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G-Dragon Admits Being More Comfortable with Taeyang than T.O.P


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At a recent round table interview held on November 25, G-Dragon has admitted who he is closer to between his co-BIGBANG members Taeyang and T.O.P, whom he both worked with on different project units. In 2010, G-Dragon worked on project unit "GD&TOP" with BIGBANG co-rapper T.O.P and four years later, the BIGBANG leader is back with another collaboration, this time with Taeyang as "GD X TAEYANG." Having worked on a project unit with both members, G-Dragon was asked the inevitable question: who does he like better, Taeyang or T.O.P? "I'm more comfortable with Taeyang than T.O.P, " answered G-Dragon. "Although Taeyang isn't a blind follower, I know Taeyang's style well and I participated in his album so I'm comfortable (with him.) Even when I don't give exact directions to Taeyang, he brings out the things I want and more. If we made an album, it would inconvenience Taeyang but since we only did one track, it was comfortable," said G-Dragon. G-Dragon also mentioned some difference between T.O.P and Taeyang when they worked together on their collaboration. "When T.O.P was working (on our album), he was busy with other schedules too so we weren't able to meet a lot. On the other hand, Taeyang is always in the studio," said G-Dragon. Meanwhile, G-Dragon and Taeyang, "GD X TAEYANG," has released their dance track "Good Boy" last November 21. The song is co-produced by G-Dragon, Freedo, and American songwriting duo, Fliptones. G-Dragon also wrote the lyrics to the song.

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