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Lee Min Ho Quickly Attracts Over Five Thousand People During Outdoor CF Filming

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Actor Lee Min Ho becomes the newest face for one of China’s biggest open markets “Taobao.”

On January 23, he was filming an advertisement for the company in a public area quickly attracting more than 5,000 people nearby.

A company representative explained why they chose him as their model, “The most important virtues in electronic commerce is developing trust and consumer sympathy. That’s why we chose Lee Min Ho.”

Taobao is an open market run by Chinese internet company Alibaba Group, which brings in a revenue of 940 billion won (about 940 million USD) a day. Last year they brought in roughly 1 trillion won (about 1 billion USD) in sales. Not only do they hold over 80% of the Chinese online market, their company ranks first worldwide in profits.

As such, Lee Min Ho is receiving special attention as he’s the company’s first foreign model. Industry insiders believe that his popularity along with the company’s heavy consumer base will bring bigger success.

One of the staff at the filming site said, “A crowd of over five thousand people formed since the morning just so that they can catch a glimpse of Lee Min Ho. It wasn’t mostly females, but there were many males as well. It felt like everyone from Guangzhou came to watch the filming. About two hundred bodyguards were placed, but the crowd stayed put and watched him film until he finished.”

The staff added, “Although he was in the middle of such a mob, he was able to touch the fans with his gentle smile and focus on the filming.”

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