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[OFFICIAL] Park Hae Jin x Kim Go Eun aka JungSeol Couple

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4 hours ago, chibimidori said:

i'm sorry.. i cannot help to find the similarities b/w these two... hahaha.. sorry... and they are both 32years old.. how is that too coincidence?





@chibimidori Wow, didn't know PHJ and Eddie are same age!

Anyways, I got so excited reading this news from PHJ’s fans!! Basically it talks about why he didn’t raised his advertising fee the past 3 years, plus his plan for the remaining year!  Here are the details:


An insider said PHJ is very popular in Korea and China but his advertising fee hasn’t changed for the past 3 years.  PHJ’s company responded to this.

Someone from WM company accepted reporter’s interview that day and said: “The reason why PHJ hasn’t raised his advertising fee for the past 3 years because he wants to continue remain as an actor.  Therefore, fans will find PHJ’s ad endorsement is less when compared to other artists”.

That person added, the company respects PHJ’s wish to continue remain as an actor in front of his fans.  Previously, PHJ shared his view being an actor and said: “I wish fans and others see me as an actor, rather merely an artist.”

Lastly, about PHJ’s schedule this year, official said to the reporter: “ A Chinese drama leaded by PHJ will be broadcasted in May.   In the second half of the year, will film a Korean drama for fans to see, and we are now discussing the next project details.”


After reading this, i can’t help thinking his value is same with KGE who had previously said to not take up so many advertisements because she doesn’t want ads to interfere her role as an actress.  Also, didn't PHJ said he'll think about it ("dating") if he stays in Korea after PD said you two should date?  Oh, i am so happy because his wish is to stay in Korea instead of filming another Chinese drama!!!!!!




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I miss JungSeol. Man I loved the development as well as the chemistry of the couple. Oh how I wish CitT old have been a 20 ep drama so I could have watched a better written and more depth of their relationship developing and growing. I weep thinking we only got 4 kisses from them and not nearly enough talking. I need PHJ and KGE to one day be paired up as a happy cute couple in a drama it movie. 

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Message posted by @mgicc on CITT main thread. Voting should be open tomorrow, so watch this space!

19 hours ago, mgicc said:
  Reveal hidden contents

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Announcement: Team Cheesy Briegade has entered our fanfic entry for the Soompi Shipper's contest!

You can have a look at our entry on the soompi thread here:


or directly on our site here:



Voting is likely to open on 28/3, so we'll be counting on your continued support to get through to round 4 (fanvid)!


Please keep an eye out for us! ;)


PS: you can follow our updates (and help spread the word!) on twitter here:




Sincerely, Team Cheesy Briegade




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I know I shouldnt be laughing... but this is hilarious xD  @sashalove LOVE IT :'D


Cant. Stop. Watching. *loops it yet another time*

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Previously, it was reported that a movie version of webtoon 'Cheese In The TRAP was in the works


SEE ALSO: 'Cheese in the Trap' to be made as a movie starring Park Hae Jin


Production director Lee Dong Ho has since stepped up to make an official statement regarding the various rumors and news surrounding the movie, including various reports saying that Seo Kang Jun, who appeared in the drama version as Baek In Ho, had also received a casting offer. 

On March 28, director Lee Dong Ho stated, "Currently, we are in the process of talking with the webtoon author Soon Ggi about a movie. It is also true that we have contacted Park Hae Jin about the current possibility of the film. But other than the author and Park Hae Jin, we've yet to contact any of the previous production's actors. Media reports claiming that we've contacted Seo Kang Jun is false. As of now, the author holds the key to whether or not the movie will proceed. Please refrain from any speculations regarding the casting of the movie until further notice." 


In addition, the webtoon's original author Soon Ggi is also reported to have given a brief statment regarding the movie through the media site that publishes her webtoon, saying, "Nothing has been set in stone regarding a movie." 


Stay tuned for more updates on 'Cheese In The Trap' the movie! 

source; http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/03/cheese-in-the-trap-production-director-addresses-rumors-that-seo-kang-jun-received-a-casting-offer-for-the-movie

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GOOD NEWS! Krystal is confirmed to be dating KAI of EXO! hahaha 

one less girl to worry about

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PHJ Youku interview, where sunbae talks about YJ, KGE, the drama and himself:

full vid here:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUxNzIzOTU1Mg==.html


Havent done translations for a while... translated parts of this vid (from the chinese subs) at one go so there may be some mistakes :sweatingbullets::



*PHJ greeting Youku viewers*
[Captions] Teaching PHJ Senior How To Speak Chinese
Interviewer: Hi everyone, I am your  仙贝** (Xian Bei, a play on the word
前辈, which means Sunbae in Chinese)
0:015 [Captions] Accidentally understood
PHJ: Hi everyone, I am your...
*Asking about how to say Yoo Jung in Chinese*
0:020 [Captions]  Yoo Jung, Yoo Jung 
PHJ:.. Yoo Jung Sunbae. Hi everyone, I am your sunbae

Q:<<CITT>> is a half preproduced work. What do you think about this kind of filming?
A: I think it's pretty good. In S. Korea, currently we're still using the live shoot system, every day there's shooting through the night. No matter if it's the half preproduced or fully pre-produced format, having sufficient time to film like this is a very good thing.

Q: Do you follow the drama every day for the later half of the drama like the drama viewers(since it's pre-produced)?
A: Of course
*Captions talking about how the YJ hitting the table scene, how that part wasnt in the webtoon and how KGE couldnt help but laugh during the sceen*

Q: (Asking about the scene) Was it an ad-lib?
PHJ: That wasnt an ad-lib. It was a NG, 
[Captions] Wow so it was a NG 

PHJ: If I was acting as YJ, I wouldnt have groaned so loudly like that. Because i was surprised, so I made a loud "Ah" sound. But the director thought it was interesting so we left that scene in the final cut. Afterward, we filmed some transition scenes.

Q: How was it like filming alongside your ideal type?
PHJ: It was very good. We had a lot of chemistry working together. Her acting is also great, so the filming went very smoothly.

01:49 Q: The Hong Seol in the webtoon is sensitive and kind. What do you think about a woman with a personality like that?
PHJ: She has many similarities with Yoo Jung, very smart. If there is a woman like Hong Seol, she's someone even women will find charming.

02:00 Q: Even with hair like that, it's ok?
PHJ: Isn't it cute? 
Interviewer/Captions: *hehehe* It's dog fur~
PHJ: I'm not the one who called it dog fur :D

02:10 Q:What kind of woman do you like in real life?
PHJ: I like quiet and gentle women. I'm already at the age to consider marriage. Rather than dating, (I'm) at the age where I should think more about family. Hope to meet a woman who'll be family oriented.
[Captions]  Busy body: Are looks important?
PHJ: Looks are not too important
02:47: When you were in university, did you ever have a campus romance?
[Captions]  Wah, really?
PHJ: Yes.
[Captions] Oh what a pity~
 I went to university after debut, so there was no chance for that.

02:58 In the webtoon, YJ who liked Seol often asked her out for meals. If you liked someone, how would you woo her? 
PHJ: Uhh, if it were my real personality, I wouldnt ask her out for meals. Instead I would create situations whereby she'll have to eat with me, no matter what it'll take to do that.(I) Wouldnt just walk over and ask "Want to have a meal together?", would create an atmosphere whereby we'd have to eat together
Originally, YJ is very innocent, like a child. In the webtoon, he is a very amiable person who liked to smile at others. The Yoo Jung I portrayed in the drama is more or less the same as the webtoon's, minus the feeling of being too amiable. Because I wanted him to only smile so happily in front of the person he liked, so I intentionally acted him that way.

04:29 Q: In real life, are you the kind of person that would persist till the end w.r.t to the things you wanted to do?
PHJ: Yes, I am very persistent. If I am obsessed with something, I will persist till the end.

04:37 Q: Were your academic results as good as YJ's?
PHJ: I wasn't obsessed with studying. I remember they were nothing much to talk about.
04:46 Q: Although CITT is hotly being broadcast, but there were some controversies regarding this drama. There was a lot of unhappiness among your fans over your screentime getting cut. (ref the ending ) The two just crossing paths on the street like that, what a pity. Do you have any words to say to your heartbroken fans? 
PHJ: Because I made the fans heartbroken over this, so I am heartbroken too. But to me, screen time is not particularly important. It doesnt mean that it's better if theres more screen time. It's enough to appear when there's a need to. But because there were aspects that could not be presented well,  there were some regrets. Those situations were not up for me to decide. I tried my best.

05:50 Q: Do you have an actress that you want to work with the most?
PHJ: Because recently I've shot many romance dramas, so now rather than actresses, I'd like to work with male actors. Because of scheduling conflict with CITT, I wasnt able to work with Wu Xiu Bo sunbaenim, if there's a chance I definitely want to work with him next time. 
-hit my limit for translating, so will just stop here xD-


**PS: the part about 仙贝 Xian Bei, I actually explained in an older post before here: 





Park Hae Jin Shares Thoughts on His Love Life and “Cheese in the Trap”

Park Hae Jin Shares Thoughts on His Love Life and “Cheese in the Trap”

Park Hae Jin has drawn attention for his honest opinions about dating and marriage.

On March 31, he had an interview with a Chinese newspaper and shared that he has been single for the past six years, saying, “I’m so busy that I haven’t been able to date. If a guy is busy, it’s hard for him to date. In my case, I go back and forth between Korea and China and so I don’t have a lot of time. I like a girl who is similar with me. If our hobbies are similar we can have more in common and more than a passionate love; I want to date like close comfortable friends.”

When asked about getting married at the age of 35, he answered, “I think this has been misrepresented. There are reports that I had mentioned plans of getting married at the age of 35. But if I’m going to get married, I need to date that person… I’m currently 34 in Korean age and so I think it’ll be difficult to get married at 35,” laughing as he gave his response.

Park Hae jin

When asked about his first love, he thought about his school days, saying, “My first love was a crush on an older girl in high school. It ended up as an unrequited crush. I’m not a person who can say romantic things. I can say, ‘You look pretty today’ and that’s about it,” sharing his introverted personality. When he was asked about how he has made girlfriends, he answered, “I’ve never confessed to a girl before. I’ve never used a method like that. All of the girls that I’ve dated just happened naturally.”

He was also asked about which role has been most similar to his real personality and instead of picking roles like Yoo Jung from “Cheese in the Trap” or Hwi Kyung from “My Love from The Star,” he picked his role in the drama “Seoyoung, My Daughter” saying that he only smiles to the one that he likes.

A question about his broadcast time for “Cheese in the Trap” as well as theomission of his photo in the OST followed. He answered, “As a member of the drama, I feel sorry for what happened. The ending of the drama was filmed after being confirmed by all of the actors and the staff. I think the reason for the viewers not being satisfied in the end is because of the lack of interaction between the team. I’m sorry for the many problems that arose. I have my personal questions about this but the director probably has her own thoughts as well. As an actor, I cannot speak too frankly about my individual opinion. Regarding the OST, it was a misunderstanding that arose from my not being able to participate in something.”

When asked about his many volunteer and charitable donations, he said, “When I was growing up, my family’s situation was not very good. I just want to help those who need help.”

Park Haejin

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin is experiencing great popularity in China and was recently picked as nominee for the best male actor for the 2016 LETC Movie and Drama Awards and will leave for Beijing on April 13.

He recently confirmed his participation in the jTBC drama “Man to Man” and will hold his solo fan meeting in Taiwan in June.

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He's so admirable and he says he's at the age to get married :) that makes me happy! 


Lol I like his answer to when they ask him which actress he wants to work with lol! Good answer Sunbae! 


I dont know, every time he talks about ideal type, it's all very different but he always mentions. Family oriented, gentle(soft spoken) and quiet. I feel like he describes KGE every time he says that and he doesn't care much about looks anymore. Although I don't think KGE is shy. She's just shy around ppl she's not close to. :) 

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6 minutes ago, Gitakawaii said:

He's so admirable 

Right? He's like that kind of person where the more you read/hear about him, the more you like him as a person. Helps that hes easy on the eyes too :P 

poor guy mus have been asked the same tepid questions about his love life in about 50 different ways though, if his recent interviews/articles are anything to go by. Props to him for always replying patiently, and with a smile to boot. 

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credit to the owner

"when he loves someone, he just wants his existence or presence to be important for his lover. Or it can also mean "i want to be there whenever she has difficult times."


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"Im not that different (from my character in the drama). I am not the Bad Guy kinda style, not the kind that can do aegyo easily or do events (for his significant other). However, when theres someone I like, I would wish to become the most important existence(in the pillar of support sense i think) to the person I like." @Chipibela

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Credit to the owner


So our Hae Jin -shi only smiles to the ones that he likes???


We saw him smilling at KGE plenty of times, in fact his whole body smilled and we could see the sparkle on his eyes







How can we not ship them???




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