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Kim Hye Soo reveals her “collarbone line” while on vacation

Actress Kim Hye Soo recently revealed photos of her golden collarbone line during her family trip to the Philippines.

On February 17th via her mini-hompy, she uploaded the photos along with the comment, “Because of a big family, it was hard to arrange a family trip. But thanks to my dongsaeng, our family was able to enjoy a great time on a trip. A family trip after one million years.”

In the photos, Kim Hye Soo has no makeup on and is wearing sunglass. Most importantly, Kim Hye Soo is showcasing her golden collarbone line that can “fill water.”

Netizens who have seen the photos commented, “Your smile is very pretty,” ” Very sexy,” “I’m jealous of your everlasting beauty“, and “Your neck and collarbone catch my eyes.”


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March 15, 2011

Top actors to film Korean version of "Ocean's Eleven"

Reporter: Ko Kyoung-seok kave @ Editor: Heidi Kim heidikim @ <Ⓒ 10Asia All rights reserved> news.nate.com


Starting from left: Gianna Jun, Kim Yun-seok, Kim Hye-soo and Lee Jung-jae [nate.com]

Several high-profile actors and actresses in Korea will come together to star in a single film, according to an official related to the movie tentatively titled "Thieves."

The official told Asia Economic Daily on Tuesday Jun Ji-hyun (Gianna Jun), Kim Yun-seok, Kim Hye-soo and Lee Jung-jae are set to star in a film that will be a Korean version of Hollywood film "Ocean's Eleven "(2001).

"Negotiations for the casting had been taking place since late last year and most of the cast have already signed on or will soon," the official added.

Helmed by director Choi Dong-hoon, the upcoming pic will be about thieves from Korea and China teaming up with each other to steal a diamond worth 40 billion won locked away in a special room at a casino in Macao.

This will be director Choi's fourth feature-length film following his other crime movies "The Big Swindle" (2004), "The War of Flower" (2006) and "WOOCHI" (2009) and will crank in at May in Hong Kong and Macao.

Lee Jung-jae will play the main lead Popeye and Kim Yoon-suk his rival Macao Park while actress Kim Hye-soo will play Pepsi, a genius safe-cracker while Kim Hae-sook and Jun Ji-hyun a mother-and-daughter duo who steal jewelries and antiques.

Oh Dal-soo, known as one of the best supporting actors in the country, will show up as a Chinese thief named Andrew.

Producers are still said to be looking for an actor in his twenties to play the role of Jampano, the youngest in the group of thieves.

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March 15, 2011

Lee Jung-jae reunites with Jeon Ji-hyun in caper film

Via Seoul.co.kr by javabeans dramabeans.com


When the “Korean Ocean’s Eleven” was first announced a couple months ago, we knew we could expect a big-name cast, from the attachment of A-lister Lee Jung-jae (The Housemaid) and based on the pattern established by the Hollywood franchise. And yup, the project has now brought onboard a whole slew of famous faces, starting with Jeon Ji-hyun (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan), who re-teams with Lee after first starring with him in the lovely romantic film Il Mare back in 2000. (I LOVE the subtle, understated Il Mare; it still pains me what Hollywood did to it with The Lake House.)

The movie is titled Thieves and centers around a heist in a Macau casino; the prize is a multimillion-dollar diamond called “The Sun’s Tear.” Heading the “once-in-a-lifetime cast” is Lee Jung-jae playing the mastermind, with Jeon playing a loud-mouthed, curse-up-a-storm type of thief (my kinda girl!) who specializes in jewelry and art. Then there’s Korea’s veteran glamourpuss Kim Hye-soo (Home Sweet Home, Tazza) playing a familiar role, the femme fatale, though this one also is a master safecracker.

“National actor” Kim Yoon-seok (The Chaser, Jeon Woo Chi) also stars, as well as other famous veterans like Oh Dal-soo (The Fixer, Bang-ja Chronicle) and “Korea’s Mom” Kim Hae-sook (Life Is Beautiful, Thirst).

Thieves is helmed by a man who knows how to mix crime, action, and comedy; Choi Dong-hoon directed Tazza, The Big Swindle, and Jeon Woo Chi. It’ll begin shooting in May.

I love a good action/caper movie, and this is a pretty damn solid cast. Can’t wait.

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March 20, 2011

Upcoming movie, “Professionals,” reveals impressive cast list

Source: TV Daily via Nate by VITALSIGN allkpop.com


“Professionals,” an upcoming movie which will be directed by Choi Dong Hoon (known for “Jeonwoochi“) has revealed an impressive line-up cast on March 21st including the likes of Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Yoon Suk, and Kim Soo Hyun.

The movie’s plot revolves around the lives of professional thieves in a race to steal a diamond worth $40 million USD at a casino in Macau.

Kim Yoon Suk will be pited against Lee Jung Jae, while Kim Hye Soo will be playing the role of a femme fatale safe-cracker. Jun Ji Hyun will be a professional specializing in the theft of jewelries and antiques and Kim Soo Hyun will be the rookie addition to the crew.

Official crank-in for the movie is scheduled for this May.

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March 30, 2011

Which Star Maintains Their Beauty Image Best?

Source: KBS Global


Who's the fairest of them all? Well, being that beauty requires maintenance, the better question would be, who's upkeeps themselves the best of them all?

A survey was conducted by a public servant licensing company from March 8th to the 20th, and 963 people answered this question. The man touted to be the nation's emcee, Yoo Jae-suk came in at first place for the men with 38.8% (374 votes). Hallyu star Bae Yong-jun scored 32.5% (313 votes) of the participants' favor in second. The other equally popular emcee, Kang Ho-dong ranked third with 1.6% (112 votes), actor Jang Dong-gun next with 9.9% (95 votes), and No Hong-cheol with 7.2% (69 votes).

Perhaps Yoo scored so high among his arguably better looking counterparts because people felt he'd apply just as much effort into his appearance as he does to his work.

From the female side, glamorous actress Kim Hye-soo was first with 37.1% (357 votes). Another A-list star Go Hyun-jung came in second with 24.1% (232 votes). The natural beauty Kim Tae-hee attracted 23.7% (228 votes) to trail at third, new mother Go So-young next up with 11.4% (110 votes), and Park Joon-geum with 3.7% (36 votes).

Kim, being an actress who appeals to all demographics, was seen as the winner due to her strong charisma. The idea is that her strong presence would ensure that she's just as strong or strict about her beauty regimen.

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It's too bad that they can't sustain the relationship further..

April 4, 2011

Kim Hye-soo, Yu Hae-jin break off relationship

Jessica Kim jesskim @ <Ⓒ 10Asia All rights reserved> news.nate.com


Top actress Kim Hye-soo and actor boyfriend Yu Hae-jin have ended their three-year relationship, according to the two's agencies on Monday.

Officials at GF Entertainment, representing Kim, and Sim Entertainment, managing Yu, confirmed a report from earlier in the day which broke news of the split-up while adding they had not been able to ask into details such as why and how it happened.

Industry sources speculated however that the two became distant due to their busy schedules since the latter half of late last year and differences in opinion regarding marriage.

During an interview with the press in November 2010 for her film "Home Sweet Home," Kim had said, "I'm not a celibate nor do I have any illusions or fears regarding marriage. I plan to marry when I really want to but it's not something I feel strongly about yet. "

Also, a source close to both actors said, "Just like any other couple, they saw conflict which arose from their differences in personalities ...... Yu was considering marriage but Kim had no intentions to so they probably had different views on this as well. "

Fans had looked forward to the two getting married with both actors being in their early forties and having presumed to be in a strong relationship based on their long-lasted friendship; they had become acquainted after their first movie together in 2001 titled "Kick the Moon "and worked together again in 2006 hit film" Tazza: The High Rollers "which won Kim the award for best actress at the Blue Dragon Awards.

Then rumors of the two dating surfaced starting 2008 although both continuously denied any romantic involvement until early last year when paparazzi photographs of the two were released.

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April 4, 2011

Kim Hye-soo split with Yu Hae-jin

By Lee Woo-young (wylee@heraldm.com) Edited by Rob York koreaherald.com


Kim Hye-soo and Yu Hae-jin

Actress Kim Hye-soo has broken up with her boyfriend Yu Hae-jin, their agencies confirmed Monday.

The romantic relationship between the 41-year-old stars was revealed last January when they were spotted on a secret date at night.

The agencies said the two actors are no longer in a relationship, but didn’t elaborate on when and why they ended it.

“As news reports on the stars’ breakup poured in this morning, I was told by Kim Hye-soo that she broke up with Yu. But I don’t know the details as it is a private matter,” said Kim’s agent Kim Nam-hyung.

The two stars are reported to have first met while filming the 2001 comedy “Kick the Moon” and their relationship blossomed after co-starring in the 2006 gambling flick “Tazza: The High Rollers.”

When the relationship was made public last year, Kim and Yu were called “beauty and the beast.”

Recently, Yu did not show up at the wedding ceremony of Kim’s younger brother, sparking speculation about their relationship.

Kim starred in the MBC TV drama “Home Sweet Home,” which ended in December, and Yu’s recent film credits include “Moss.”

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April 4, 2011

Kim and Yu split up

By Chung Ah-young chungay@koreatimes.co.kr

Star couple Kim Hye-soo, 41, and Yu Hae-jin, 41, have ended their relationship of one year, their agencies announced Monday.

“We confirmed the split this morning after the rumor spread through the media,” their agencies said.

Reasons behind the break up and when it took place remain undisclosed and the agency asks to respect the couple’s privacy.

Kim and Yu starred together in movies such as ``Tazza: The High Rollers'' (2006) and ``Kick the Moon'' (2001).

Since they admitted to dating early last year, they have been one of the most popular celebrity couples dubbed “Beauty and the Beast.” Kim kept quiet in the early days but later she officially showed her affection for Yu after he won at the Korean Film Awards last year.

Kim is currently preparing for director Choi Dong-hoon’s new movie “The Thieves,” while Yu is now promoting his upcoming film “Sleeping With the Enemy.”

April 5, 2011

'Beauty and the Beast' Call It Quits

Source: englishnews@chosun.com

Top stars Kim Hye-soo and Yu Hae-jin, whose romantic relationship made headlines when the two were spotted on a secret date last year, have called it quits. Their management agencies on Monday confirmed the two have broken up but said the reason for the split "is a private matter."

But people close to both actors say they appeared to have different views about marriage. Yu wanted to get married but Kim did not, reportedly because some members of her family were strongly opposed. At a press conference last year, Kim said, "I have no intention of staying single for the rest of my life, but I'm not thinking about marriage either." The two 41-year olds also grew apart as they spent a lot of time working on their own shooting schedules since the end of last year.


Yu Hae-jin (left) and Kim Hye-soo

They already broke up two months ago, according to sources in the entertainment industry. Rumors of a breakup surfaced when Yu did not show up at the marriage of Kim's younger brother last December and were given added fuel this year when the actor hardly spoke about his girlfriend on the set of his upcoming movie. The two were widely expected to tie the knot due to their age.

Tongues wagged throughout their relationship, dubbing them "beauty and the beast." The couple met while filming the 2001 comedy "Kick the Moon" and their relationship blossomed after they co-starred in the 2006 gambling flick "The War of Flower." They only admitted their relationship after being photographed by paparazzi on a date in January last year.

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April 4, 2011

Kim Hye-soo & Yoo Hae-jin Break Up

Source: KBS Global


Actress Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Hae-jin have decided to call it quits after three years of dating.

According to Yoo's management on April 4th, the two had hit splitsville early this year and have decided to remain as friends.

Some may not be surprised as there have been signs of possible problems on the love front between the two ever since the start of 2011. What really triggered breakup rumors was the fact that Yoo had not attended Kim's younger brother, Kim Dong-hee's wedding last December.

Staff members from the movie "Sleeping With The Enemy" revealed that Yoo is such a bright person that there were no signs of anything wrong. However, around the midpoint of shooting, the topic of Kim Hye-soo became off limits. They added that Yoo had taken off for a trip to Australia right after the shooting was done. They think it may have been to help get over the breakup. Either that, or the reason Yoo had stated which was to avoid promotional interviews.

Yoo and Kim met on the set of the movie "Shilla's Moonlit Night" in 2001 and became more than friends in 2006 while shooting another film, "Tazza", together. However, due to busy schedules, the two decided to call it quits.

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April 5, 2011

Top Star Couple, Kim Hye Soo-Yoo Hae Jin Break Up, Why?

Source: Star News by dongie via askactor.com


The top star couple, Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Hae Jin, broke up.

According to a source, Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Hae Jin broke up 2 months ago.

One close friend said “They decided to put their relationship as a couple behind them in March.”

“Just like how no one knew about them dating until they notified the news companies, no one knew about them breaking up.”

Lots of attention is being focused on the reason for their recent break up.

Kim Hye Soo released the news that they were dating through her management company back in January of last year.

She said “I found that we had a lot in common as we spent more and more time as friends. Our interests in art were similar and through various meetings, we increased our friendship. During those meetings I felt that he was very humane and we went from friends to couple.” This shows that they respected each other. Why did this respectful couple break up?

One reason for their break up is suspected to be their personality. They both require everything to be perfect. Since the two of them are very famous, they had to work in separate works and they couldn’t meet enough.

Also, Kim Hye Soo has a defined lifestyle whereas Yoo Hae Jin has a more unrestricted and free lifestyle. He’s also very quiet, so this personality difference may have caused a strain in their relationship.

The relationship between them started going bad since end of last year. Since Kim Hye Soo filmed a drama while Yoo Hae Jin was busy filming a movie, they couldn’t meet as much and could not enjoy dates.

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April 6, 2011

Kim and Yoo break it off after 3-year relationship

Source: joongangdaily.com


Celebrity couple Kim Hye-su and Yoo Hae-jin confirmed on Monday that they have broken off their three-year relationship.

According to Kim Nam-hyung of GF Entertainment, Kim’s management agency, the two broke up in January.

“It is true that the two have broken up,” Kim said. “But we do not know why they decided to break up. They have private reasons.”

The couple first met in 2001 after shooting the movie “Kick the Moon” (2001) and had become close in 2006 after appearing together in “The War of Flower” (2006). Rumors that the two were an item came up in 2007 and the couple finally made their relationship official after paparazzi photos of the two together were published in January 2009.

The agency added that Kim and Yoo would remain friends. Yoo’s new movie, “Sleeping with the Enemy,” comes out on April 28.

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April 6, 2011

Will Yoo Hae Jin Talk About His Recent Break Up?

Source: Star News by dongie via askactor.com

Yoo Hae Jin will be appearing in front of the press for the first time since news of him breaking up with Kim Hae Soo got out. Many are wondering if he will speak about the break up at all during the press conference.

Yoo Hae Jin is scheduled to appear in the press conference for the movie “Living with the Enemy” on the 12th.

One movie representative told Starnews “The press conference was scheduled before the break up news so he will appear at the conference. However, he probably won’t talk about personal news since it is a conference to promote the movie.”

He has kept quiet when news about him dating Kim Hye Soo got out as well.

Many industry workers are saying that he won’t speak about the break up at all.

It is known that he went on a trip to Australia after he was finished with filming his movies last month. Some are saying that he went on the trip to try and forget about the break up.

However, his representative said “He went on the trip since it is usual tradition to go on a trip by himself after finishing up a movie. He’s also not the type to discuss his personal problems so he won’t talk about himself at a press conference.”

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April 10, 2011

Kim Hye Soo, the First Official Appearance After Break-up

Source: Star News by heej0130 via askactor.com


Actress Kim Hye Soo appears after break-up with Yoo Hae Jin.

Kim Hye Soo participated in the fifth walkathon sponsored by JungGwanJang in Seoul SongPa Olympic park on 10th.

It is the first time to appear in front of fans after the breaking up her three years relationship with Yoo Hae Jin (Reporting only by Star News on 4th) becomes known on 4th.

Kim Hye Soo participated in the event with calm look and delivered the speeches about the importance of walk. She smiles big smiles and shows professional attitude as usual.

However, she went back due to crowds of reporters though she tries to participate in the walkathon.

The related person of the event tells, “It’s a relief she has bright look though she feels sad” and adds, “She is a professional.”

On the other hand, Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Hae Jin broke up in early this year.



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April 14, 2011

[Weekender] Find your personal color

Color types help stylize makeup, fashion

By Chung Ah-young chungay@koreatimes.co.kr

Mountains and streets transform into colorful flowery surroundings with the onset of spring. It’s the season of coming back to life and waking up to a palette of bright colors and cheerful hues. This is quite vivid in women’s makeup and clothes. So have you ever thought about your personal colors that perfectly suit your image?

Personal colors refer to a specific color group determined for a person by considering three important factors — their skin, eyes and hair — to help them look their best in makeup and fashion. Some people even use their personal colors to decorate their home.

“Personal colors were first introduced some 15 to 20 years ago in Korea but it was not widely known. Just a handful of politicians and CEOs received color consulting at a high cost in the past. But these days more and more young people are getting interested in personal colors because they want to look better using better makeup and fashion,” Hyun Jung-kyun, president of Coloz, a personal coloring consulting company, said in an interview with The Korea Times.

He opened the online company on April 20 last year to popularize personal coloring and the first anniversary is being celebrated with more than 14,000 members using the free service. “The website (www.coloz.co.kr) offers various consultations and tips for accessories, clothing and makeup according to the online users’ personal color grouping that can be matched through a self-check questionaire.


There are basically four color types that reflect the seasons — spring, summer, fall and winter. The winter and summer types have a cool coloring with ash tones in the hair, grey-blue eyes and pinkish undertones in the complexion. The spring and autumn types are drawn to warm colors with reddish hair or brown eyes and golden or yellowish undertones in the complexion.

For example, singer Lee Hyo-ri is a fall color type with a calm and sophisticated image which suits deeper, richer colors such as salmon pink and tomato red, as well as animal patterns.

In contrast, actress Kim Hye-soo is a winter color type and has a stronger, more urbane image, which matches clear and bold colors such as wine red, emerald green, royal blue or other icy colors.

A spring color type is actress Lee Yeon-hee with a lively and cute image. She looks best in bright and warm colors such as peach, pink, orange, bright green and pansy purple.

With a friendly and graceful image, actress Han Ga-in is a summer color type. Han glows when she wears pearl colors, lavender purple and pastel blue.

To determine the right color type, skin tone is the most important factor. But if either the hair color or eye coloring are more noticeable, they should be considered first before the color of one’s skin.

Your complexion is also crucial. Is it warm or cool? Warm complexions have yellow, peach or red undertones while cool complexions have pink, violet or blue undertones.

If you have a complexion with pink, violet or blue undertones, your fashion and makeup colors should have similar undertones. Colors with undertones that are warm or yellowish will be less attractive or clash with your complexion.

People with warm undertones such as yellow, peach or red — look best in those similar colors. They should avoid colors that have cool or blue undertones when choosing makeup or clothing.


Knowing a little about warm and cool colors can generally help people figure out their personal colors easily. Warm colors in fashion items include ivory, yellow green, bright orange, red-orange and dark brown while cool colors are pure white, blue, green, bright pink, burgundy and black.

If a certain color creates shadows on your face or if it reflects color, avoid it in your clothes and makeup.

To select the best colors, you should analyze your skin tone without makeup. Place a white towel around your shoulders and change towels with different colors until they match your complexion.

“The main aim of our website and business is to promote personal colors as much as possible to the wider public. Coloz is a combination of the word ‘color’ and ‘Oz’ that hopes to magically upgrade people’s images by helping them wear the right colors. I believe color has the power to change people,” said Hyun.

He emphasized that after knowing one’s personal colors, people can shop more quickly and effectively by knowing which colors to choose for whatever products.

“When we enter a cosmetic store, a salesperson usually recommends the bestselling products that are popular or trendy colors to any and all customers. But that’s wrong. Everyone cannot suit the same trendy colors as we have different skin tones and complexions. I think the marketing strategy should use personal colors or at least separate warm and cool tones for individuals,” he said.

Jo Eun-ju, a consultant of Coloz, said that the right colors add clarity or glow to the skin and make skin imperfections or wrinkles less noticeable. Meanwhile, the wrong colors can appear to drain color from the skin, leaving it sallow and unhealthy looking.

“Consequently it is very important to know what type of color fits your skin, hair and eye color to appear more attractive,” she said.

“In many cases, after receiving the color analysis, the result is quite opposite to what we have thought about ourselves. But don’t worry. If the result is the opposite to the colors of your fashion items or accessories, you don’t have to throw everything away. Instead, you can highlight with the best colors in a brooch or scarf, which can be placed closest to your face,” she said.

“At least if we know whether we suit warm or cool types, we can easily pick colors that match us very well. If fashion marketing people have the indications of warm or cool tones on their products, consumers can easily select the products that best fit them,” said Jo.

She said the common mistake for many Koreans is to think black, gray and white are easy colors that everyone can wear. “However, such a mismatch can make people look sick or pale and haggard. A simple color check can improve your image,” she said.

The online check is quick and easy. A consultation from an expert at the office is also available and it takes some 15 to 20 minutes. The consulting fees range from 60,000 won to 150,000 won.

Hyun said that the company has held 16 “Color Talk” events and lectures regularly to its members, as well as offers tips for personal colors and how to use them in daily clothing choices.

It has been a year of raising awareness of color types and he said that in the future the company will extend its services to Asian countries such as China and Japan where the people have similar skin tones.

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July 5, 2011

Korean exports increase, thanks to Korean wave

By Oh Jun Kyung Korea.net Staff Writer korea.net

There has been increased interest in Korean products due to the Korean wave as people around the world see interesting new products on their favorite K-pop videos and dramas. As people connect through the internet and social networking services, Korea has seen new interest in exports in many areas.

PHOTO: SM Town Live concert 2011 in Paris (L), K-pop group SHINee ® (Photo:Yonhap News)

According to the Korea Customs Service, the number of exports to countries in the Middle East, Central and South America and Central Asia have increased steadily over the past few years. Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia now exceed 10 billion dollars worth of exports, and Peru, Mexico and Brazil’s export volume has increased by 50% since last year.

Since the Korean drama Daejanggeum kicked off the Korean wave in Iraq, exports of consumer goods increased tremendously, with last year’s total consumer goods exports reaching 750 million dollars. Also, exports of products such as air conditioners and other home appliances increased 10 times since last year and exports of Korean drinks increased 20 times.

PHOTO: Korean drama Jumong (L), Daejanggeum ®

Since 2007 Iranian premier of the Korean dramas Daejanggeum and Jumong, exports of consumer goods have increased 46.3 percent and surpassed 1 billion dollars. Also, the export of televisions has more than doubled and exports of cars, home appliances, cosmetic products and beverages keep increasing. The export volume of Korean products to Saudi Arabia has now totals 1.9 billion dollars.

Due to the increase awareness of Korean idol groups and K-pop, many people from Central and South America have developed a strong interest in Korean products. In Peru, exports doubled this year for a total of 340 million dollars. Brazil, meanwhile, has seen an increase in the areas of home appliances and motor bikes.

PHOTO by Yonhap News

Exports to countries like Vietnam and Thailand are increasing, too. In Vietnam, products such as cosmetics, accessories and clothes are the most common exports, and the export growth rate in 2010 was 128.7 percent to Vietnam, 112.1 percent to Thailand and 211.2 percent to the Philippines.

The Korean beauty market is booming, with lots of tourists coming specifically to shop for cosmetics and beauty treatments or buying exported versions in their home country. Because of the Korean wave, exports of Korean cosmetic products increased 38.7 percent compared to last year. According to the Korea Customs Service, in the first half of 2010, the export of Korean cosmetic products totaled 240 million dollars spread among 119 countries. Asian countries like China, Japan and Taiwan dominated, accounting for 87 percent.


Korean cosmetic brands, The History of Whoo (L), MISSHA ®

Korean cosmetic brand “The History of Whoo” has become especially popular in China, Japan and Taiwan, while in Vietnam it ‘beat Lancome and Estee Lauder brands to hold 16 percent of the market.

BB (blemish balm) Cream is among the most popular products, with tourists from Japan and China bringing it back to their home countries as gifts for friends and families. Popularized domestically by Korean actresses and Korean dramas, BB cream is now a hit from South East Asia to Europe and the US. MISSHA’s M Perfect Cover BB Cream is the most famous, with fans all over the world.

PHOTO: Korean cosmetic brands, The Face Shop (L), Skin Food ®

Other popular products include Faceshop’s foot peel and Skin Food’s Black Sugar Scrub. The Faceshop’s foot peeling product causes the feet to peel over the course of three or four days, revealing smoother, softer skin. Skin Food’s Black Sugar Scrub also helps people reveal significantly smoother skin through the mild exfoliation powers of black sugar.

According to the Korea Customs Service, in the early 2000s, cars and home appliances dominated overseas exports, but because of K-op many more people have become interested in Korean cosmetics, accessories and clothes and spurred exports in those areas.

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July 27, 2011

KOFFIA 2011 Film Line-up announced!

Source: koffia.com.au via hancinema.net // Shim's Family


KOFFIA 2011 is coming! HOLD ON TIGHT! For immediate release The KOFFIA Korean Film Festival is back in Sydney for the second time this August, bigger and better than ever, and it all begins here! KOFFIA 2011 will present 13 feature films and 7 shorts that showcase the great diversity of Korean cinema today, as well as providing a true Korean cultural experience with industry forums, cultural performances, food tastings and so much more. HOLD ON TIGHT!

The festival will take place from 24th – 29th August at Dendy Cinemas in Circular Quay, Sydney. In this Australia-Korea Year of Friendship, we are very excited to announce that KOFFIA will also travel down to the beautiful city of Melbourne! The festival will run from 10th – 13th September at ACMI Cinemas, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne. This is an extra special date, as 12th September marks the important Korean Thanksgiving Holiday of Chuseok, join us in this celebration.

This year our line-up will be centred around six key themes felt to represent particular recurring messages in Korean cinema. Experienced genre filmmaker Ryoo Seung-wan's latest box office and critical hit "The Unjust" (2010) will open KOFFIA 2011 in Sydney as part of our 'Crime and Punishment' selection. Known for his action hits "Arahan" and "The City of Violence", we are delighted to announce that director Ryoo and producer Kang Hye-jeong-I will be guests of the festival this year. Rounding out 'Crime and Punishment' is the number 1 Korean box office hit last year, "The Man From Nowhere" (2010), featuring popular actor and model "Won Bin" ("Mother - 2009").

'Brothers Divided' reflects on conflict found in relationships and opens with "Secret Reunion" (2010) directed by Jang Hoon ("Rough Cut"). One of the highest grossing Korean films of all time, it follows a tense partnership between a North Korean spy and a former South Korean agent. Also screening under this theme is Park Chan-wook's classic "JSA - Joint Security Area" (2000). Arguably Park's best feature, the film tells the story of an unlikely relationship between the North and South Korean guards along the border. Both films star festival favourite Song Kang-ho.

'Indie Cinema' will introduce our audience to award winning independent films that have been making waves worldwide. The documentary "Earth's Women" (2009) follows the stories of three female farmers and their livelong friendship, as they get caught up in a peasant's rights movement. "The Journals of Musan" (2010) is Park Jung-bum's first feature, made on a shoe-string budget, and highlights the isolated lives of North Korean defectors in South Korean society. Both films won their respective categories at the revered Busan International Film Festival, taking away Best Documentary and FIPRESCI prizes respectively.

'Bloody Friday' highlights the most thrill providing films of Korean cinema today! "No Blood No Tears" (2002), also directed by Ryoo Seung-wan, is a film noir crime caper with a difference, and launched stars Jeon Do-yeon ("The Housemaid - 2010") and Jeong Jae-yeong ("Castaway on the Moon"). Director Ryoo and producer Kang will attend for a Q&A. Former Kim Ki-duk assistant director, Jang Cheol-soo, makes his debut with "Bedevilled" (2010), which has reinvigorated the Korean horror film industry.


'Extraordinary Ordinary Families' describes the very nature of the extended family in contemporary Korean society, with "Shim's Family" (2007) uncovering many unknown skeletons, and "The Show Must Go on" (2007) giving us a look at the Korean Sopranos. "The Show Must Go on" won Best Picture and Best Actor at the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards. To celebrate filmmaking 'Masters and Students' highlights the best of the Young Korean Filmmaker Awards (YKFA) entries and short films from renowned Korean directors. Also screening in this section is "Oki's Movie" (2010), the latest effort from the critically acclaimed auteur director, Hong Sang-soo.

Finally we focus on the hearts and dream of youth, with 'Ride The Dream'. This year's special school screening features "Bunt" (2007), a heart-warming film of a mentally challenged boy who strives to help everyone around him. Closing Sydney and Opening Melbourne will be Korea's official submission for the Oscars for Best Foreign Language film, the beautiful "Barefoot Dream" (2010), which tells the true story of a Korean soccer coach who gave hope to underprivileged children in East Timor.

What is most clear from this line-up, is that there is much more to see of Korean cinema than many people ever imagined. Come along for whichever theme takes your fancy, as you won't be disappointed. Remember to mark the dates in your diary, August 24-29 in Sydney and September 10-13 in Melbourne, as KOFFIA 2011 will be one not to miss. Prepare to go on a rollercoaster ride of cinematic proportions, HOLD ON TIGHT!

For more information please see our website, www.koffia.com.au. Tickets are on sale 3 weeks prior to the festival dates. KOFFIA is organised by the Korean Cultural Office in Sydney.


Make sure you attend our KOFFIA 2011

Press Events and Industry Forums

Tuesday 23rd August, 3:00pm @ Korean Cultural Office

Press Conference with Ryoo Seung-wan and KANG Hye-jeong-I (with English translator)

Wednesday 24th August, 3:00pm @ Korean Cultural Office

Press Conference with Ryoo Seung-wan and KANG Hye-jeong-I (in Korean only)

Wednesday 24th August, 6:00pm @ Dendy Opera Quays

Introduction and Q&A with Ryoo Seung-wan and KANG Hye-jeong-I

Friday 26th August, 6:00pm @ Dendy Opera Quays

Introduction and Q&A with Ryoo Seung-wan and KANG Hye-jeong-I

Saturday 27th August, 11:00am @ Dendy Opera Quays

YKFA Awards Ceremony presented by Ryoo Seung-wan and Elizabeth CONNOR

Saturday 27th August, 1:00pm @ Dendy Opera Quays

Meet the Director Forum with Ryoo Seung-wan

Saturday 27th August, 3:45pm @ Dendy Opera Quays

Industry Forum with Mathieu RAVIER and Richard GRAY

Sunday 28th August, 4:00pm @ Dendy Opera Quays

Industry Forum with Dr Leonid PETROV and Dr Jane PARK

Sunday 11th September, 5:00pm @ ACMI Cinemas

Industry Forum with Al COSSAR, Christian WERE and Adrian MARTIN

For press releases, guest bios, scheduling interviews and more information about these sessions or other events at the Korean Film Festival in Australia 2011, please contact Kieran Tully.

키에른 털리

Marketing & Festival Manager | Korean Cultural Office | kieran.tully@koreanculture.org.au

Marketing Director | Korean Film Festival | kieran.tully@koffia.com.au

Ground Floor, 255 Elizabeth St, Sydney, NSW, 2000

T: +61 (2) 8267 3477 | F: +61 (2) 8267 3401 | M: +61 (0) 424 161 501

We hope to see you at the festival.


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November 1, 2011

Who Will Win in This Year’s Style Icon Awards?

Source: CJ E&M Choi, EunHwa enewsWorld Nate 1 l 2


The Style Icon Awards (SIA), which started up in 2008 on channel O’live, is going into its fourth year.

SIA is an event which chooses 10 figures from that year who set new paradigms in Korean lifestyles. The figures may be chosen from various different areas, making actors, singers, designers and even political senators available as candidates for the award. Enews took a look at what types of stars received the awards in previous years, and tried to guess who would receive the awards this year.

Style Icon of the Year

The grand prize for the SIA is the Style Icon of the Year Award. SIA’s first grand prize went to singer and actor Rain and actress Jang Mi Hee. The 2009 award went to the actress Kim Hye Su and last year actor Lee Byung Hun received the award.

In 2008, Rain conquered the K-Pop scene with his fifth studio album Rainism. His powerful dance moves and splendid performances let everyone know that Rain still stood strong, and with his appearance in the Wachowski Brothers′ film Speed Racer, he took a step toward the global stage and showed he had potential to be a ′world star′. Jang Mi Hee became a new role model for middle aged females that year with her KBS2 drama Mom’s Dead Upset.


The icon of 2009, Kim Hye Su, is well known as the star of the red carpet and is famous for decorating the red carpet with her shocking, yet refined style, every time. She even coined a term for herself in 2009: ‘Edge Girl’ through her SBS drama Style, and that year she was chosen as the representative presence of SIA.

Last year, Lee Byung Hun, at the center of the Korean wave, won the award. Lee grabbed eyes and ears on the small screen and big screen with his skillful and realistic acting. He is also one of the original hallyu stars, which means that he played his part as a stepping stone on which hallyu could spread through the world.

So who will win this year?

The hottest keyword for this year is probably the ‘Korean wave’. Not only are Korean singers popular in Japan and China, but also in European countries such as France, Britain and America. Those who spread Korean culture across the world through K-Pop will probably become the biggest contenders for this year’s award.

Girls’ Generation, Kara, Super Junior, 2NE1, Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Keun Suk, leaders of this year’s Korean wave, all made it into the list of 50 candidates for the award.

Recently, Girls’ Generation appeared in New York’s Madison Square Garden to perform for the SMTown America concert. The group made local fans go wild, while its interview with MTV Iggy was broadcast on the large billboards in New York’s Times Square.

Jang Keun Suk is also making his name known through Japan along with his big title, the ‘Prince of Asia’. After the drama You’re Beautiful was exported to Japan, the popularity of the drama brought on a rise in Jang′s popularity. He found his place not only as an actor, but also as a singer, as his Japan debut single Let Me Cry topped Japan’s Oricon Daily Chart.

2NE1 just stepped into the Japanese market, and Super Junior refused to come down from the top of a Taiwanese music chart for 63 weeks in a row. Kim Hyun Joong also topped various charts across Asia with his first solo mini album Breakdown, nailing no. 1 in Japan’s Oricon Chart, Taiwan’s G-Music chart, and Hong Kong’s KKbox Chart. Kara is showing that it′s as popular as always in Japan by recording 14.2 billion won profits in online music sales.

Some stars have appeared at SIA more than once. ‘Post Yonsama’ Kim Hyun Joong was awarded the Popular Star award for two years in a row, in 2009 and 2010. He received 360,000 votes in the netizen poll for 2010, coming in first in the midst of other distinguished candidates. He showed his potential as an actor with the KBS2 drama Boys over Flowers, and now he’s flying high as both a singer and actor.

Another star who won more than one award at the SIA was actress Son Ye Jin. In 2008, the first SIA, she was nominated for, and won, two awards in one ceremony; the Style Icon Award and the Fun Fearless Female Award. On that day Son Ye Jin wore a mini one-piece dress with black patterns on dark green, showing off her outgoing and cute charms. Later on, Son Ye Jin earned the title of fashionista and eventually became considered someone with great style that many imitated.

So will Kim Hyun Joong come in for this year’s SIA again? Will he be able to win the Popular Star Award three years in a row? Kim Hyun Joong’s name could again be found among the 50 nominees for the award, and is currently running in first place for the 2011 SIA poll with more than 300,000 netizen votes.

2NE1 and actress Gong Hyo Jin are also some stars who could win some awards again this year. The members of 2NE1 are gathering attention as ‘It Girls’ in Japan for their unique style, and were also invited to Japan’s largest fashion and music event, the Girls’ Award 2011 F/W, to be held on November 12 at Japan’s Yoyogi Gymnasium.

Gong Hyo Jin was awarded the Style Leader Award last year, an award that is chosen by executives. This year Gong released her environmental essay Notebook, a book full of her stylish tastes, and is gathering attention as an ‘eco-fashionista’. Whether the eco-friendly fashion leader Gong Hyo Jin will be able to win an award two years in a row can be seen on November 3.

Last year’s New Icons were Song Joong Gi for TV, and Lee Min Ki for film. In 2009, Kim Nam Gil and Lee Min Ki won the same. Who will win the award this year?

Leading candidates for TV are Lee Jong Suk and Kim Su Hyun. Lee Jong Suk appeared as the homosexual Sun on SBS’s Secret Garden, and though his role was relatively small, he left a big impression and is currently being called a rising star, thanks to his role on MBC’s sitcom High Kick 3: The Short Legs Strike Back.

Kim Su Hyun proved through the KBS2 drama Dream High that he is a star that can not only act, but also dance. His splendid performances were enough to give 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, who were also starring in the drama, a run for their money. With the export of Dream High to Japan, the islands have also fixed their eyes on Kim Su Hyun’s next moves.

Lee Jae Hoon and Yoo Ah In are big nominees for film. Lee Jae Hoon is being called the ‘blue chip of Chungmuro’, and director Bong Jun Ho called him a “fresh find.” Lee is accordingly sweeping awards in various awards ceremonies, by receiving the Rookie Lead of the Year award at the Daejong Film Festival, Buil Film Awards and the AKOFIC Awards.

Yoo Ah In overcame his limitations as a child actor and spread his wings as a full-fledged adult actor. With his ‘Guhro syndrome’ in KBS2 Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and with his lovable teenage delinquent role in the recent film Punch, he has succeeded in stealing many female hearts. Yoo Ah In vs Lee Je Hoon; who will be the winner this time around?

Tune in the Style Icon Awards on November 3, broadcasting live on Onstyle, XTM, O’live Storyon, tvN, Mnet and Internet TV Tving to see if our predictions are correct!

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan, Vogue, Wellmade Star M, SM Entertainment

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November 26, 2011


Kim Hye-su friendly toward ex-lover

By Carla Sunwoo joongangdaily.com


All eyes were on actress Kim Hye-su on Friday night at the Blue Dragon Awards, the annual Korean film awards, where Kim’s reunion with ex-boyfriend Yu Hae-jin did not go unnoticed.

Kim is usually the main attraction at such award shows due to her risque dress choices. However at this year’s awards, her dress wasn’t the only topic of gossip.

What made the night memorable for onlookers was Kim’s show of affection towards her ex-lover Yu. Kim, who co-hosted the award ceremony, wasn’t shy about supporting her ex on stage and applauded when Yu stepped up to present the award for best director.


Later on, the former lovers were captured on camera in a warm embrace after Kim stepped down from the stage. The amicable gesture between Kim and Yu, who dated for around three years, garnered much praise from viewers and netizens alike. Fans complimented the two actors for their professionalism and “cool” gestures despite the fact that it could have been awkward facing an ex.



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