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Highlights: "We Got Married" Ep. 249 - Top 5 Squeal Worthy Moments

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It is that time again! For bubblybribri's "We Got Married" highlights! Hope you are all excited because there were definitely some squeal and swoon worthy moments this week. Today, we will be going over the TOP 5 squeal worthy moments from this week's episode.

#1) 24 Hours

I have to say that first place has to go to the Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun couple. As we saw last week, the couple were finally holding their official wedding ceremony and both the bride and groom couldn't look happier. But there is one thing that the "Sorim" couple fans were looking forward to. Let's rewind to a few weeks ago, where So Eun won a wish from a competition the couple had previously. And her wish was that he would put on a performance at their wedding ceremony, in front of all their guests. I think this is where Jae Rim is so sweet because he actually did it! At the wedding ceremony, the host paused and said that Jae Rim prepared something special for his wife and the first thing he prepared was a heartfelt poem. But it wouldn't be Jae Rim without the cheesiness, so it was so sweet and sincere, but still had his Jae Rim "flare" to it. 123 Then after he finished his poem, he went on the floor and waited for the music to come on. Cue Sunmi's "24 Hours!" This was amazing because he actually did the dance really well and yes, at some parts it was awkward, but I think that's what made it cute and adorable. And you could tell he tried and practiced really hard. He said that it was hard at first because his body couldn't move in the way he wanted it to. He was on the floor, shaking his butt, while giving his beautiful wife these sexy and luring glances and stares. While the two are enjoying themselves, the audience, especially the MC and Eric Nam were just dumbfounded. But there were like this even while Jae Rim recited his poem. I will seriously never get tired of looking at Eric Nam's reactions to Jae Rim. 4578910 Jae Rim's dance was definitely epic and squeal worthy, but it really showed a kind and considerate side of him. It shows that he really does care for So Eun and wants to do everything that he can to make her happy.

#2) Double Trouble Kiss

I honestly cannot handle Jae Rim and So Eun sometimes because they are so adorable and perfect! Besides Jae Rim's awesome "24 Hours" dance performance, there were two moments during their segment of the show, where every fan girl was squealing. After the ceremony, everyone gathered for their group photos. And the photographer finally asked them to pose and look like they were "kissing." Boy, did it look real? I think I had to contain myself from screaming and squirming. But it was really sweet because he first leaned in and kissed her FOR REAL on the forehead and then the two just came in super close and pretended like they kissed. Sike! 1213 The married couple and their closest friends, including the very handsome Seo Kang Jun, had their small reception dinner.  Someone asked So Eun what she liked about her husband. She said that she likes how he works so hard at everything. Jae Rim brought up their earlier "kiss," and So Eun, in such a cool way, said "Let's do it again." Enter in the sexy music and BAM! He just grabbed her neck and leaned in for a "kiss." Squeals, but SIKE again! Jae Rim even made sounds with his lips and wiped his lips after. Later, she responded by saying that she likes his smile and he is really handsome when he smiles. 25232426 Although their kisses weren't real, it was still exciting to just watch them. But of course, everyone probably wanted them to kiss for real. They just have this perfect chemistry and connection and it definitely shows. It just kind of warms your heart as you watch them together, as a couple.

#3) Off to Bali!

After the meeting and dinner with Yura's parents, Yura mentioned how it was nice to see how well her husband, Hong Jong Hyun treated her parents. I think everyone was happy with how their first meeting went. After their individual interview, they received a GOLD mission envelope. Everyone got so excited because they knew the gold ones were supposed to something good. And as they opened it, they couldn't contain their excitement as they read that it was a trip to Bali! But a part of them was hesitant to believe because they questioned whether it was truly beautiful Bali or just a place in Korea with the name Bali in it. How funny! 14 As they waited for their departure time, they sat in a lounge and ate some yummy food. Jong Hyun took out a guide book and started quizzing Yura on the capital cities of certain countries and taught her how to say certain things for when they arrive in Bali. All of a sudden, Yura look to Jong Hyun and asked her if he noticed anything different about her. I'm usually pretty good at picking out new and little details about people, but I couldn't tell what was different about her. Jong Hyun was on the struggle bus. He kept staring at her face and features, as she stroked her hair over and over again. He asked her if she dyed her hair, but she said that she parted her hair differently. Everyone in the studio audience, especially Eric Nam, was just like, "Uhh, please don't ask those kinds of hard questions." No one noticed the slight hair change. 151617 But I think that the squeal worthy moment for this couple this week was when Jong Hyun told Yura that it was time to go. She looked at him and with so much cuteness and aegyo, she said, "Tell me I'm beautiful. I'm not leaving until you say it to me!" It was just the way she said it that made Jong Hyun swoon and this made her so lovable in that moment. At first, he was just like, "Uhh," but then quickly responded to her saying, "You're pretty." 20 They were so funny on the airplane. I think Yura might have been more excited about the airplane food than actually going to Bali. All she could talk about and think about was the airplane food. They would eat a little bit and fall asleep, while waiting for the next course to come out. Then they just completely knocked out... They just have this really innocent and gentle romance that even the smallest moments make you feel so happy and entertained. 192122

#4) Window Kiss

Whenever I think of a window kiss, I always think of, WGM's alumni couple, Nichkhun and Victoria's wedding pictorial. It was so romantic and sweet because they were on opposite sides of the window and were just super close to the glass, as if they were really leaning in for a kiss. Major feels right there! But after this week's episode, another window kiss will be thought of in the future. I feel like Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young are really adorable in general, but they have a knack of making really romantic situations very cheesy and weird. But for some reason, it still appears as cute and ultimately, somehow works. 27 Today, they spent some time cleaning their house and wiping their glass windows. Can you see where I'm going with this? As Jin Young was on one side and Min was on the other side, he asked her the infamous question. He asked her, "Why don't you tell me to close my eyes this time?" Then she asked him and he closed his eyes and pressed his face onto the glass. But to me, the funny part was because he was so close, all the hot air coming out of his nose left some fog on the glass itself. Did anyone else notice that? 282931 So for a while, instead of trying to lean in for a window kiss, they constantly just came in close and took breaths over the glass. They just had a sweet moment playing with their cleaning tools and the window. They wiped in the same direction and took a breath at the same time, causing the studio audience to just look at them with these dumfounded stares. But I think deep down, everyone watching was hoping that they would actually have a window kiss. Even if it was just a quick one, everyone was thinking it, right? 3432

#5) Coffee Prince 2.0

Last week, I gave Min the nickname of "Alex 2.0" not only because of his character, but because the couple had a moment where they were trying to wash or wipe each others' feet. But this week, it was all about "Coffee Prince." Several years ago, this was a very popular drama that starred Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. There is a scene in which Gong Yoo's character confesses his love for Yoon Eun Hye's character. 35 Min decided that he would make coffee for her, remembering that he had told her that he would. So he dressed up as a barista and set everything out. And for some reason Jin Young wanted them to reenact the serious, but really romantic scene from "Coffee Prince." So he leaned her against the wall and said, "I'm only going to say this once. I like you. Let's go as far as we can." There were so many squeals that even the couple themselves were blown away at how cheesy this scene was. Example A: Eric Nam's face in the corner of the photo. 363738 But overall, the fact that they even acted this scene out was just hilarious. But it really showed their natural chemistry and skinship with one another. And for the finale of this week's highlights! Here is the chosen Eric Nam picture for this week! nam If you've watched this week's episode, comment down below and tell us what your favorite part was! [tv]You can watch the latest episode of "We Got Married" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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