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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace 如懿传

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On 8/18/2020 at 3:48 AM, zenya22 said:

I have watched and re-watched this drama many times. The way I see Ruyi's character is that she is a very strong woman. It is very easy to become agitated by other people's actions and retaliate and thereby start a round of hatred, revenge and misery. It is an animalistic tendency. It is harder to be disciplined and remain kind and caring of others no matter what and that is what being human is all about. It is more intelligent and it takes a lot of discipline as well as understanding of the basic principles of being human that differentiates one from an animal. Animals go by their instincts, humans supposedly have more developed minds even though their brains have been programmed from the beginning to look for a mate or something to eat. But humans have the capacity to train their minds to be human and act more than animal whose instincts are to mate whenever/wherever they feel like it or eat when hungry whatever is available. Most of the concubines thought and acted that way but Ruyi was something else. She had a conscience, smart and educated. She chose how she would live. She did not have any choice but to live in the palace as dictated by emperor's decree, as the emperor's wife but she chose how to live according to her conscience. That for me is what a strength in character is. Like Wallace who really embodied the character of the emperor, Ruyi was also portrayed excellently by the actress who played her. That is why I love Ruyi. I also do not believe that those who do what is right tend to suffer more than those who do wrong. Even though Ruyi in the drama seemed to have suffered more, she ended choosing the life she wanted to live in the end. She broke the painting and burned her half, she chose to live attended just by her faithful servant, simply and rejecting offers of reconciliation by the emperor. So, I would say, she may have suffered physically getting sick in the end, but she was able to live and die in peace as she wished. Even Ling Yunche who suffered physical abuse and greatly because of the emperor's jealousy, also chose to die in good conscience and in peace. Because suffering after all dwells in one's mind. That is what I loved about this drama, the strength of Ruyi. I agree that the actors for Ruyi and Chianlong really fit the roles they played. Now, I have to go re-watch the drama again. 

Very well said. Took the words out of my mind and amplified it. I love this drama so much it aches my heart.


Does anyone know the Sad Soprano Background Soundtrack while Ruyi was staring at the window when hailan confronted her about ling yun che's death?

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Harem dramas are based on history, but in the end, they are still dramas, they do not have to be exactly accurate to one version of history, even history has different conflicted versions! Yes, histor

For those who are interested in history, here's a lecture on Emperor Qianlong and his 3 empresses.   Cassie has kindly summarised the three empresses and their relationship with Qi

I found Ruyi's character and story had a lot to learn from. In contrast I don't see her being a "do everything for the one you love and suffer" at all. It may begin in that way, but is way more nuance

The best thing about Ruyi is that she lived as she died - on her own terms.  She joined the harem for love, she floated through the ranks without fighting for anything more than a peaceful life, became the Empress for so she can be together with Qianlong, and ultimately died the way she wanted to - free of a guilty conscience and at peace.


Her line that sticks out the most is after 令妃 was taken down, was that those who were lost, still ultimately cannot come back.  She basically got the biggest win of the series - everything came to fruition and her greatest enemy was taken down.  Her power and prestige was restored, but she didn’t care about any of it.  She cared about her sons that died, her friends, Ling Yunche, and so on.


Her story really goes well with LYC - he advanced not for power or influence, but to protect the Emperor and Empress.  He was the only one to save Empress Xiaoxianchun. He spent his life protecting the women he loved, first Consort Ling and then Ruyi, and he protected the Emperor and the 12th Prince.  He died free of guilt and any wrong doing.  Both he and Ruyi lived their lives very clean, and died willingly.  

I find their story the most interesting - she was the love of his life, but he wasn’t the love of hers.  But they would have been the most compatible.  

I find Ruyi VERY interesting.  I love Zhen Huan too, but they’re the direct opposites of each other.  Zhen Huan started at the bottom, and lost herself to ascend to ultimate power.  Ruyi started at the (almost) top, and fell from grace.  Zhen Huan lost herself in the process, and loved all those she loved.  Ruyi found herself, and created peace in the afterlife for those she loved. 

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