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“Superman Returns” Triplets and Twins Don’t Want to Say Goodbye to Each Other


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On the November 23 broadcast of KBS’ “Superman Returns,” Lee Hwi Jae and twin sons Seo Un and Seo Jun visited the home of Song Il Gook and his triplet sons Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se. During this episode, the triplets, twins, and their dads spent the day together taking part in a flea market event. It is said that all five children got along well and enjoyed playing with one another. After having dinner at a buffet, Lee Hwi Jae and Song Il Gook were saying their goodbyes as it was time for the two families to go their separate ways. However, Min Gook continued to repeat “Don’t go” to the twins’ dad, causing Dae Han and Man Se to join. Older twin Seo Un even got back into the triplets’ cart when Lee Hwi Jae wasn’t looking. The youngest triplet, Man Se, also expressed his disappointment in saying goodbye to the twins, as he tattled to his dad Song Il Gook that “Uncle (Lee Hwi Jae) is taking Seo Un away.” After seeing this heartwarming exchange, Lee Hwi Jae found it difficult to suddenly separate the triplets and twins from each other. In an interview with producers later on, Lee Hwi Jae shared, “Min Gook, are you watching? When you said ‘Uncle, don’t go,’ that feeling was really like the feeling of a mom who gave birth to ten children.” Watch the adorably heartwarming clip below!

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