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[movie 2003] The Greatest Expectation 위대한 유산

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Im Chang Jeong & Kim Sun Ah


The Great Expectations 위대한 유산 (2003)

Starring: Im Chang-Jeong, Kim Seon-Ah, Shin Yi

Director: Oh Sang-Hoon

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Runtime: 115mins

Production: CJ Entertainment

Distribution: CJ Entertainment

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

A man and a woman become enemies over a dime-then stirred into action over five thousand dollars! An out-of-control comedy about two lives hurtling past the point of no return!

Chang-sik lives strictly by the freeloader's handbook, doing the rounds of free samples in department store food sections and sponging off of his older brother. Mi-young nurtures grandiose dreams of becoming a TV actress but has failed every audition because she just can't act. The two unemployed with similar schedules and living in the same neighborhood are bound to run into each other, and they do.

One day, Chang-sik and Mi-young are walking around distractedly when they end up in a head-on collision. Chang-sik's coins spill out from his hands and scatter all over the ground. His precious coins! He chases after every single one but ends up 10 cents short. He viciously turns to the Mi-young but she refuses to give him 10 cents.

They become sworn enemies after this incident, but then come across the chance of a lifetime.

By chance, they witness a hit-and-run involving old man Hwang together. The next day, to their amazement, they see a banner advertising a 5 million won reward to eyewitnesses. Of course, each person eagerly offers to be a witness and ends up getting tangled up in something they hadn't bargained for... What have these two slackers gotten themselves into?

SOURCE : 위대한 유산

위대한 유산

위대한 유산

위대한 유산

위대한 유산

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Guest yufeifei

:D It's another funny movie from Suna (Kim Sun Ah). I watched it sometimes back and it's hillarious. Not particularly her best movie but there are some really funny moments. Yim Chang Jung ( the guy from Sex Is Zero), at first, I didn't really like his character. He is this leech that is just plain lazy and drives his brother and sister in law crazy. Suna works in a video store where he frequents. They didn't see eye to eye at first and end up fighting about the silliest of things. However, when both of them witness an old jogger got hit by a car, their relationship had a turn around. The plot is quite simple but it's still enjoyable.

I love the first scene where Suna went for an audition, she's an aspiring actress. Haha..really funny when her tummy is playing games with her..

If you would like to watch it, it's available through streaming media. Just check out my blog.

Anyone else who'd watch this before, do share what you think about it.

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