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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace 如懿传


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Title: 如懿传
English title: Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace 
Genre: Historical & Romance & Intrigue

Episodes: 87

Producer: Huang Lan
Director: Wang Jun
Costume Director: Zhang Shuping
Liu Lian Zi (流潋紫),

Broadcast By: Tencent Online 
Broadcast Date: 20 August 2018 - 
Broadcast Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Zhou Xun - Empress Ruyi
Wallace Huo - Emperor Qian Long 
Zhang Junning as Hai Lan
Dong Jie as Lang Hua
Tong Yao as Gao Xi Yue
Xin Zhilei as Jin Yu Yan
Li Chun Frida as Wei Yan Wan
Wu Junmei Vivian Wu as Zhen Huan
Amy Hao Yu as Yi Huan
Ceng Yixuan as A Ruo
Jing Chaojing as Ling Yun Che


AD 1735 when Qianlong ascended the throne with his childhood concubine QingYing. From then, it is all about a loving couple which marriage slow collapse due to lost of trust. When Qianlong ascended the throne, QingYing became Concubine Xian. However, many were against her and also Qianlong Mother has family feud with her. She requested to change her name to RuYi. Dangers always surround RuYi and at the same time Qianlong was settling his political affair due to new reign, to gain support from the veterans and gaining trust of citizens. Qianlong and RuYi supported each other throughout this difficult time. Until they overcome all obstacles, Qianlong manage to bestow RuYi as his Empress, and share the nation with her. However, after RuYi became the Empress, she realised her young husband had already transform into a matured Emperor. An always suspicious and fickle attitude of the Emperor gradually affected their trust and shattered their relationship. 
(credit to Cassie for the translation)


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

[spoiler ]enter your spoiler here without the spaces inside the brackets[ /spoiler]


International Broadcasts

You Tube Links


Astro Malaysia

Fox Channel (USA)

iQiYi Taiwan

Official Introductory Video


Other Videos Related to the Drama

Brief synopsis of drama - the main characters, the emperor and his concubines


Review of drama/novel:

LINK to review of the novel in Chinese from Weibo.

LINK to the Chinese wikipedia on the drama


LINK to English Wikipedia

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Huajae Studio posted the following gifs of Emperor Qian Long encouraging high school students to study hard for their University entrance exams today. 

Credit to Cassie for the Chinese translation.

I still can study. Help me out of bed~

What about being my beloved minister? When you get top grades!

Where are you going to play? Let go visit Jiangnan together. (Emperor Qianlong like to visit Jiangnan, pretending as a commoner)


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A fan bumped into Zhou Xun and Wallace visiting the Palace Museum/Forbidden City.  These two dedicated actors are going back to explore the palace where the Qing Emperors once resided.  



So long you get signatures, even on a torn piece of paper will do.  :D

Zhou Xun's



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For those who are interested in history, here's a lecture on Emperor Qianlong and his 3 empresses.


Cassie has kindly summarised the three empresses and their relationship with Qianlong.

Emperor Qian Long had 3 Empresses in his life. 2 he loved dearly, 1 he hated thoroughly. 

Empress Xiaoxianchun
The one Qian Long loved dearly. She came from a respectable and honourable family background. But though she's rich, she's never a materialistic woman. She cares for her husband dearly and never has any greed for wealth. Qian Long respect her and love her for that. He planned to have her son as the Crown Prince. Too bad, the little prince fell sick and passed away at the age of 9. Both were devastated. Qian Long told her, they will have another child. Few years later, another little prince was born. But also, at the tender age of 2, due to sickness, passed away. Qian Long was heart broken but he knows his Empress is taking it even worse. He decided to bring her travelling to cheer her up. However, it was also in this trip, Empress fell sick due to tiredness and being heart broken, she died in the boat, on the way home. Qian Long was regretful, and devastated. He gave him the utmost respectable and honourable funeral. 

He need to have another Empress but he has no interest in selecting any, thus Empress Dowager chooses Ulanara. Qian Long agreed. 

Empress Ulanara 
Qian Long and her leads a pretty stable life, all until the trip to Jiangnan where she was suddenly sent back to the palace in disgrace. Qian Long refuse to talk about it but strip off all Ulanara's title and put her in the Cold Palace. Qian Long named her mad woman. From a whole bunch of servants, she's only left with 2. Qian Long had never forgive her, even until her dead. Since she was never strip of the title of Empress, by right, she should be given the funeral befitting that, but Qian Long refuse and only gave her the rites befitting an Imperial Noble Consort. However, in actual fact, it was way less than that. She was not even given a actual tomb/plague for future praying. Her funeral procession only accompanied by 64 people instead of the 7000+. Her son, Prince 15 who was seen as a suitable Crown Prince but was not in favour due to his mother. He died very young. 

Upon some documents and articles written by people who were in the same trip, years later, it was then known that Ulanara had cut off her hair, and this is seen as cursing both Emperor and Empress Dowager. Women back in those days only cut their hair when there's someone senior dead (eg. father, husband). The hair is a symbol of them accompanying the dead in the underlife. However, it was not known why she cuts her hair all of a sudden. Until the story of the 3rd Empress...

Empress Xiaoyichun
She was 16 years younger than Qian Long. He sees her a gentle and pretty little lady. Her status in the harem began at the lowest but she kept climbing up the rank until the highest - Imperial Noble Consort. According to rules and ethic, Emperor will not bestow Imperial Noble Consort rank to any concubine out of respect for his Empress. However, that is the aim of this young lady. She was not satisfied with just Qian Long's full attention and devotion but she wanted to have that highest ranking. She told Qian Long during the trip to Jiangnan. Of course, Ulanara was against it but both Qian Long and Empress Dowager agreed. So that was the cause of Ulanara's mad woman action. She had 6 children in the 10 full years where Qian Long had given her full attention. Qian Long loves her so much he instill her son as Crown Prince, the future Emperor Jiaqing. She died at the age of 49 and was buried inside the Emperor tomb, meaning in the afterlife, she will always be together with Qian Long. She was given the title of Empress after her death. 


If you are interested in more video regarding the Qing Dynasty and Emperor Qianlong, there is a collection posted on Wallacehuoinfo Forum:

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@BellyButton, thank you for starting this thread....

You know, I so look forward to this drama....  !

There is already a Viki channel for it. Lets all follow the channel by clicking on + sign


Lets all also submit title request forms to make sure the drama gets licensed.




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I'm in shock!:w00t: I thought Wallace swore off doing historical/ period drama's. He was even reluctant to do journey of flower - they waited for him for 6 months to play the role in that drama. What changed his mind about performing these types of roles again?:rolleyes:  Was he bribed? Did they offer him the  bank of china?:phew:

I will be looking forward to seeing him in this role... I always love  watching him in period dramas:wub:

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Some cast members's names were released today.  Unfortunately, I could only recognise two names here.


Names (credit to Cassie for the translation:
Zhou Xun as Ru Yi
Wallace Huo as Hong Li (Qian Long)

Zhang Junning as Hai Lan
Dong Jie as Lang Hua
Tong Yao as Gao Xi Yue
Xin Zhilei as Jin Yu Yan
Li Chun Frida as Wei Yan Wan
Wu Junmei Vivian Wu as Zhen Huan
Amy Hao Yu as Yi Huan
Ceng Yixuan as A Ruo
Jing Chaojing as Ling Yun Che







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On 8/1/2016 at 6:18 AM, carmolita said:

I'm in shock!:w00t: I thought Wallace swore off doing historical/ period drama's. He was even reluctant to do journey of flower - they waited for him for 6 months to play the role in that drama. What changed his mind about performing these types of roles again?:rolleyes:  Was he bribed? Did they offer him the  bank of china?:phew:

I will be looking forward to seeing him in this role... I always love  watching him in period dramas:wub:

It is wishful thinking that he was offered the Bank of China.  :D  Alright, I have no idea and I was also very surprised when the news was first released.  Being a fan of Wallace, I do know that money is not his sole criteria in accepting a role.  I heard this drama's shooting will take 8 months :o and most of all, he has to shave his hair for the second time (the first time being for the drama, The Great Protector).  He has admitted that he was offered Qing Dynasty roles before but he refused them because he had to shave his hair.  So I guess again something must have attracted him to this drama.  I do know that he has worked with co lead Zhou Xun in a forthcoming movie, The Great Escape and they get along fine (Zhou Xun attended his wedding).  The producer for this drama was also the producer for The Imperial Doctress.   He has a tendency to work with the same producers.  In a recent interview he mentioned Ruyi briefly and said that he enjoyed working with Zhou Xun and that he thinks this is a rare good drama/story.  

Stills for this drama should be forthcoming as production is scheduled to start in August.  

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We think the cast is ready for photo shooting as the producer hinted the hairs are off for the male cast.

Some hints on how the background of the stills may look like?  (The lady in this picture is Huang Lan, the producer)


The cast taking history lessons on the history of the Qing Dynasty.


Glimpse of the gorgeous costumes?  Love this lilac colour.

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Am so looking forward to this drama.  Very interested to know about what happened to Emperor Qian Long's second Empress plus his excursions that I hope will be shown in this drama as well and not too much of palace intrigues would be great.  It's been a long time since I watch dramas about Qian Long.  Dropped Zhen Huan Zhuan cos too much of palace intrigues.

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@Mangoberrie, Wallace and Zhou Xun worked together recently and Zhou Xun (must be a good friend enough) to fly all the way to Bali to attend Wallace and Ruby's wedding so I assume they know each other well enough to be supportive and comfortable in interpreting these two complex roles together.  Not sure whether both Wallace and Zhou Xun will play teen roles since I believe the drama span a couple of decades of Qianlong and Ruyi's lives. Will have to see the final product.

@dejun  Kangxi, Yongsheng and Qianlong were the most well known Qing emperors, and indeed personally I also have watched many versions and faces of Qianlong.  Qianlong was famous for posing as a commoner travelling around the country so there were many stories revolving around his travels and adventure.  As far as I know based on comments, this story revolves around the relationship between Qianlong and Ruyi... probably falling in love to falling out of love?  Many fans are not keen on palace intrigue as I think they had enough from Legend of Zhen Huan and Empresses in the Palace all from the same author.  I am also looking forward to a different theme.  Wallace mentioned in a recent interview that 'Ruyi' is different from 'Legend of Zhen Huan'.  Comments I saw in relation to the novel include "I used up many boxes of tissues", "I cried all night", "I couldn't continue because I am too distressed".

Below is a brief analysis of someone who read the novel.  Credit to Cassie who translated this analysis:

Here's my translation for the post. It's a review by a fan after she reads the novel. Really sounds tragic...    

She is a woman who gave all her glory, heart and thoughts away to someone. She thought that she will be nothing worth mentioning in history but many hundreds years later, her deeds were still being brought up again and again. A woman who exist based on unofficial written history and various hidden secret in her whole life had became a mystery that no one can understand. 

Firstly, Wrong period of time. 
Ah Zi (the author)’s Ruyi were based mainly on equality between spouse. Her conflicts with Emperor are mostly because of their love towards each other. Both are not satisfied with just mutual respect in their marriage. They have a vision of an ideal partner and wanting each other to become just like that. Both forgets that life are unpredictable and it’s not that easy. Ruyi’s characteristic is very different from the era then. Her thoughts are slightly 'futuristic'. What she desires in love and family relationship is beyond the monarchy system then. She looks for equality between females and males. She wants to have the same rights as her husband; the rights to give him the cold shoulder, the rights to have him apologize when he’s in the wrong. However, the Emperor is a very typical feudal emperor. He had been waited on since he’s a child for all his life. Naturally he believes that as a wife, she should not go against the husband. Both are not wrong. If I really have to comment, I will say that Ruyi is in wrong. Not because she loves theQianlong but she uses a wrong method in a wrong era to survive. Ruyi no longer resist when the story reaches chapter 6. Therefore, the reason for her death is because she wanted too much, too much for that era.

Secondly, Gender differences. 
Does Qianlong really loves Concubine Rong? Maybe not. He loves Ruyi. However the steady love with Ruyi in comparison to the momentary enthusiastic love seems plain. Concubine Rong is like a trigger. A trigger that touches the sore spot hidden in both Ruyi and Qianlong. It’s not easy for a woman to find a space in a man’s heart. Once she found it, she will wants to stays there forever. However, novelty is every men’s natural instinct. Qianlong finds comfort and satisfaction in the young woman. At this time, the man will began to have contradicting emotions. He hopes that the person in his heart will gracefully shares the space with another. Just like Empress Fuza: eventhough it hurts, she puts her husband best interest first before anything. However, he didn’t really love someone like Fuza who was always in a very well behaved mode without personal opinions. Instead, someone like Ruyi who is a bit wild but smart is more suitable to be the wife. This wife can help him to organise his family matter and go through thick and thin together. The days spent were more animated. What’s lacking is Ruyi’s wildness could not be tamed. It’s like “White Rose and Red Rose”. Therefore Ruyi is in a conflicting condition. She asked the Emperor: What should I do? A woman will unite both physical and spiritual together but men will always look at them separately. 

Thirdly, Not knowing when to stop.
He loves her but thinks that she’s always inadequate. He forced her into his plan, gradually pushing her towards how he sees things as. She prefers death rather than being dishonoured. In the end, what left is a life-long regret. The ending was too tragic, too sad. I cried. I thought about it later and realized that when a couple reaches that stage like them, it’s really too much. He believes in physical force; she believes in emotional force. Ruyi craves for a normal couple life. Normal couple conflicts will not harm any lives or resort to any low tricks. If there’s second chance for them and yet both do not know when to stop pushing each other to the limit, the ending will still be tragic. So what if they love each other, in the end it’s still Concubine Ling’s son that became the next Emperor. So what if they have the choice, it’s still the same like Zhenhuan and Yun li. So what if they are the Emperor and Empress, can they revive the dead? You reap what you sow. 

Seems like a really sad love story, touches the very sensitive emotions. What we can be sure is, Ruyi and Qianlong definitely love each other. However, both are stubborn and wants each other to be submissive. Also, don't forget Qianlong is the emperor. He cannot be 'wrong'. Misunderstands are the main cause for Ruyi's death. I'm sure though Qianlong loves her, he felt sore at being pushed around by a woman. 

Good luck Wallace in Ruyi. This seems to have lots of deep emotions and a lot of inner thoughts kind of drama. I'm very much looking forward to this. 

On a lighter note, here's a fan photoshop art for Emperor Qianlong, Empress Ruy and the rest of the harem.  :D




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Wallace Huo is not the most handsome emperor contrary to what those netizens indicated (on the week of August 17, 2016?) . Wallace Huo is NOT the most handsome Qianlong emperor and it does not matter if he has his hair shaved or not (with the long black braid) for the role in the Chinese drama.. Wallace Huo is quite handsome and in the role of the emperor.  There is a different Chinese Asian man who is more handsome (either by himself or by having chemistry with a Chinese actress).  Various other Chinese Asian actors have a rounder, fuller face with more flesh than Wallace.  Some men may have a nice hair style or haircut, but the hair is NOT related and has nothing to do with what the face looks like and should be judged separately, Various men may have a nice hair style but the men's faces may be decent or ugly or handsome.  Ruby Lin is such as beautiful Chinese woman/girl and she has gotten married to him.  After spending countless time or hours dating  Ruby's beautiful has been sharing and has been rubbing off on him after dating these previous or recent several months up to the wedding day.  As a Chinese Asian girl, I have a more beautiful figure and nicer face and I am not arrogant like Huo. The Chinese actresses (as concubines), either decent OR ugly OR others are not beautiful, each of the three concubines probably have good chemistry with him in this ancient Chinese drama. Ruby is more beautiful than him because she is Ruby Lin and not because she is the wife or a female) .   

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Not sure what you are referring or complaining about, mayxiang?  Indeed, beauty in the eyes of the beholder.  Do not take fan's enthusiasm about who is most beautiful too seriously.  Just like every mother think their child is the most beautiful.

Another fan art for Qianlong and Ruyi.  (Still waiting for official stills).  :wub:


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