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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ (NEO CITY THE AWARDS in North America / NCT DREAM The 4th Mini Album: 'RELOAD' OUT NOW! / NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round OUT NOW!

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200330 欧亚菲温泉水世界 Weibo Update with RENJUN and CHENLE



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[INFO] 200331 SuperM will be on the Nickelodeon TV show ‘All That’ on April 4th at 8:30PM EST. A pre-recorded performance will be aired.


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lucas said they’re preparing many surprises for us and there’s a reason why he’s not showing his appearance right now



LUCAS: "just hope everyone ... is more cautious this time around ... body (health) ... don't walk around ..." 



Lucas left comments on his IG live: 
“I miss you”
“Cutie I love you”



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jeno’s mbti : isfp-a!
he was puzzled why there’s an “a” at the back and asked “isn’t it supposed to have only four?”



drama that jeno watch these days: itaewon class, kingdom, hospital playlist!~



jeno says he’s thinking of getting a lasik surgery then he talked about how those wearing glasses should know that when you’re lying on bed sideways, the glasses will move towards that side..



jeno: doyoungie hyung also had lasik surgery before and he said that it’s one of the things he did well in life



jeno: i'm wearing hoodie~ i really like hoodies~ because it has a cap (hood), it's warm and comfortable... i really like it



jeno: "jaemin’s spam mayo! eh he uploaded that? how did you know? throw in some onions, soy sauce, sugar, spam, rice and add some mayonnaise..it’s delicious but i can’t eat a lot because it’s greasy...don’t tell jaemin about that okay?”



jeno said, on renjun's birthday, 7dream all gathered and ate together



so jeno and jaemin bought renjun's bday present. the shop is open til 8pm and they went out around 7:40pm so they biked so hard, bought the bag, biked back, then delivered the bag to renjun



jeno: yes, ISFP came out for me ㅎㅎ
(doyoung hyung is) ISFJ? oh~ doyoung hyungie? Woo~



“if i don’t come onto vlive, i’ll still find you on bubble”



jeno: "birthday present? me? there’s still a long time, it’s fine! honestly i don’t really look forward to it, my birthday”



jeno said for renjun's birthday present, there was this bag that he liked, so they all gathered money with the members and bought it for him



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DAY6 thanking all the idols who cover their songs

+ Short listen to NCT's Doyoung, Nu'est Minhyun and 17's hoshi&DK



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"these days, the thing jeno and jisung did, was it voice vlive? i think it was kind of fun but for me now it's a viewable vlive."



renjun said he want to try to dye his hair dark or a pink hair that was popular at 2019~



Comment: Did you meet Haechan?
Renjun: I met him with the others. On my birthday, we went to eat together with the others. It's been a long time since we've met so it was fun. 7Dream? Ah but Chenle wasn't there, he got something to do, so it's 6Dream. I met Mark too, Mark hyung!



Renjun: On the night of my birthday, other than Chenle, he had some personal things so he couldn’t come, but 6 of us, including Mark, had a meal together. Then we chatted and hung out. It was fun~



“Did you receive any presents?”
Renjun: Yes! I received a present from the members. But today I didn’t bring it- Ah I did! But... I really like it.
“Did Zhong Chenle give you a present?”
Renjun: He did not.



“Something’s wrong with my eyes, I can’t keep my eyes off you”
Renjun: Genius!



“You speak Chinese so fluently”
Renjun: Because... I’m a Jilin kid !



renjun's song recommendations:
ZAYN, Sia - Dusk Till Dawn
For Spring:
Bolbalggan4 - 나만 봄 (Spring Only For Me) and Some
For falling asleep:
JP Saxe - If The World Was Ending



Today... I hope everyone can listen to the songs I recommended and have an amazing night. Have a good sleep, we’ll meet in our dreams! Byebye



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[ENG SUB] 200330 KUN's Cloud 5 (Go-karting with WINWIN & YANGYANG)




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200401 allthat’s Instagram Update with SuperM


*Episode airs April 4, 8:30p/7:30c


200401 itsreececaddell’s Instagram Update with SuperM



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