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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / TAEYONG 'TAP' The 2nd Mini Album / NCT DREAM 'DREAM( )SCAPE' The 5th Mini Album OUT NOW! / DOYOUNG 'YOUTH' The 1st Album OUT NOW!


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おいしい夕ご飯 幸せなキャンプファイアー| 맛있는 저녁 식사 행복한 캠프파이어| WE GO! WE FLY! EP. 2 




taeyong's friends felix and changbin
jaehyun's friend yugyeom
doyoung's friends the band lucy
mark's friends czennies



NCT 127 Special Winter Album on December 22, 2023


NCT 127 The Unity in Seoul Setlist (Week 2)


Yacht to Boom
Misty to Magic Carpet Ride
Pandora's Box to Black Clouds 



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231124 LUCY Cho Wonsang's IG Story with NCT 127



LUCY's Wonsang after watching 127's concert today:


"Nooo it's obvious that Doyoungie is amazing"
"But why is Haechan-ssi and Yuta-ssi so cool.. ♡"





231124 LUCY's Shin Yechan IG Story Update with DOYOUNG & LUCY's Wonsang


"Doyoung-ah, you were the best"




Translated by NCTDAOYlNG

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231124 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update 


"Thank you so much for joining us on second week's first show.
Although the end is approaching, I will give my best in singing and performing as if it's not an end but a new beginning.  @.@ - #DOYOUNG"


Translated by gongdyunimie - SM_NCT 





DAY 4"



"Our story will never end"


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231125 WayV_official Twitter Update 


"It's our pleasure to perform on #NeighborsCon and nice to meet WayZenNies in Japan again Hope our performance start your wonderful weekend良い週末をお過ごしてください!またお会いしましょう"



231125 NCT_newteam Twitter Update 




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231125 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update 


"Czennies, shall we create today's concert together too~? 
I hope you enjoy today's concert too^^ 
Let's run together!! - #JUNGWOO"


Translated by tyongucci - SM_NCT




What a Chill Youth  (With #SEULGI)




Poppin’ Love Bring me lightning  (With #IRENE)




LUCY's Gwangil: Firstly, Doyoung hyung is so handsome. He was sweating and his bangs was clumped, he sweated a lot as he was dancing, and usually people would look ugly with their bangs split up. But Doyoung hyung was handsome even when that happened...how. That one time when I met him, hyung came with a bare face and as expected, his face was small and I thought, "So this is what an idol is like." I always say that I'm an idol too, but Doyoung hyung makes you go "Oh? Wow..." the moment you see him, to the extent that it makes those words (about me being an idol too) pale in comparison. Even Doyoung hyung's teeth is pretty! Everyone, even Doyoung hyung's teeth is pretty. Everyone, you wouldn't have had a lot of opportunities to see him up close, but I have so... wow....



231125 NYLONJAPAN Twitter Update with XIAOJUN 



231125 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update




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