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  1. Hi dear all WoH fan here, I enjoyed read all the comments and yes, we will miss them for sure~ For me what interesting thing about WoH is unexpected CHEMISTRY buys souls to those who watch it. The 2 male lead have CRAZY OFF THE CHART on-screen chemistry and lately we see off-screen interactions from BTS and variety show they in. They very playful and have blessing aura together ..that we always smile like crazy when seen them together. Its called 'Soulmate'. Some reason I think that's how a veteran actors bring their characters to life! ~ other than the chemistry, the acting is
  2. I just enjoyed watching until end! ~ Not really bad or good. just ok.. . So there will be 2nd season? we will wait... for sure.
  3. Yes the poster.. so LOL. They should use another poster ... season 2? really? The rumor that I heard is they will make a movie and the cast already been chosen.
  4. I don't have any comment about TS & XW relationship in drama. They show a bit TS have feeling to XW in ep26. That's hint still ok for me.. the main plot is not about love story and its was too many plots ... so need to compress all things in 40 episode, a bit impossible but we will see ending soon. Will be good ending or open ending? I already guessed the end in some circumstances. If the creator of Soul Land(Tang Jia San Shao) said he is satisfied means ok.
  5. Lui Erlong ,yes soul master... according that I know those 3 master(Lande, Erlong & Xiaogang) here was close friend and they are team member called "Golden Iron Triangle". She is headmaster of Lan Ba Academy.
  6. He Lei Na? I think she is the Fox , one of her abilities was seducing enemy or is called charm demon. the original member not include her. in drama version have a bit different from the what I know. But I'm ok because of some reason its not interfere with plot of the story. If she the fox lady, originally interest to Tang Sang not Mu Bai... Mu Bai as I know was playboy before he meet his fiancé. Maybe she want to know the secret about Mu Bai. Mu Bai
  7. They will be together in that journey , I don't know in drama version will be ending in which spot. their journey was soooo long even the anime version still airing... at some point I know an advance in Novel. Tang San father does not do that illegal activities, is a fake news, He was good person/father. It was Bibi dong and the gang doing I think .... you see that Fox Lady... she was Bibi Dong person/member.
  8. @pad-hari Yes.... a bit true... wow... I will tell a bit in spoiler about XW in my understanding..
  9. Yes you're right about her.. she don't try to avoid, but to keep secret about who is she. Even the titan Ape and that dragon her friends.
  10. @pad-hari Ou Si Ke abilities healing with cooking . thats why he don't want anyone know... it funny when you know it. I saw in your post crt to you..
  11. @pad-hari XW don't have a master. She is really strong , the rare one. @marrez1 yes, you're right, from caring like his sister to someone he care more then himself. And TS only love XW~ no love triangle....
  12. Hi all, I'm new in this thread~ so far I love the Soul Land drama, XZ's Tang San a bit similar the original, even Wu also... if @hallee ask about the relationship between TS and Wu , yes they are indeed in love with each other by time to time soon.. because I already watched the anime version in current episode. If someone wanna ask about spoiler, just pm me. can't wait for further episode! ~
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