lonely man who was once burned by this world. Losing everything, Zhao Yi Ting finds solace in Lei Xin Yu, who, with her light, slowly pulls the man out of the shadows and into this bright and beautiful world. He, in turn, protects her with all his might, eventually giving up his vengeance for the sake of her. An amazingly beautiful story indeed.


Why did we tell the story of Lei Xin Yu and Zhao Yi Ting? Well, this is how we discovered the explosive pairing of Eugenie Lui and Marcus Chang! So, in essence, we ship both the pairs equally for without the drama, we would've never gotten our now beloved M612! (M=Marcus & 612=Eugenie)












Some Rules:

- Please be nice. Everyone has their own opinion. Respect them.

- Don't post hateful comments. Such comments will be reported immediately.

- Don't post content irrelevant to the topic.

- Spread the love!



Topic created with banners from @ducan & @best_sparklez!

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This thread makes me smile. :blush::heart:

Thank you. I was having a hard yesterday since it was Day 1 without ZYT/LXY, Marcus/Eugenie... but as if she felt everyone's longing, she posted the wedding shoot and made it all better. I love and adore these two, but Eugenie is just sunshine. :wub:

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38 minutes ago, hppatronus said:

@IamMissBookie OMG :o the pic where both are wearing yellow.... They look super cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

By any chance, do you have the link to their first web series?



This one @hppatronus?

"Happy Together" drama but Marcus as a guess stars, only 1episode. (Correct me if I wrong) hehe... 

@songielove  they are same agency rite?

Wondering bys wedding @ducan :wub:

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Thank you for your artwork, @ducan! I hope you make more. ^^ I hope to see these two in another project or just passing by at the company. Any reference to LXY and ZYT would be a plus hehe. Their friendship shows in their comfortable attitudes around each other. ^_^

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Here bts of vidol, for people can't watch it

BTS 1-11 ep


Bts 1-18 ep


Compilation bts mix



Start 6:05 (eugenie,marcus,dhm(beedong)) awards douxi

Interview vidol cast

I hope you enjoy it.:wub:


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I watched BYS over a week ago after binge watching it over 5 days and I have been obsessed since! Thank you so much to whoever made this thread!! Marcus Chang and Eugenie Liu AKA XinYu and Zhou YiTing are my new favourite couple OTP <3333 After watching the show I watched all there full length bts vids on Vidol and then watched all their MV's on youtube because I'm having drama withdrawal symptoms haha... Oh and I'm following them on instagram to get updates on their next dramas too xD I wish someone would cast them together again or make a season 2 of the show but with a different story..


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