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Talented Families: Famous K-Star Siblings


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Becoming a K-pop or K-drama star requires a lot of hard work, natural talent, dedication, time and sacrifice. In addition, it also takes a lot of luck! The odds of a young person ever being chosen to become a trainee, then successfully debuting are very small. However, it seems that some families are blessed with double doses of talent and luck. Not only do they have one famous, successful son or daughter- they have two! Scroll through the pictures to check out these famous K-Star siblings. It's not hard to tell these two are related! These adorable brothers debuted at different times and under different companies, but each went on to become successful members of popular boy bands. Kim Hyung Jun is a member of iconic group SS501 and younger brother Kim Kibum was a member of popular boyband U-KISS. Both brothers are now active solo artists, while Hyung Jun pursues a career in acting as well. sib2 Some of the most popular siblings in K-Pop, this gorgeous brother and sister both have highly successful careers in the entertainment industry. Thunder from MBLAQ and Sandara Park from 2NE1 may be from rival companies, but the two are anything but rivals in real life. The pair is famous for their close relationship and have expressed an interest in participating in a joint project if their labels would allow it. sib4 These beautiful sisters are arguably the most famous of all K-pop siblings. The two girls were recruited at different times by SM Entertainment. Jessica went on to become a member of the internationally known group, Girls' Generation. Younger sister Krystal later debuted as a singer in the funky, popular group f(x). sib6Yoochun is one of the most famous people in all of K-Pop. He first debuted as a member of the best-selling group TVXQ and is now a member of JYJ. However, many people don't realize that he has a younger brother who is also famous as well!  Yuhwan made his acting debut in 2011 and played supporting roles in a variety of K-Dramas before securing his first leading role in 2012. sib8 Many people don't realize these sexy siblings are even related. Zico and his brother Taewoon were both trainees for Block B, but Taewoon ended up debuting as part of Coed School instead. When Coed School disbanded in favor of the group's 2 sub-units, Taewoon became the leader of the sub-unit SPEED. Zico, of course, went on to debut as a member of Block B as originally planned. sib10Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin aren't just siblings- they're twins! The two made their debut into K-Pop in 2011 as members of the group Boyfriend. The adorable 19 year-old twins were originally part of JYP Entertainment and trained with them for over two years. They made their debut as child actors, appearing in over 300 commercials by the 100th day of their debut! sib11sib12 Almost all K-Pop fans know Mir from MBLAQ, but many fans are unaware he has a sister who is an actress. Go Eun Ah has appeared in numerous tv dramas, movies and commercials. Eun Ah debuted first in 2003 with a bit part in a movie. Her younger brother debuted with MBLAQ in 2009 and went on to achieve global success as an artist. Another set of twins can be found in the Korean entertainment industry! Ryu Hwayoung is best known for being a former member of T-ARA and is now preparing to become an actress. Younger twin Ryu Hyoyoung was originally set to debut as a member of T-ARA but ended up debuting as a member of Coed School instead. She is now a member of the girl group F-ve Dolls. sib14 Who knew there were so many twins in the Korean entertainment industry? The duo Tasty is made up of twin brothers Daeryong and Soryong. The unit is under the label Woollim Entertainment and made their debut in 2012. With their equally gorgeous smiles and chocolate abs, the 26 year-old brothers make for one super hot singing act! sib19 The K-pop business can be very difficult and lonely, so there would be some definite advantages in being in the same group as your sibling. Not only can these Crayon Pop twins support each other in the challenging moments, but they are able to share each other's successes as well. Heo Min Jin and Heo Min Seon also have their own 2 member sub-unit, Strawberry Milk. sib17Lee Jae Jin is the bassist and one of the vocalists for rock band F.T. Island. He has also had several roles as an actor, both in sitcoms and musicals. A year after his singing debut, older sister Lee Chae Won followed his steps into the business by debuting as as actress as well. The siblings enjoy a close relationship, as evidenced by the many pictures they share online. sib20 Another artist who can claim one of the most recognizable faces in K-Pop is Junsu of JYJ. As one of the original members of TVXQ, he has been in the spotlight for many years. Unknown to many K-Pop fans however, Junsu has a fraternal twin brother who is also in the entertainment business. Junho (otherwise known as ZUNO) is popular in China and Japan but has also enjoyed success as a lyricist in Korea. sib21sib3 There you have it- 12 pairs of adorable Korean celebrity siblings. It's obvious that these brothers and sisters don't mind sharing the spotlight with each other and enjoy their close relationships. Out of all the siblings on this list, which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below! lee1086 is a Soompi writer who lives for music, playing the piano, Super Junior, and Eunsihae. She is also a fan of 3rd Wave Music, BIGBANG, EXO and more. When she is not watching the latest K-Drama or obsessing over the perfection of Lee Donghae, she is busy at church or hanging out with her family and friends.

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