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How Will Hyori’s Relationship with Lee Sang Soon Change Her Musical Style?

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Lee Hyori is expected to come back this summer with her first album since “H-Logic,” her fourth album released in 2010. Since turning solo, Hyori has always showcased powerful and sexy dance tracks, earning her the nickname, “Sexy Dance Queen.” But following a two year hiatus, and her 33 year old body, many have been questioning if she’ll be able to continue with that type of music.

In addition, her relationship with former Roller Coaster member Lee Sang Soon last November only added fuel to this claim. Lee Sang Soon is known for being influenced by rock sounds and having a “bohemian” style of music. Since the two have been dating for quite a while now, it was only natural for fans to speculate that he would participate in her upcoming album.

But according to Lee Hyori’s agency, she won’t be making any drastic changes to her style of music. “Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon have totally different styles of music. Lee Sang Soon could give her advice on her new album, but there’s no chance she totally changes her music to his style. Lee Hyori knows exactly what the general public wants. She will come back with her original dance style of music,” an official from her agency said.

“But I won’t say Lee Sang Soon won’t have any influence on her music. She might sing a couple bohemian-style songs in the new album,” it added.

“While we record for her new album, it might become a 10-track album or just a 5-6 track special album. Nothing is set in stone yet. The only thing we know is that we will do our best to come out with an album that the fans will be satisfied with,” the official said.

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