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Lee Yeon Hee Promotes SK-II in Singapore, Shares Tips on Beauty

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Fan or not, you might be curious of Lee Yeon Hee's skin care regime and what advice will she fish out to all the women out there as a brand ambassador for renown skin care brand SK-II. The award-winning actress was recently in Singapore to launch the brand's limited edition collection of #ChangeDestiny and Soompi was among a few selected media who got to interview her. While some questions were axed directly by the interpreter, Soompi managed to field these questions so check out her answers below! Lee Yeon Hee_R_0096What is one make up item that you cannot leave home without? I will never leave home without a lip balm and a minimum of one lipstick. [I also bring] SK-II's Pitera Essence which I put in a small bottle to use it as a mist. What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women? I believe that inner beauty is the most beautiful and you have to be filled with confidence to show it. Lee Yeon Hee_R_0053How many times do you wash your face daily? Three times - morning, afternoon and at night. What skin type do you have? Dry and moderate skin type. Having worked with some of the most handsome and popular leading men, do you have any actors in your wish list? Well, it’s really hard to pick any one. Lee Yeon Hee_R_0071Can you give us a few tips to be a successful actress? In order to stay long in the industry, you need to have confidence, retain your uniqueness and character. We all know the importance of mentors and people whose greatness inspires us, so who are some of the people that have inspired you throughout your career? I don’t have a specific mentor but I always feel it’s a struggle within myself, so I always try to expose myself to good books, travel around to experience more things, and engage in energizing activities so that I can be more experienced. If you were writing an autobiography, what would it be titled? I love traveling, perhaps "Lee Yeon Hee's Travelogue". Lee Yeon Hee_R_0131

Lee Yeon Hee in an elegant dress during the launch event held at VivoCity.

Lee Yeon Hee_R_0160

Watching the dancers perform.

Lee Yeon Hee_K_7552

Lee Yeon Hee shares her view on what real beauty is.

Lee Yeon Hee_K_7643

Omo~ Just like a goddess!

Lee Yeon Hee_K_7594

"Miss Korea" Lee Yeon Hee not only had a costume change but puts on a different lip color too!

 Lee Yeon Hee_K_7740

Official light-up to symbolize the launch

Lee Yeon Hee_K_7768

Can you see the glow in her skin?

Lee Yeon Hee_K_7823

Photo taking with SK-II staff.

[tv]Watch Lee Yeon Hee in "Miss Korea" on SoompiTV![/tv]

Special thanks to SK-II for inviting Soompi to the interview & launch event.

Photos credit: Kenny So

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