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[jp/hk/tw/cn Movie 2007] The Longest Night In Shanghai

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173
The Longest Night in Shanghai (2007)
Directed by
Yibai Zhang

Writing credits
Yibai Zhang (screenplay)
Country: Japan / China
Language: Cantonese / Japanese / Mandarin
Color: Color

Genre: Drama / Romance

Production Notes/Status:
Status: Post-production
Status Updated: 25 May 2006

Since this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change; some data could be removed completely.

Credited cast:

Vicky Zhao Wei (So Close & Romance In The Rain TV drama)
Masahiro Motoki
Dylan Kuo (Embrace Your Shadow & Outsiders TV drama)
Sam Lee (Gen-X-Y-Cops & Final Romance)
Naomi Nishida
Naoto Takenaka (Waterboys & Swing Girls)
Takashi Tsukamoto (About Love & Stand Up!! TV drama)

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Guest huangmeixi

Yeah I've been waiting for this for a loong time.

Dylan Guo Pin Chao and Takashi! Two hotties in one movie.

Why does Takashi always do Chinese collabs? It's weird. He seriously needs to do some more Jdoramas and become more famous in Japan so people will talk with me about him in the Other Celeb photo section. :D

Edit: Also, this is really early to be making a thread, but thanks!

Also...can you put CN first in the title since it's directed and written by a Mainland Chinese director? And cause it's alphabetically that way too. Thanks.

Also...it's not a Taiwanese or Hong Kong film, not like About Love. They have nothing to do with the creative process or financing, which is how it's labeled.

For example, you can't say Perhaps Love was part Hong Kong and part Korean just because one Korean actor was in it.

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Guest yoojini

^thank you!!! she's so pretty! she looks so young~

oooooh, i love zhao wei and it's a romance film. yay.^^ the title sounds good already.=)

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oh i saw this a while back. it's a good movie. i heard it's one of the ten chinese films that will be screened or something like that in los angeles. i wish it was a bit longer though. it has some funny moments in the film.

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