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Han Chae Young’s Wedding Ring Can House a Family in Gangnam

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On September 30, MBC’s “A Good Day” prepared a special clip covering stars and special facts about their wedding. The industry experts picked Han Ga In as the celebrity who looks best in a wedding dress. Also, the wedding with the biggest coverage and hype belonged to Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young. Just the ceremony had the big price tag of 200,000,000 won (about $200,000) where many top stars were in attendance.

One reporter commented, “One can see exactly how popular a celebrity is by how many reporters attend the wedding. One reporter went as far as to change into a hotel employee uniform where Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young held their wedding. He managed to sneak into the wedding and get exclusive scoops.” One MC commented on the show, “That reporter is at the same level as a spy.”

Han Chae Young received a five carat ring at her wedding. An industry expert said, “It costs the same as a 30 pyong (about 1067 square meter) apartment in Gangnam with jeonse.”

Jeonse is where one will deposit a lump-sum of money, which costs at least half of the place’s market value, to rent a place and gets the big deposit back after moving to a different place. It’s more ideal than paying monthly rent and this real estate system is unique to South Korea.

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