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"K-Pop Star 3" Auditions Rounds Ending, Battle Auditions to Begin

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SBS’s “K-Pop Star 3” previewed some thrilling upcoming performances for the February 2 episode, where the casting auditions will end. 

The “K-Pop Star 3” preview shows a judge panel (Yang Hyun Suk, Yoo Hee Yeol, Park Jin Young) blown away by amazing collaboration performances by the contestants.

First, as soon as Bernard Park and Sam Kim start singing, Park Jin Young says, impressed, “It’s like the first line ends everything.” Yang Hyun Suk felt the same, saying “It’s like I’ve been hit with a metal hammer,” expressing his awe. The preview also shows performances by two couples, “Something” (Jung Sae Woon-Kim Ah Hyun) and “Chaldduk-Kongdduk” (Han Hee Joon-Nam Young Joo). “Something” brought an original song to the table, and Yoo Hee Yeol spills praise at how great the songs were. Then “Chaldduk Kongdduk” put on a sexy performance, at which Park Jin Young says, “I think we're only going to be able to advance one person,” heightening the tension.

Following the end of the casting auditions, the battle auditions will start. The preview shows Yoo Hee Yeol and Antenna Music’s contestants visiting the YG headquarters, where Yoo Hee Yeol says with a light tone, “It’s a little bigger than Antenna Music. Hey, don’t lose your cool,” cheering on his contestants.

The "K-Pop Star 3" producers said, “As we’re approaching the final performances, and the number of casting cards dwindles, the competition will get only fiercer, so stay tuned.”

“K-Pop Star 3" airs every Sunday at 4:55PM (KST). Watch the preview below!

k-pop star 3

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