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Legendary Singer Kim Dong Ryul to Make a Comeback?

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A recent SNS post by Kim Dong Ryul has some raising their eyebrows and wondering if the veteran singer will make a comeback anytime soon.

Kim Dong Ryul

On January 27, the singer posted on his SNS, “As of yesterday, I have finished producing the tracks that will be in the album. I have to try first, but I hope that I can let you all hear it by the end of this year. I have looked over songs that I have written recently and in the past years, but my heart is always changing in satisfaction. It’s hard to find an agreement between the type of songs that I want to sing, the type of songs that fans want to hear, and the change in diversity that I want to show in my songs.” The singer continued, “This year is my twentieth year since I have debuted. I didn’t think that I could be doing music for this long, so it is a thankful thing. When I was younger, I wanted to make music that was cool, but now I wish to make music that will move people’s hearts, and make songs that will encourage and be of strength to someone.”

Although the probable release date for the album is unknown, we hope that we can hear Kim Dong Ryul’s music in 2014.  The singer debuted back in 1994 with the album “An Essay of Memory.”

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