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[Japanese Drama 2015] The Last Cop ラストコップ


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Title:ラストコップ / Rasutokoppu
English title: The Last Cop

Episodes: --

Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast Date: June 19, 2015 -

Broadcast Days: Fridays


Toshiaki Karasawa as Kōsuke Kyōgoku, a detective awakened from 30 years coma
Masataka Kubota as Ryōta Mochizuki, a young detective and Kyōgoku's partner
Nozomi Sasaki as Yui Suzuki, Kyōgoku's daughter
Ichirōta Miyakawa as Makoto Suzuki, a detective married Kyōgoku's ex-wife
Emi Wakui as Kanako Suzuki, Kyōgoku's ex-wife
Shirō Sano as Yūji Endō, a chief of police
Yuki Saito as herself (guest appearance)
Funassyi (guest appearance)


Toshiaki Karasawa played the lead role of the detective Kōsuke Kyōgoku who was in coma for 30 years, and Nozomi Sasaki played his daughter. Yuki Saito, who sang a hit song in the 1980s, also appeared as a guest role.

Raw Preview:

Additional Links:

The Last Cop ラストコップ Official Website

The Last Cop ラストコップ Chinese Subbed Episodes

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