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  1. I just want to said that i started love this drama and the chemistry is also good between Jasper Liu & Puff Kuo. I wil counting next friday for episode 3!~
  2. @haartie WOW~ we are thinking about the same ~ Love your drawing~ the "Flour Kiss" is so natural , that's why we choose the same scene .. and sweet loving couple~
  3. Boyfriend Rule#10 crt quotes frm goodboyfriendquotes.com
  4. The chemistry was great, the skinship so natural, watched MinJae together, the way they looked at each is 'something'- we feel butterfllies in our stomach ~ joking around like nobody else there beside them, and how's comfortable MinJae together, laughing and smile like sweetness cottan candy - Eyes can't lie ~ @Sky8lue , yes i absolutely agree with you~ Quotes:
  5. There is something that i want to share it with u guys ....
  6. Hi all, I'm new in this thread I also want to leave a comment too!... and I did not think I would be addicted to waiting for the next episode!.. about the hot kiss scene, just believe in the director. From his previous drama, Life up to your name dr Heo, there's a passionate kiss, (you can search on YouTube for that scene) deeply amazing!...just be patient.. Can't denied jae wok and min young chemistry... i bet they will bring us the passionate kiss soon! Love this couple love so much!
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