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Joo Ji Hoon Renews Contract with Key East

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Actor Joo Ji Hoon stayed loyal to his current agency, Key East, and resigned with them. Key East representative shared on October 2 that “Joo Ji Hoon turned down many love calls from other agencies to resign and stay with us.” This seems to be the result of Joo Ji Hoon’s trust in Key East as they fully supported him in all that he did throughout the three years he was with them. Key East Entertainment’s CEO Yang Geun Hwan stated, “Joo Ji Hoon had some time until his contract was up but he showed his intension to resign with us first and I thank him for showing his trust and loyalty with us.” He went on and said, “We plan to continue working together as we respect each other and we will assist and fully support him in all of his projects.” Actors and actresses such as Kim Soo Hyun, So Yi Hyun, Jung Ryeo Won and Hong Soo Hyun are also known to resign with Key East and it shows the strong trusting relationship that the agency has with its actors and actresses. Joo Ji Hoon first signed his contract with Key East in 2011 and after his return from the army, he successfully made a comeback with his drama, “Five Fingers.” He continued his busy career as he starred in drama, “Medical Top Team”, and movies “Marriage Blue” and “Confession.” In his movie “Confession” that was released in July, he successfully played his role as an insurance swindler and he has currently finalized director Min Kyu Dong’s “Treacherous Subject” as his next movie.

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