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BLACKPINK will have their first performance for their SQUARE UP comeback on Music Core June 16

Double title tracks DDU-DU DDU-DU and Forever Young will also be performed on Inkigayo


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BLACKPINK Jisoo on their comeback:

"We worked hard for all the fans who have been waiting. Each of the songs are songs we've liked for a long time. Last album we showed more of a girly feeling. This time we want to show a more mature image and other different changes" 



BLACKPINK Jennie on their comeback:

"During our 1 year break we had a chance to film our first reality. We worked on many songs, more than the 4 songs that are being released. We're very sorry to the fans and very thankful they waited so long" 



BLACKPINK's favorite song(s) from their SQUARE UP mini-album

Jisoo: See You Later
Rose: Really
Lisa: Forever Young
Jennie: DDU-DU DDU-DU & Forever Young 




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Variety Shows BLACKPINK members want to appear on:

Jisoo: Comedy Big League - I really enjoy it. I want to go on it once too
Rose: I like eating. A show where I can eat
Jennie: I like babies so a show with them
Lisa: I want to go on a show where I can show off my dance skills


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BLACKPINK Comments On What To Expect For Their Long-Awaited Comeback Album



On June 15, members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa attended the press meeting for their first mini album “Square Up,” and stated, “We worked hard to prepare [for this album], so it’d be great if everyone could not only love our title tracks, but our b-sides as well.”
Rosé commented, “I worked hard to stay fit during our break. The choreography for this [title] track requires a lot of energy. I made lots of effort to exercise so that I would be able to perform the choreography till the end.”
In regards to their break, Lisa shared, “We got to make a lot of good memories. Recently we started raising a cat, and we’ve been having a great time.”
As their upcoming title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is set to be released on June 15, “Square Up” will be BLACKPINK’s first release in about a year, and is produced by Teddy.
Jisoo said, “We’ve never formally released an album so the fans must have been waiting a lot, but while we were participating in the making of the album, we also really thought a lot about what the fans would like. We decided to let go of [any] burdens. If we felt burdened, we wouldn’t be able to show everyone what we’ve prepared. When we first debuted, we had that kind of [mindset] and so this time our attitude has shifted.”
Jennie added, “We wanted to present a high-quality album. We felt sorry to our fans for the delayed comeback, but we will work hard during promotions so that [fans] won’t feel like it was such a [long] break.”
In regards to Teddy producing the album, Jennie replied, “From the beginning, we consulted with Teddy for the concept and music, and he took the ideas we had to write the songs.”
BLACKPINK’s title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is a refined, powerful hip hop track that incorporates onomatopoeia in a refreshing way and includes lyrics that give off a chic and confident vibe. Jennie explained, “You can interpret ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ as either the sound of a gunshot, or the sense that we’re casting a powerful spell.”
In terms of the performance, Jisoo commented, “This song has a long dance break. For that part, we will be able to show a powerful performance. In the second verse, there’s rapping, but it also includes some awesome choreography. If you watch our performance, it will leave a good impression and perhaps make people want to watch it more.”
BLACKPINK Shares What Kind Of Variety Shows They Want To Appear On
The girl group held a press conference on June 15 to celebrate the release of their first mini album “Square Up.”
During the event, BLACKPINK was asked whether they had any plans to appear in variety shows as a part of the promotions for their new album. Jennie replied, “We worry a lot about showing the public a more comfortable and personal side of ourselves, so for now, we have radio appearances planned and I think we’ll open up to the public one step at a time.”
The members also shared which variety shows they want to appear in most. Jisoo said, “Personally, I really enjoy ‘Comedy Big League.’ And I want to appear on it. I want to make people laugh, it’s something that I want to do.” Rosé shared that she wants to be on a show that involves eating as she added, “I like to eat, and I think I’d do well if I appeared on a show like that.”
Jennie said, “I like babies and I really want to try taking care of kids, so if there are any shows out there who would like me, I’d go running,” while Lisa said, “I want to appear on a program where I can showcase my dance skills. If I could get the opportunity, I’d love to try it.”
BLACKPINK  On JTBC’s “Idol Room" 

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