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INFINITE to Release New Album and Japan Tour in February


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INFINITE will be releasing a new album, along with their Japan tour, come next February. “We are planning to go on tour in Japan and release a new album in February, 2015,” said INFINITE members in an interview with OBS. When asked about their Christmas plans, they answered, “We will probably be sweating a lot because of our end-of-the-year concert and the album that will be released on Christmas Eve.” The band also talked about the meaning of the letter “F” in INIFINITE F. “We did mention before that the ‘F’ stood for ’Face,’ but it actually has no set definition. It could mean ‘Fighting!’ during our interviews, but it could also stand for ‘Fun’ when we’re on stage,” they explained. The band went on to talk about the pros and cons for INFINITE F, and they said, “It’s a bit more nerve wrecking when it comes to singing and performing, but it’s also nice to have more peace and quiet.” Watch the video below for the full interview!

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