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Kang Sora: “I Would Take Boxing Lessons to Deal with a Sexist Boss”

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Actress Kang Sora has said that she would take martial arts lessons if she had to deal with sexual discrimination at a workplace, and also talked about her eating habits. The actress had an interview with @star1, where she also took part in a photo shoot with an office theme. Kang Sora2 Kang Sora explained with a smile, “If I was being discriminated against at work by a boss, I would first take boxing classes! I think I need to learn Muay Thai or Ju-Jitsu.” The interviewer also asked if it was true that the actress could consume an entire chicken in one go. To this, Kang Sora answered, "I do still enjoy eating an entire chicken, but I tend to eat slightly smaller chickens than I used to.” The star also spoke to the magazine about her ideal type of man, as well as explaining about her plans for the future. The next issue of @star1 will be released on January 19.

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