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Son Jin Young Confesses His Affection for Son Dam Bi

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At the recent filming of MBC's "Real Men," which is a reality show featuring male celebrities as they spend time in the army, actor and singer Son Jin Young confessed his secret love for fellow actor and singer Son Dam Bi!

It had been a long and hard day for Son Jin Young, who kept on making the same mistakes while training with a motorcycle. This caused some damage to his motorcycle, and as part of the training, he had to do some maintenance on it at the end of the day. While doing so, he became lost in his thoughts, seeing his damaged motorcycle. An instructor who saw this advised him, "Treat your motorcycle as if it is your girlfriend."

The instructor, who didn't like the way Son Jin Young was handling his motorcycle, asked, "Who are you thinking about while doing this?" Son Jin Young answered, "Someone I like. She is like an angel," making everyone want to know more. He continued, "I have to polish my motorcycle nicely, thinking about Son Dam Bi."

Son Jin Young then treated his motorcycle gently as if it was Son Dam Bi herself. After starring together in the MBC drama "Light and Shadows," he started to have a special interest in her. He was disappointed, however, when she didn't answer his phone call two weeks ago.

Son Jin Young showed honesty throughout the filming, openly revealing his special feeling for Son Dam Bi which is beyond that of pure friendship. Fellow "Real Man" cast mate Kim Soo Ro watched everything and gave him some severe comments, saying "Why do you think of Son Dam Bi when she never calls you back. You have no backbone."

This episode of "Real Men" will air on October 6.

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