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Female Soldiers on “Real Men” Expected to Go Through Ruthless Training


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The preview for the second female soldier special of “Real Men” shows the cast sweating and crying during their training. The show features Kim Ji YoungPark Ha SunKang Ye WonAhn Young MiLee Ji AeLee Da Hee, A Pink’s Yoon Bomi, and f(x)’s Amber. Before her enlistment, Kang Ye Won asked her friends for advice. “She [Kang Ye Won] has poor eyesight and facial flushing, and we’re concerned about her health. She could possibly go AWOL (absence without official leave),” said her friends. “That’s what I’m concerned about as well,” sighed Kang Ye Won as she agreed with her friends. On the other hand, Amber seemed more motivated to enlist. “I wanted to see what the military was like,” she said when asked about her reason to enlist. The brief shot of the preview showed Amber having trouble understanding the drill sergeant, which gives a glimpse of what audiences can expect from the episodes to come. Even more motivated to join the training was Lee Ji Ae. “I had applied to be a female officer in the military before,” said Lee Ji Ae. “This will be a chance to fulfill my dream.” Regardless of what each member said about the training to come, the preview showed the female soldiers training hard in a tough environment. The special episodes will begin airing on January 25 on MBC. real men female soldier 2

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