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[drama 2005] Tears Of Diamond 다이아몬드의 눈물

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Guest dramaok
[sBS] friday night drama (yoon hye young + hong eun hee)
friday night drama on sbs. for people 19 and older. title: 다이아몬드의 눈물 (TEARS OF DIAMOND) website: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/diamond/index.html pictures: 706-11_20050920171622.jpg706-10_20050920171513.jpg main characters: cast_acter01.jpgson in ha (age 30-37) actress; yoon hye young she gave up everything for the passionate breathless love she once felt with hyeong min. but he betrays her for money and power... she then determines to take revenge.... cast_acter02.jpgchoi hyeong min (35-42) actor: kim seong min once a careless playboy.. until his father's company is ruined.... he fell in love with inha.. but she cannot give him what he needs in life.... so he marries the woman who can. cast_acter04.jpgjin ga hee (29-36) actress; hong eun hee hyeong-min's wife. the sole daughter of an interior design department store. she does not yet love the husband she married out of need... because she is unable to forget her past love... cast_acter03.jpgmoon yi seok (22-29) a man with deep heart... he watches over the woman he loves with all his heart and might... and that woman is inha.... --------------------------------------- sbs 'tears of diamond' ep. 1: in his red covertible, choi hyeong-min (kim seong min) escorts his lady of the day to a hotel... meanwhile, son in-ha (yoon hye young) and chul jong (ahn jae hwan) are getting engaged... hyeong-min's father, mr. choi, treats in-ha like his daughter and promises her he will walk her down the isle at her wedding.. then mr. choi calls hyeong-min to see where he's at.. and hyeong-min answers while getting it on with his lady and tells his father he's on his way to the engagement but stuck in traffic... in-ha and chul jong exchange engagement rings while hyeong-min arrives... hyeong-min urges the new couple to kiss and chul jong gives in-ha a kiss on the cheek, with in-ha embarassed and mr. choi giving hyeong-min a dirty look. next day, hyeong-min pushes his work on in-ha (his secretary) so he can go play golf with his playmates. in-ha scolds her for telling her to kiss someone she doesn't love at the ceremony and hyeong min apologizes... then in-ha nags him for not learning his work and hyeong-min tells her she's just like his father.. after golf, hyeong-min and friends karaoke while hyeong-min exchanges looks with his friend's girlfriend. hyeong-min seduces the girl by telling her he will go crazy if he doesn't get what he wants and tonight he wants her. he shows her a key to a hotel room... next morning, hyeong min wakes up next to the girl at the hotel and he turns on the news to see that his father's company has gone down.. hyeong min rushes back to find his father saying farewell to his employees.. chul jong tells inha they should flee to another company but inha insists on staying with the choi family. next, mr. choi has a stroke and is rushed to the hospital... hyeong min calls his mother abroad but she won't come back and hyeong min tells her then they'll never see each other again. inha discovers the choi family has no money left.. hyeong min tries to borrow money from his friends but is unsuccessful... then he asks inha to sell his convertible for him. inha goes to the dealership to sell the car, and decides to get a used car for hyeong min to use in case he needs to rush to the hospital when his father wakes from his coma... inha tells her mother she wants to use the money she prepared for wedding to pay for mr. choi's hospital fees and hyeong-min's living expenses... inha's mother says she should ask chul jong since it's his money too. inha talks it over chul jong and he says its okay then asks her for a kiss and she turns him down... he says he will wait til they get married then.... the hospital tells hyeong min they can't operate on his father unless he pays for the fees first.. hyeong min is desparate and goes home to find something worthwhile he can sell... he grabs the wedding ring his mother gave back to his father before she left and runs to the pawn shop to find that it's closed.. he stands outside and begs them to save his father.... next, hyeong min goes to see his lady friend han jong-mi and asks her to help him save his father. though jong-mi's pissed at him for cheating on her in the past her heart weakens and helps hyeong min. then hyeong min rushes to the hospital and finds out in-ha paid for his father's surgery and aftercare..... the doctor tells hyeong min they did their best but things don't look good... in-ha brings food to hyeong-min and tells him to eat a little because if he falls then everything will fall.. hyeong min says he's got nothing left but in-ha reminds him his father is still alive and his father is the most important person to hyeong-min, then he begins to eat. chul jong sees in-ha taking care of hyeong-min and realizes in-ha might have feelings for hyeong-min... so CJ goes to see IH's mom for permission to marry IH sooner. the mother tells CJ not to worry and there's no need to rush a mere 3 months.. meanwhile, IH continues to take care of mr. choi and HM. she puts money in his pocket and hands him keys to the used car.. HM's touched and looks at her. she tells him he must pay everything back in the future or else she'll follow him around forever til he pays everything back... HM grabs her hand and asks why she's so beautiful.. then tells her to never let go of his hand or else he might fall. IH's touched and leaves.. outside the hospital CJ is waiting for IH and asks her what she's been doing alone with HM but she replies mr. choi was there too and they need her help. from the hospital room HM sees CJ escorting IH and he feels uneasy... back home IH's restless from what HM said to her at the hospital... next morning, HM takes out the money IH left for him in his jacket with the note, "be strong, vice-president".. HM puts the note away in his wallet. HM tells his father not to die while he's away and leaves the hospital to go to work, trying to save the company. at work, HM sees IH on the phone pleading a lender to give them more time. the lender on the phone says yes and IH is delighted. just then HM walks in and offers to make coffee for her. she tells him she takes 2 sugar and he says he knows.. then she says that must be why all the women love him.. he replies he's never made coffee for a woman before. HM: what do you think of chul jong? IH: when i'm with him i feel comfortable and i'm always warm and thankful... HM: then that's not love. IH: then what's love? HM: it should make you crazy. don't you agree? IH: since you're the expert i should believe it. HM: .... IH: sorry i was too obnoxious. HM: actually i've never been in love either. IH: why? HM: because i've never met a real woman. IH: what's a real woman? HM: a woman that you want to hug and cry... IH: .... HM changes topic and focus on what they have to do at work. meanwhile CJ is worried and calls IH. IH says she's busy and will call back later. CJ asks if she's alone and he only hears her on the phone telling HM to wait for her... HM and IH are at the company warehouse.. their creditor comes to take whatever is left in the warehouse, HM tries to stop them and gets beat up, IH protects him and stands up to the creditors who leave them alone since they're not about to beat up a woman too. in the car HM tells her to leave while she can. and IH says things will turn up better.. someone will help them.. they arrive at the hospital to find the father in worse conditon. outside the hospital on the stairs HM sits looking depressed.. IH comes and HM asks to hold her hand for strength. CJ is worried so he prepares to move up the wedding to next week. he calls IH to tell her he's on his way to see her at the office and will arrive in 10 minutes. HM asks what CJ said and IH tells him he's on his way and he wants to rush the wedding. HM goes to the rooftop and watches CJ pull up as he makes his plans in his mind to steal IH. just as CJ is arriving, HM goes up to IH and gives her a long kiss... IH is taken by surprise and pushes HM away, then turns around to see CJ watching them... father hand.... give me some strength.. CJ sees kiss -------------------------- sbs "tears of diamond" episode 2: CJ and IH argue outside the office, after CJ tries to kiss IH to 'wipe away' the kiss HM planted on IH's lips. IH walks away. back at the office, HM discovers IH's purse and digs in to find her wallet, opens it, and takes out IH's picture of herself, and puts it in his wallet. then HM looks at IH's appointment book and tears out a page. next, HM goes to the street bench where IH's sitting alone. HM: do you want to kill me? i'm sorry. IH: why did you do that? HM: because i want you. because i don't want to lose you. because i want to make you my woman. IH: don't do that. HM: it's too late. you're already in my heart... i'm gonna go now. IH seeks her friend's advice about what to do. IH tells her her kiss with HM was breathless. her friend is shocked and worried at IH and HM's relationship. her friend tells IH in her 10 years of dating experience it's best to go with a good guy like CJ who only has eyes for 1 woman, instead of men like HM who are play boys, and you become just 1 of many women to him. IH's mother tells the friend if IH betrays CJ than she will be punished, because CJ did a lot for IH and her family, he even took care of cleaning after IH's father when he was sick. friend says gratitude isn't love, but mom says it's better to develop love with your husband than to marry for a passionate love that will die. IH visits the elder mr. choi, and HM finds out and rushes to the hospital and asks IH not to leave. IH says she must go but they embrace and kiss. after she leaves, HM tells his father he never felt this way about a woman and asks his father for approval... CJ goes to HM's office and leaves a note saying there won't be any more reasons for them to meet again in the future. HM tries to call IH but IH doesn't answer. HM gets a call from his lady friend jeong-mi and they meet at a bar. she gives him money she got from selling his watch and jewelry, and HM thanks her for the money from last time and she says to pay it back later. JM sees that he's struggling about some woman and than HM asks her if they can have sex one last time cuz he's going nuts. and she says yes. HM dreams about IH making out with CJ and wakes up from his nightmare. than he leaves the sleeping JM and goes to see his father, telling him not to die until he comes back with IH. HM calls CJ and the two meet. CJ arrives at the bar looking pissed, HM asks him to sit or beat him up so CJ sits. HM apologizes to CJ saying he wasn't in his right state of mind and he was afraid of being alone after all that's happened. CJ accepts HM's drink, and HM watches as CJ gets drunk. than HM tells JM to send a woman to spend the night with CJ, and JM says okay, then HM helps the woman carry CJ home and leaves with the woman undressing by CJ. next morning HM calls IH and tells her CJ is missing. IH says she'll go check up on him at his house, and IH arrives at CJ to find CJ in bed with a naked woman, than IH leaves. HM sees everything happening outside from his car. IH goes on a trip with her mom who tells her she didn't raise IH to be a woman who betrays someone and says she's happy that IH is about to marry CJ..... even though IH told CJ she doesn't really love him CJ still wants to marry her. it is their wedding day... and HM decides to kidnap IH. everyone's at the ceremony except IH. with the help of a lady, IH is waiting for a cab to get to her wedding, but HM stops by and dismisses the lady, then tells IH he's gonna give her a ride but he locks the doors after she gets in and drives off really fast.... --------------- end ep. 2 i'd like to continue writing synopses for this drama. but i really need someone to upload the episodes for me since i can't use clubbox and edonkey is not even crawling for me... please??? +D i really wanna see ep. 3 and 4.
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friday night drama on sbs. for people 19 and older.

i'd like to continue writing synopses for this drama. but i really need someone to upload the episodes for me since i can't use clubbox and edonkey is not even crawling for me... please??? +D

i really wanna see ep. 3 and 4.

Dramaok- thanks for the translations.. seems quite interesting.. I dl the HQ version, but I will be more than happy to re-dl the LQ version and upload it for you. I'm dl episode 3 right now, so I will be able to post the links for you later tonight or early tomorrow. ( I couldn't find episode 4 in creidesca's clubbox.. do u know where i can get the LQ version of episode 4? :)

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Guest sylver

^^I don't think there's any LQ yet for EP04. I think the two-episode thing is just for its premier. Btw, you could also DL it from my CB.

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Guest dramaok

Dramaok- thanks for the translations.. seems quite interesting.. I dl the HQ version, but I will be more than happy to re-dl the LQ version and upload it for you. I'm dl episode 3 right now, so I will be able to post the links for you later tonight or early tomorrow. ( I couldn't find episode 4 in creidesca's clubbox.. do u know where i can get the LQ version of episode 4? :)

waa really?????? eeehaaaa =D take your time. and i know ysi can be a pain so if things don't go well just let me know. i won't take it personal. i'm delighted at the hope though. keke.

right for some reason ep. 4 is not out yet. it will broadcast on 10-7.

as for the 2 episode thing. well traditionally the friday night drama on sbs has always been 2 episodes back to back but i don't know what happened last week. maybe they're changing the format. who knows. here's spoiler for ep. 3-4:

ep. 3 preview:

HM's dad passes away and he rushes to his side. after sending him off HM swears he will rise again. he goes to IH's mom and begs for her approval. IH's mom is worried about IH's future and is heartbroken by CJ who has left.... but seeing that IH and HM are sincere she gives them their blessing and gives them all the money she has for them to create a new future together.. meanwhile happiness is short termed for IH and HM.. ga-hee (hong eun hee) returns to seoul from being absent for a long time and puts on a happy face in front of her family who are welcoming her back... even though she feels sad inside.... then she calls HM whom she hasn't talked to in a long time...

ep. 4 preview:

HM meets with GH and seeing how dazzling she looks in contract to him he is shaken... on top of that GH proposes to him and even promises a job at her father's company.. thus HM is tempted... meanwhile IH's mother sells her house so she can give money to HM for a new start in his career.. IH who doesn't know about it prepares for the wedding with HM... the night before the wedding HM goes golfing with mr. jin, GH's father... with a guilty heart HM goes ahead with the wedding with IH and IH's waiting at her new home for HM to start their new life together....

source: sbs

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Guest 2Blove4ever

Dramaok, thanks for the summary! After reading the summary, it makes me

really want to watch this drama. Hopefully, Mily2 will be able to upload ep.3,

Thanks Mily2!

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dramaok- here is episode 3 for you :) thanks for the translations by the way.. i will continue to upload this for you.. Ida- thanks for telling me about episode 4

Episode 3

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i saw epi 1 of this drama ... i find the story plot interesting but the lead actress ... she's not captivating me. i dunno ... just feel like her expressions are quite lacking. something just feels weird ...

is she an experienced actress? what other dramas has she been in?

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This guy is such a bad boy! I just love it! I don't agree with what he is doing (for goodness sake he stole a bride) but when he does it, this actor does it with flare!

He is so selfish and self centered and such a womanizer. He should be avoided at all cost yet the woman are drawn to him.

I hope dramaok continue to translate this drama and I also hope it get subbed.

Also, am I right when I say they are not married. They only had a ceremony but they did not file papers rights? It only when the papers are filed that it's official right?

Even if it's not official, I still can't believe he got 'married' in the morning and he 'proposed' another woman that night. This is really the ultimate bad guy!

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Thank you mily2! Is there a preview for ep 6. This is what I think I saw

* the other guy final make his enterance at the airport.

* several years has pass and she become the mother of a little girl

*the estrange husband comes back

* during a dark raining night the mother is fighting with the estrange husband

* the little girl comes outside into the street and it looks as if both parents watch her get hit

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Guest dramaok

dramaok- here is episode 3 for you :) thanks for the translations by the way.. i will continue to upload this for you.. Ida- thanks for telling me about episode 4

Episode 3

thank you ^^ you're so sweet ^^^

i saw epi 1 of this drama ... i find the story plot interesting but the lead actress ... she's not captivating me. i dunno ... just feel like her expressions are quite lacking. something just feels weird ...

is she an experienced actress? what other dramas has she been in?

i think her character is supposed to be kinda boring. yoon hae young is pretty famous. she was in that hit drama 'bo go ddo bo go' and also 'life is beautiful' then in a bunch of daily dramas like 'a million roses'..

but the other lead actress starts to come out in ep. 3. hong eun hee. she's really pretty and a very good actress too.

why is it age 19 and older?

is there nudity in it?

because it's more suggestive and the topic is more adult-oriented. there isn't usually nudity nudity but lots of sex scene, some cleavage and men in boxer is pretty common. the rating has more to do with content not the nudity aspect though.


'tears of diamond' episode 3:

IH = in ha

HM = hyeong min

CJ = chul jong

HJ = hyeon ja (IH's friend)

GH = ga-hee

HM traps IH in the car as he drives off really fast... IH asks him to stop this but HM threatens he will kill them.

CJ is waiting at the ceremony hotel but the guests are pretty much all gone, seeing that the bride is a no show..

IH's friend HJ escorts IH's mother to leave...the woman who was with IH tells CJ IH wasn't kidnapped that she went on her free will with HM.

meanwhile, HM and IH are pulled over by a sheriff... as the cop knocks on the car window, HM asks IH if she's gonna leave...

the cop takes HM's license and goes over to IH's side of the car, asking her to step out for a moment.. HM is nervous about what's happening...

the cop leaves, and IH remains standing outside. HM realizes IH wants to stay with him and he embraces her... that night HM makes love to IH...

but IH thinks about the time she was with her mother and CJ at the beach as HM is kissing her...

CJ packs his bags but he breaks into anger and sadness.. throwing away his ring and IH's picture...

HM takes a shower and he grins as he washes.. then he comes out and sees IH looking troubled... he asks IH if she wants to be alone and she nods.. so HM leaves and calls his father outside.

the hospital tells HM his father passes away.. HM tells the news to IH... on their way to the funeral HM tells IH if he doesn't have her he'll die...

at the funeral, IH calls home and tells her friend HJ and IH's mother she's preparing mr. choi's funeral... IH's mother is furious that IH's still not coming home so she goes to the funeral to look for IH.

IH's mother overhears HM's heartwrenching cry.. crying out to his father for leaving before he could introduce to him the woman he loves.

IH tells her mother she loves HM, even though she will be forever sorry towards CJ, she wants to be with HM and him alone... IH begs her mother to forgive her and her mom cries...

meanwhile IH's friend HJ scolds HM for 'kidnapping' IH.. HM apologizes as IH arrives. HM tells IH to go home, but IH says she's staying...

IH's mom goes home and takes out her deceased husband's picture, asking him what she's supposed to do and what would he have done...

IH continues to help out at the funeral.. HM looks at her lovingly when his 'lady' friend (the hostess he sleeps with) comes to the funeral. HM asks her why she came and she asks HM if IH is the woman he loves.

then she goes up to IH and asks her if she likes HM, then introduces herself as HM's cousin. then she leaves, but as she's leaving she tells HM he's got playboy in his blood and body so he shouldn't mess with goodgirls like IH if he can't be responsible.

IH tells HM he should eat something since he hasn't eaten for a day.. HM asks IH if she's gonna make his meals for the rest of his day.. then laughs at himself for such a lame proposal... but he tells IH they should go tell his father they're getting married.

IH's mother goes to CJ's work looking for him but the colleague tells him he already quit.. then she goes to CJ's house and talks to CJ over the phone since CJ left home to be by himself at the coast. CJ tells her he's gonna forget IH so asks her not to call him or his parents anymore. CJ then tells her not to worry cuz it's his fault that he tried to grab onto IH when her heart was already long gone. IH's mother keeps saying sorry and CJ hangs up.

IH watches her mother coming home from a distance and IH cries then leaves..

HJ and another friend are worried about IH's mother cuz she's not answering the phone. they go over to IH's and HJ uses her key and get in to discover that IH's mother has fainted. they quickly go and get IH.

IH goes home and says sorry to her sleeping mother as she cries... her mother finally awakes and IH says her mother is the most important person to her so if she doesnt approve she will forget HM.

the mother says it's too late to be saying such things and begins hitting IH asking her why she's foolish... IH keeps on saying sorry and the two cry together.

meanwhile HM is taking his father's ashes to the river and spreads it over the water. HM apologizes to his father for sending him like this...

IH's friend HJ asks IH's mom to forgive IH cuz without her mother IH can't even live for a day.. IH's friend says she should approve HM even if she doesn't like him cuz he's the one IH loves.

IH's mom says to bring IH in... then HJ receives a call telling her the creditors are taking over HM's home and office.

HM vowels to his father that he will save his company no matter how.

ga-hee (GH, actress hong eun-hee) arrives from being abroad.

IH's mother tells her to bring HM home. meanwhile HM goes to his office and discovers he's lost everything, so he salvages what he can, his name plaque and the company plaque, along with a picture of his father.

IH arrives to give him a hug and tells him to go to her house with him. IH says her mother wants to see him. and he can stay with them. HM asks IH if they can share a bedroom cuz he doesn't want to be apart from her but IH is hesitant of doing that at her mother's house.

then as they're about to go in HM kiss IH saying he is finally energized. when they go in HM kneels down for IH's mother and begs for forgiveness but he couldn't let IH go like that cuz he wanted her so much cuz he loved her so much and it was either that or death...

HM begs for her forgiveness but the mother says she can't forgive him, and she's only doing this for her daughter.

then HM eats the food IH's mother prepared.. HM says it's been 20 years since he ate food made by mom and cries.. IH's mom goes in her room and says sorry to CJ cuz she feels sorry for HM too...

IH goes to her mom's room and says she wants to sleep in her room.. IH's mom gives her money and an account, telling IH she sold the house so HM can restart his business with that money.. and they should at least plan a wedding ceremony for themselves.

HM hugs IH's mother and says she's the best and how he's gonna be always grateful to her.

HM and IH make plans to build their new office, saving money by painting by themselves and shopping for used furniture.

HM promises to IH when he makes it big again he's gonna buy her diamond ring and handbag and all the expensive accessories she deseves.

HM is frustrated at the tiny office they have and IH tries to cheer him up by saying his father's watching over them so they're gonna succeed.... HM gets more frustrated saying they should take off that fancy picture of his father cuz it doesn't go with the office..

HM gets a call from the bank saying they can finance their loan.. then he gets another call and agrees to meet. HM tells IH it's his friend from the states who wants to meet him right away. IH thinks it's a guy friend and tells him to go meet.

HM goes to the golf course and sees GH playing golf, then waving at him....

------------ end ep. 3

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Guest dramaok

dramaok- no problem.. I luv u too for helping us with the translations.. here is episode 4 and 5 for u.. :)

Episode 4

Episode 5

:lol::lol: thank you!!! arigato!! muchos gracias! go-ma-wuh.

'tears of diamond' episode 4:

HM= choi hyeong min (kim seong min)

IH= son in ha (yoon hae young)

GH= jin ga hee (hong eun hee)

HJ= hyeon ja (IH's friend)

HM goes to the golfcourse and meets GH whom he hasn't met in years, so HM says they should embrace.

GH asks him to join her for a game of golf and he asks her if she called him just for golf.. she flirts with him saying if he does well at golf she might wanna date him..

HM smiles at GH and tries to teach her how to play better.. meanwhile IH pleads with HM's father not to let HM fail...

HM asks GH what she will award him if he plays well and she gives him a kiss on the lips for reward.. afterwards GH asks him where his car is and he lies saying someone drove him, so GH tells him to drive her car then...

back home IH's mom is packing stuff to move and IH arrives to help.. IH's mom asks her where HM is and IH tells her he went to meet a friend from abroad. IH's mom says that friend must not know what happened to HM's family.

meanwhile HM and GH are having sex in the bathtub at a nice hotel. afterwards HM brushes GH's hair.. GH tells him she's not a baby anymore.

IH's mom tells IH they should hurry and have a ceremony for IH and HM, since they're moving into a two bedroom and they should be married before then. IH thanks her mother and tells her she's happy. IH's mom says that's all that's important.

HM drives GH home and gives her the car key but GH tells him they have lots of cars so he should just drive it back so he won't have to take a cab home.

GH goes in and HM thinks about the what if's if he pursues GH....

HM goes home and IH says his clothes smell good, and HM lies saying he was at the sauna with his friend and the smell is from the hotel shampoo.

HM gets angry at IH and asks her why she never initiates kissing him and tells her to try it. IH says she doesn't know how and HM goes up to her to kiss her but IH pushes him away saying they shoud be careful since mom's around.

then IH tells HM about her mom telling her to have a wedding ceremony soon and HM says they should talk about it tomorrow.. then after IH leaves HM thinks about calling GH.

meanwhile, GH drinks whiskey and thinks about yong-ki, the man who dumped her.. the guy that she loved a lot but wouldn't marry her because of another woman.

GH thinks about how she told yong-ki she's gotta marry some random guy and live miserably for him to watch...

HM calls GH and she asks him if they can get married. HM says why so suddenly and GH replies he was her first love so it's not sudden and she wants an answer after she gets back from japan. HM says okay and GH says she wishes he was next to her so they can hug...

next morning, IH's mom sees how HM looks troubled and tells him not to worry cuz they'll get money soon after they move out.. and then she tells HM to make time on sunday so they can have a wedding... HM says they should wait til he has more money so he can give her a proper wedding but IH's mom says there's no need to wait.

then privately HM tells IH they shouldn't get married legally just yet in case he's still liable for some of the debt and the debt might carry over to her and her mother if they're legally married. IH says she loves him and she doesn't care.

meanwhile GH tells her sister in law that she's gonna bring her future husband home for them to see.. afterwards she rips the picture of her and hong-ki...

but GH goes to the airport and watches as yong-ki and GH's father arrive from abroad. GH's father finds out mr. choi (HM's dad) passed away and his business has gone under.

HM and IH go the court clerk and tries to buy back his home and office, but the clerk says it's been too long and he missed the timeframe to reclaim it.. HM asks if he can do it if he finds a lawyer and the clerk says there's no use.

HM gets upset and tries to throw away all the paperwork for the deed.. then he gets a call from yong-gi and HM goes to meet GH's father.

GH's father apologizes to HM for not being able to help cuz he was abroad.. then scolds HM for not contacting him for help. HM tells GH's father what happened, then GH's father says he's gonna help him and he should just think of him as his father from now on.

then mr. jin asks HM if they can play golf on sunday and HM says he has a 3 o'clock appointment (wedding) and mr. jin says they should play in the morning then.

HM thinks about what GH said, and what her father said, and what IH and her mom said to him these last few days and he's going crazy...

HM goes home and tries to have sex with IH but she pushes him away (she doesn't want to have sex at her mom's house before they're married). then HM gets upset and says what if he's gone and reminds her not to ever let go of his hand.. IH says she will never let him go, then goes to her room and cries.

next morning HM leaves home before breakfast. IH goes to the office and HM is there already, and apologizes to her for last night. IH says they should go out and she takes him to a motel. HM kisses her on the forehand and says they should just hold hands lying down together... IH lies on his chest and HM says she should sleep cuz she probably didn't sleep all night because of him and he wants to sleep too...

IH's friend HJ gets a han-bok (traditional korean attire) to wear for IH's wedding and her guy friend makes fun of her.

IH tries on her han-bok and IH's mom asks HM if she's beautiful.. then IH's mom gives HM a watch as wedding gift. HM tells her he has an important golf meeting with mr. jin tomorrow so he might be slightly late but he'll go straight to the wedding afterwards.

IH explains to her mom that mr. jin was mr. choi's good friend and close business partner.. IH's mom says okay.

HM plays golf with mr. jin, who asks HM if it's okay for HM to be a little late for his afternoon appointment and HM says yes.. then HM shows up to the wedding at the temple an hour late and IH's mom watches teary-eyed as IH and HM get married. (just a ceremony).

HJ's guy friend takes photos for them...

it's moving day and HM isn't there to help and HJ wonders if HM's gonna take all the money and stray.. the guy friend (sorry i don't know his name but i'll find out next time) is frustrated at HM for not even helping them move but he says no matter how bad he is he wouldn't dare stray under the circumstances.

HM takes the money from selling the house and buys a diamond ring at the jewelry store.. then takes off his wedding ring from IH and throws away the watch IH's mom bought him. the whole family moves with the help of HJ and the guy friend.

IH's worried about HM and calls him to let him know they moved.. HM says he's in an important meeting and she shouldn't wait up for him but IH says it's their first night at the house and she's gonna wait no matter how late he comes home.

HM gets the ring, and reserves a hotel room, then tells the hotel clerk to get an expensive flower bouquet ready.. HM goes to the airport to greet GH. GH asks him if he's got an answer for her and he takes her to the hotel room.

HM brings GH to the hotel room filled with candle votives, champagne and flowers... GH says he did a good job and it seems he's very experienced at such thing.. HM says he's not and asks GH if she wants to taste the wine and GH says to just pour her a glass since she recognizes the label.

GH asks HM if he's got a woman cuz his finger looks like it had a ring on before.. and tells him shes not interested in men who already have women so they should just call it quits if that's the case. HM gets down on his knees and puts the diamond ring on her finger, then GH and HM began kissing...

meanwhile.. IH is waiting for HM outside their new home..

------------- end of episode 4

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dramaok- my dear.. :) thank you so much for the translation. I was afraid that u didn't check the thread so i upload another episode 5 just in case.. i might as well post it again.

Episode 5

I've got to say, thanks to your wonderful summary.. I was able to enjoy this so much.. I think this drama is so realistic and I was quite emotional watching it.. as a woman, I feel for Inha and her mom so much. HM is a woman's worst nightmare.. really.. he's one of the worst human being ever.. How can he did that to IH & her mom after everything they sacrificed for him? I've seen cases like that in dramas before, but he had known IH for years.. my goodness.. I'm so touched by the love that IH & her mom shared.. Here we see a mother who is willing to do everything in her power so that her only daughter can live a happy life.. all her sacrifices are wasted as the son-in-law she treasured tuned out to be the biggest jerk in the world.. The little girl who will play IH & HM's daughter is the little shinbi in wonderful life.. i am very impressed with her acting from what i've seen in wonderful life, so i'm looking forward to seeing her in the next episodes. I really like the other guy in this drama too ( and i'm excited that he will appear in the next episode ) since i just finished next summer typhoon, and i really enjoyed him in that serie.. Can't wait to see his & IH's relationship.

On the topic of revenge.. i can't wait for IH to deal with HM.. i wonder why it takes her a couple years to seek revenge.. If it was me.. i would go crazy and ruin HM right away.. I would not let him enjoyed his life freely for (was it 5 yrs? since the daughter looks that old).. HM is the biggest jerk and i have never hated such a character in a drama as much as i hate him now.. hehe..

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