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B1A4’s Baro Is Bare and Sexy for Ceci

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B1A4 member Baro had a smoldering solo photo shoot with magazine Ceci recently. The pictures reflect his more mature and manly image. Amongst the revealed photos, there is one where he reveals his bare back. The words “I Love You” are written on his back as a romantic message to his fans. His slight appearance of being shy makes him look even more loveable. Baro1Baro2 During the photo shoot, he is said to have been a bit bashful as it had been a while since he was alone in front of the camera. He was able to overcome his embarrassment by talking about his fellow members continuously.  It appears as though just mentioning his members gave him strength and confidence. Currently, the idol turned actor is acting in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Angry Mom.” Despite appearing to be an exemplary student, his character is actually a powerful bully that makes everything go the way he wants it to. He shared his thoughts on his new role and said, “This character is different from my usual image so I’m going to play and have fun.” You can see more of his mature pictorial in the April issue of Ceci.

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