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Girls’ Generation’s Members Playfully Wish Tiffany a Happy Birthday

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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is getting lots of love from not just her fans, but also from her teammates.

On August 1, members Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, and Yuri went to their personal social network service and posted photos with the birthday girl.

Taeyeon wrote on her account, “Happy B-day, my American friend♥.” She includes four shots where Tiffany’s the one who holds the camera while she makes silly and goofy poses.

tiffany 1

Jessica wrote her birthday message in English. “happy birthday t!! today is your day~all yours! thank u for always being such an understanding and lovely friend(now family hehehehe) keep up the smile and ‘loud voice!!!’  p.s u make a cool mom for prince! ahem and i make a cool auntie”

Jessica cutely sticks out her tongue while Tiffany adorkably smiles wide for the camera.

tifany 2

Sunny also wrote in English, “Attack on Tiffan. You can't avoid me! shy girl.” She also has four photos and in two of them, she unsuccessfully (?) tries to kiss the birthday girl.

tiffany 3

Yuri added on her account, “Happy b day tiff ♥ #I’mhappythatwecanbetogether.” Her photo sets a more romantic mood with the birthday candle solely providing light in the room and there are couple of desserts with two forks, which hints that they went on a date- just the two of them.

tiffany 4

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