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“SMTM4” PD Reveals What Makes WINNER’s Mino Different from iKON’s Bobby

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Taking off his ‘mask’ as a member of idol group WINNER, Mino (Song Minho) has thrown his hat into the ring with Mnet’s rap competition “Show Me the Money 4.” Since showcasing his rapping abilities through the latest episode of “Show Me the Money 4,” Mino quickly become a hot topic in the midst of […]

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Guest wholock28

I understand the stigma against viewing idol rappers as "real rappers," but I don't agree with it. There are some idol rappers that actually have good skill I just think that they really aren't given good opportunity to develop it and/or showcase it and possibly can't show it due to the idol image they have to uphold and because it is a little risky considering a lot of idol groups fans are in their teens, who are possibly more interested in the members looking good and making music about love. I also think the stigma exists because some of these idol rappers are told "your going to be the rapper," and are taught from then on.
Mino was a rapper before he was an idol. In his case, I think he is a rapper that happens to be in an idol-ish group, not an idol that was made to be a rapper. He has a understanding of rap world.
I am happy for Mino yet worried at the same time with all the attention he is getting. I feel that should he happen to do poorly one time, the stigma will come back and like "well he is an idol, so this was to be expected." I hope that the skill and talent he has portrayed doesn't get undermined because he is an idol. I mean look at Zico! He is an idol and is recognized as a rapper, and they both have similar rap backgrounds.
Well, anyways, Idol Rappers 화이팅! SMTM4 contestants 화이팅!

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