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"Twenty" Stars Constantly Break Out Laughing on Set, Now as Close as Brothers

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The cast of the upcoming film "Twenty" might have been having a bit too much fun on set. The film is a comedy about three twenty-year-old friends played by Kim Woo Bin, 2PM's Junho, and Kang Ha Neul. It seems that the hilarious script and all the improvisation that the cast was doing made them all laugh so much that they were constantly having to write their filmed scenes off as bloopers. Kim Woo Bin explains the atmosphere on set: "If you converted the three months of our filming into 24 hours, we were laughing for 22 of those hours." He adds, "Every day there was just one thing after another. There were a lot of scenes where we were able to support each other, and the times when all three of us were together were a blast and we were all so happy. Some of the scenes we shot on our own without the others were easy to film, but we didn't have that support and so it was a lot less fun." Since they were enjoying themselves so much on set, there were naturally a lot of bloopers. "Honestly, the script was so funny that it was really difficult to stop myself from laughing while I was acting," he admits. twenty film 2 Junho adds, "We'd crack each other up with the most random jokes. We were lucky enough to be able to act with people our own age. So we could just act naturally without holding anything back." Kang Ha Neul says, "After we wrapped up filming one night when we were on a shoot in the countryside, when everyone else was asleep, the team of 'Twenty' got a little drunk and hollered 'I love you!' really loudly." He adds, "I've gained two good friends from the film, Kim Woo Bin and Junho. I'm thankful for those guys, and I want to stay together with them until the end. I feel like I have two new brothers." Does the news of all the fun behind the scenes and the bromance between these three make you want to see this film even more?

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