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Girls’ Generation Was Irritated Having to Reshoot Music Video + Plans for Full Album This Year

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Girls’ Generation members Sooyoung, YoonA and Hyoyeon were on MBC radio show “Date at 2PM. It’s Park Kyung Lim” on March 11. It was the first radio appearance for Girls' Generation since their comeback with their fourth mini-album, “Mr.Mr.

Referring to the reshooting of parts of the music video for “Mr.Mr.” due to file corruption, MC Park Kyung Lim asked, “Who was the most annoyed when they said you would have to shoot the music video again?” The three members hesitated before answering, “That’s a difficult question to answer because the parties concerned aren’t present.”

The girls then revealed, “In fact, all of us were irritated.” Hyoyeon said, “We started filming at dawn and worked all day,” while Sooyoung expressed that she was upset because, “I did the most reshooting, but ending up appearing the least. Not even one cut made it.”

Sooyoung also revealed that there are plans for a regular album to be released this year. She also mentioned that the reason for the mini-album’s release ahead of the full album is because they were striving for quality over quantity.

YoonA also said, “We have plans for a regular album this year, and we are also preparing for many individual activities.” Hyoyeon said, “You’ll be able to keep seeing Girls’ Generation throughout the year.”

Girls’ Generation released their mini-album “Mr.Mr.” on February 24, and are currently actively promoting on music programs.

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