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Song Joong Ki Assigned to the 22nd Division Search Battalion

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Actor Song Joong Ki will be spending his military service with the 22nd Division search battalion.

On October 5, senior officials from the 22nd Division stated “We’ve confirmed with the recruit training battalion, and Song Joong Ki will be assigned to the 22nd Division search battalion. His attitude towards training is great, and his class grades are excellent as well.”

The officials added, “Due to the nature of the search battalion, there are special classes that must be completed. Therefore his assignment isn’t final. For now, we just know that he will be assigned to the search battalion, but there is a chance that he could be transferred to another division within the battalion.”

Song Joong Ki enlisted on August 27 through the draft at Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. Currently he is in his 5th week of basic military training with the 22nd Division recruit training battalion. He will graduate from basic training on October 10, after which he will have 3 additional weeks of training. 

He will finish his military service on May 26, 2015. 

Song Joong Ki debuted as an actor with the movie “Frozen Flower” in 2008, and since then has continually grown in popularity, with his performances in the KBS drama, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” SBS’s “Deep-rooted Tree,” and his most recent film and drama, “A Werewolf Boy” and KBS's “The Innocent Man,” respectively.


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