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Teen Top Hints at Their New Song "Lovefool"

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Idol group Teen Top will be releasing a new song with their repackaged album "Teen Top Class" and they want you to be excited for it! 

A brief clip of the music video for "Lovefool" was previewed at the end of their a special interview video for Loen TV. The video is available with English and Japanese subtitles.  In the interview the members of Teen Top announce the release date of the repackage album and member Niel sings a very short part of the song. "Lovefool" is said to be very different from their last song, "Rocking," and will have a cool melody that fits right in with the fall atmosphere.

The music video for "Lovefool" and the repackage album "Teen Top Class" will be released on October 25. A video teaser of the group wearing bubbles was released the day before. 

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