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Lee Seung Gi Confesses He Is 80 Percent like His Character in Movie "Today's Love"

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During the press conference for the upcoming movie “Today’s Love” (a.k.a “Love Forecast”) Lee Seung Gi revealed that he is 80 percent like his character in the movie, and that he believes loving someone for 18 years is very possible. The press conference for “Today’s Love” was taken place on January 8 at Seoul Wang Ship-ri’s CGV Theater. Director Park Jin Pyo attended the conference along with the main cast Moon Chae Won and Lee Seung Gi. The movie is about a relationship of two young people, Jun Su (played by Lee Seung Gi) and Hyun Woo (played by Moon Chae Won), who have complicated feelings for each other but do not define the relationship for 18 years. In the press conference, which began after viewing of the movie, Lee Seung Gi started by saying, “Because it was my first movie, I was very focused on the film as if I was watching a different person on screen.” When asked about his opinion on Jun Su, the character he played, he said, “[Jun Su] does not have a complicated personality. He’s very simple minded. He is honest about his feelings, which makes him naïve.” He then added, “That sort of people are realistic and usually the kind ones. Instead of simply making him a gentleman though, I tried to be faithful to what he would have felt in the 18 years of friendship with Hyun Woo. I think I am about 80 percent similar to him” When asked about how a person could love someone for 18 years, he answered, “It is hard to like just one person for 18 years, which oddly made [the character] more realistic to me. One may have feelings for other people from time to time, but overall, I think it is possible for a person to want to care for someone for 18 years. It’s very possible for a man to have “something” going on with just one person for 18 years.” Meanwhile, the movie “Today’s Love” will be released on January 14

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