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Son Dam Bi Is Back with Glamorous But Emotional "Red Candle" MV


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Son Dam Bi, one of the representive queens of K-pop, has made her comeback with "Red Candle!" 

Her third digital single "Red Candle" was released on December 23, and the accompanying music video was revealed on December 24 at noon. This marks her long-awaited comeback to the scene after a one-year hiatus. 

"Red Candle" is a step away from the electronic dance tracks that she is known for, and shows a fresh side of the female singer. Her soft voice lights up the mystic and emotional feel of the song, and despite it being Son Dam Bi's first time to try out bossa nova, she has immersed herself in the genre. Her smooth and improved vocal skills bring the song to life, and the passionate lyrics match the seductive beat perfectly. As was previously revealed, SHINee's Jonghyun has participated in writing and producing the track.

In the music video, Son Dam Bi portrays a famous actress and depicts the effects that fame has on her. She is shown smiling to the reporters under flashing lights, but in the inside, she feels pressured and afraid. Sitting alone at a dressing room, she enjoys her time alone away from the spotlight, and the thought of stepping outside again makes her melancholic. 

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