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K-Pop Girl Group Fandom Ranking: Girls’ Generation, A Pink, Wonder Girls, and More

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Media outlet MBN TV has recently released the rankings of second-generation girl groups by fandom size according to the numbers shown on their respective fan cafes.

As of April 24, 2014, the rankings are as follows:

1. Girls’ Generation (2007) - 245,447
2. A Pink (2011) - 86,596
3. Wonder Girls (2007) - 80,579
4. 2NE1 (2009) - 74,090
5. f(x) (2009) - 62,316
6. Girl's Day (2010) - 48,245
7. KARA (2007) - 45,602
8. Brown Eyed Girls (2006) - 37,596
9. 4minute (2009) - 34,645
10. miss A (2010) - 33,713
11. SECRET (2009) - 28,168
12. SISTAR (2010) - 25,342
13. T-ara (2009) - 25,158
14. Davichi (2008) - 23,677
15. After School (2009) - 19,397
16. AOA (2012) - 10,928
17. Crayon Pop (2012) - 10,603

Coming in at number 1 is the unrivaled Girls’ Generation. Making it past the average five year lifespan of most girl groups, Girls’ Generation has taken charge of the top spot. Of all the girl groups that debuted in 2007, Girls’ Generation is actually the only group with every single one of its original members remaining. With a total of 245,447 fans in their fan cafe, they are able to stand their ground against boy groups. Their fandom power is evident through the first place wins on music programs, not only for their latest “Mr.Mr.” album, but their previous albums as well. 

Girls' Generation

The difference between number one and two is staggering, with almost triple the amount of fans in Girls’ Generation compared to A Pink (86,596). And compared to Crayon Pop in 17th place, their fan size is 20 times larger.

Also worth mentioning is Crayon Pop at number 17. Considering their status as a rookie group compared to their seniors, Crayon Pop has climbed up a long way. After making a hit with “Bar Bar Bar,” the size of their fan group has grown. Their fans are known for turning heads with their loud fan chants, synchronized choreography, and matching costumes in support of the group. 
Crayon Pop


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