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  2. Thanks a lot for liking my long comment, dear! And of course dear... You are so right! Dan & Eun Bin perfectly match each other & they are so different from other couples or we feel something different about them more than anyone else! I am also surprised that why we are so addicted to them like crazy.... ! I think they are like a drug, the ore you have the more you get addicted!!! I think that's the problem with us! And for the past few years, songsong couple were the lead but they are an older couple. Song hye kyo is nearly 40 now but Eun Bin is only 27 Both Dan & Eun Bin are so young in age & at heart!!! And that's one fact that I love so much about them..... And hehehe.... Our boy is smart at skipping questions.... When he was asked by a girl fan whether he'd date Lee Da Il if he were Joeng Yo Wool, then he simply said, "I will tell you the answer next time... Just wait" And why do I feel that he himself knows something about his heart..??! By chance, is he really in love with her???! I really sense so dear... I dunno myself why! !
  3. My bias and favourite actress Hyesun at the press con today oozing with charm and beauty yet looking so cute, bubbly and bright. I never expected myself to like and adore an actress so much in my many years of watching Kdramas because I used to be part of the kfandom group who only like handsome cute oppas and actors. This changed ever since I got to know and grew to like Hyesun three years ago through her Five Enough drama. To the most amazing actress I've ever like, you have been nothing short of amazing in your journey to lead actress status. Talented, unassuming, humble, unpretentious and never ever hogging the limelight, you are so beautiful in and out. Here's to your drama to be as successful as ever and hit high ratings because we've all been anticipating to watch you in this drama since Dec 2018 when casting news was first confirmed. I hope everyone will love your performance as Lee Yeon Seo and chemistry with your L angel. Fighting Hyesun sshi. Love and support you always
  4. Wow!! I rarely checked in Soompi these few days because of Sky Castle but every time I was here HPL thread always in hot topic.... So much to discuss??? I am done with Sky Castle yesterday and taking a rest from emotional roller coaster... +2
  5. Sorry that I posted a lot because there are a lot to be posted. https://www.soompi.com/article/1326158wpp/shin-hye-sun-says-infinites-l-is-perfect-fit-for-angel-role-in-upcoming-drama Shin Hye Sun Says INFINITE’s L Is Perfect Fit For Angel Role In Upcoming Drama During the press conference, Shin Hye Sun explained her reason behind choosing to star in the drama. The actress said, “I liked the character [Lee] Yeon Seo. The character had already stolen my heart, and then I found out that she is a ballerina. I felt a bit of a pressure knowing I will have to learn ballet, but I didn’t want to miss out on [the character].” When asked about her chemistry with her co-star L, Shin Hye Sun answered, “When I first met [Kim] Myung Soo (L’s given name), I wondered if he were an actual angel. I remember thinking that he is the perfect person to play the role of an angel. I cannot imagine anyone else playing the angel besides him.” In response, L stated, “There were not a lot of angel roles in Korean dramas in the past, so I tried to look more at the character and storyline. [The character] is a troublemaker, but he is also pure and simple. I tried my best to bring out those sides of myself and apply them to my character.” L also received a question asking for his reason behind challenging himself in a new genre of romantic comedy. The actor explained, “People had already established a specific image of me and prejudice against me because I am an idol. I wanted to escape from that and show [the public] different sides of myself.”
  6. I hope KW will control Kosuke but how long? Twice he was stopped by his team mate and he looked confused on what he has done. In my opinion, he attacks bad guys only.
  7. There was a scene where Esther said to herself that if the Park family found out the truth about Noa, they will hate her. And another scene, when NJ's Mom had 'dna' proof that Noah is related to Gangchuel, Esther looked so surprised. Did the writer forget this or it's no longer convenient to pursue this? Esther is dumb as rocks and can't act to save her skin so maybe the writer just decided to put it down to plain dumb poor acting!
  8. Can i write Essay Sushi? My oppa is Kang Ji Hwan, i only knew him as Manager Baek Jin Sang in office drama "Feel Good to Die". Picky, annoying, but honest and tsundere to the girl he like. I love his manager style with his suits & glasses too. Why i love him? Why not ? Hes single and available. Yeah.. bye bye so ji sub for now lol. Tall, handsome, got nice voice too lol... @nohamahamoud2002 @gm4queen @jinkzzmec @phoenix24
  9. Thanks for the airport photos, @Chellsee! Here are videos of his arrival. Even the media was there!
  10. I think so too for the two staff! -- curious how they are going to seal the deal As for Si-an and Sindy, I'm in twos actually. A part of me thought it'd be kinda cute (esp since they have a movie together which is coming out soon) but then, how is it going to happen within these 4 episodes ?
  11. [Video] 2019.05.21 Greetings from Jang Ki Yong & Im Soo Jung for June Issue of High Cut Magazine The photoshoot and interview of Im Soo Jung and Jang Ki Yong will be published in High Cut Vol.242 on May 25.
  12. About the mysterious diary. How would anyone know it is a diary at the first place? I don't recall that the diary look anything prominent that scream "Diary! Look at me!" So we are talking about another witness that we have no idea or........ The ex police guard had hidden it somewhere and not disclosed yet?
  13. AGREE! Da Chuan is as cute as a Teddy Bear! He's like a dork when in love and looks super adorable. I laughed like a lunatic when he exclaimed gleefully to YM, "It's about time you 2 get together. Otherwise I'll abandon the Drama!" YM as usual showed his deadpan face but was obviously very pleased! NB: Yeah! We're having more Newbies here! WELCOME to the newbies!
  14. It was 4 days ago.. My guts keep saying that her with new haircut..the most possible update we can will know is during the FM this 1st June unless she's update it herself @elan1 Yup, she will sing the original Japanese song. Hope E&T will upload it
  15. 5 days plus some hours left. We're approx. 70,000 rainbow stars away from next level gift, keep it up, Henecia! by Roxana Gavrila
  16. Hahai, I do agree.. Yeah KJW always say 'yeppeuda', like anytime he can say that. I know that PMY is a goddess, and he always mention it without being shy. He just being straightforward. Yeah.. The kitchen scene was so lovey-dovey. I've been repeating BTS ep 11-12 many times since it uploaded. Their chemistry is no joke
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