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Ailee Chosen as iTunes' Most Anticipated Artist of 2014

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One cannot deny how powerful and beautiful Ailee’s vocals are, and the singer’s talents seemed to have been noticed in all over the music world!

Recently, Ailee was chosen by Japanese iTunes’ “iTunes New Artist 2014” and “iTunes Pan Asia” as the most anticipated singer. The singer was not only chosen by Japan, but by Asia in general as the top artist to look forward to in 2014.

Twelve teams, including Ailee, were chosen as singers who have received the most attention in the past year, and were also predicted to shake the Japanese music industry in coming year.

A representative commented, “It is uncommon for an artist to be selected in two categories, which shows the world class status of Ailee who is the most anticipated singer in 2014. Thus, Ailee is rising in popularity amongst the business world representatives, so people can anticipate the singer’s activities in the coming year.”

This is the sixth year that Japanese iTunes has announced the “iTunes New Artists.” Each year, 12 groups of talented singers are chosen as the artist to anticipate in the coming year. “iTunes Pan Asia” also chooses 10 talented teams from 13 different Asian countries.

Currently, Ailee has been active with her hit song, “Singing Got Better,” that has been topping the music charts. Congratulations Ailee!

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