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Song Triplets Are Super Happy to See Their Mom on "Superman Returns"

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The ever-so-adorable Song triplets have a sweet reunion with their mother on this week's "Superman Returns!" On the May 17 broadcast of the popular variety show, the four families continue their stay on Jeju Island. On this day, the fathers and children are joined by the lovely mothers at their vacation villa. While Yano Shiho, Moon Jung Won, and Yoon Hye Jin have regularly appeared alongside their husbands and kids, the triplets' mother Jung Seung Yeon has kept a safe distance from the cameras. The last mother to arrive at the villa, Jung Seung Yeon immediately receives a warm welcome from her fellow cast members. Their response is nothing compared to that of the excited triplets, however, who immediately run up to their mother and show their affection with hugs, smiles, and by saying "Mom, I missed you." triplets mom Source (1)

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