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[Upcoming Movie 2014] Cart 카트

Guest dhebbie2t

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Guest dhebbie2t

Cart [✿Upcoming Movie✿] [✿Official Thread✿]



Yum Jung-Ah - Sun-Hee
Moon Jung-Hee - Hye-Mi
Kim Young-Ae - Soon-Rye
Kim Kang-Woo - Dong-Joon
D.O. - Tae-Young (Sun-Hee's son)
Hwang Jung-Min - Ok-Soon
Chun Woo-Hee - Mi-Jin
Ji-Woo - Soo-Kyung
Lee Seung-Jun - Section Chief Choi



Sun-Hee (Yum Jung-Ah) is a mother of two children. She works at a large discount retail store as a cashier. Hye-Mi (Moon Jung-Hee) is a single mother and a co-worker of Sun-Hee. Soon-Rye (Kim Young-Ae) works as a janitor at the same store. Dong-Joon (Kim Kang-Woo) is the only male member of the labor union at the discount store. Suddenly, contract workers are laid off at the store. The laid-off contract works stand up against their unfair dismissal.



Movie: Cart
Revised romanization: Kateu
Hangul: 카트
Director: Boo Ji-Young
World Premiere: September 7, 2014 (Toronto International Film Festival)
Release Date: 2014
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea



Filming began January 11, 2014 and finishd April 30, 2014.


Film Festivals
2014 (39th) Toronto International Film Festival - September 4-14, 2014 - City to City *World Premiere



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Guest danielle92


Toronto 2014 Review: CART, Women's Rights Take Center Stage In Social Drama 

by Pierce Conran  source


Following hot on the trail of recent Korean dramas seeking to depict the plight of Korea's common class is Cart, a David vs. Goliath, based-on-fact tale detailing the injustices of Korea's labor system and the harsh treatment of women in Korean society. With her latest film, Boo Ji-young returns to the director's chair five years after her indie feature Sisters on the Road, with a bigger cast and a far more pointed social agenda.

In addition to its full-time staff, a big box retail store employs a large number of part-time employees. One day, in a bid to cut costs, upper management decides to prematurely end all of their contracts and fill their labor needs with an outsourcing firm, to bring down salary costs and release them of any employee obligations. Shocked at the unfair dismissals, many of the temp staff begin to panic, facing the loss of desperately needed sources of income. Together they decide to form a labor union to protect themselves, but when the leaders they nominate to represent them are ignored by office executives, they move on to more drastic measures. They stage a strike to shut down the store, but it isn't long before police intervene on behalf of the corporate suits,

Beginning as an ensemble drama showing the different and difficult circumstances of the store's workers, Cart takes its time to set up the tense standoff between the company and its former employees. As things escalate, the inherent unfairness of the labor system is brought to the fore and the power brokers show their true colors, treating the strikers as an infestation that needs to be wiped out, first by hired thugs and then by water cannons.

Yum Jung-ha, who has been more active on television of late, makes a major big-screen comeback as Sun-hee, a hesitant single mother of two who needs her job but is scared to rock the boat when discontent brews within the store. Playing her as both a thick-skinned parent and thin-skinned activist (at least at first), Yum's performance is natural and empathetic. Sun-hee's transition from shy worker bee to strike leader is ably sold by the veteran actress, who shows how an ordinary person can be spurred to action through time and circumstance. Getting the ball rolling on the labor discussions is Hye-mi, a no-nonsense mother who has no patience for kow-towing when it becomes clear that her livelihood, and that of her co-workers, is at risk. Hide and Seek star Moon Jung-hee brings her intensity and steeliness to this practical character, yet one whose levelheadedness leads her to unexpected actions.

The strike leader for the older cleaning ladies is Soon-rye, played by Kim Young-ae, the matronly actress who played a similar role in last year's breakout social drama The Attorney. Fiery and caustic, she turns her cantankerous senior into a mother figure who becomes a catalyst for change. Meanwhile, popular star Kim Kang-woo plays the well-liked manager Dong-joon, who must choose what side he falls on when the dispute escalates. Though Kim has no trouble portraying his charm and later his inner conflicts, his is probably the least realized of the main characters.

Relying on her strong cast, director Boo personalizes the repercussions of Korea's poor treatment of workers, yet she resists the impulse to present a one-sided argument. Some of the strikers give up easily, others are nervous to get involved and members of management are also shown to be struggling with their orders. Mostly shot in a large, non-descript store. the film's tone is stripped down, limited to whites, greys and the pale blues of the store uniforms. Reinforcing the humanity that toils within the enterprise's walls, Boo injects color in choice moments and spaces. Starting with the hints of home life; messy, lived-in interiors contrasting with the clinical work space; she then turns the store floor into a warm community when the lights go out during a sit-in, and moves on finally to the colorful protest tents set up outside the store.

It may not have the bite of The Attorney or the profundity of something like A Single Spark (1995), but Boo Ji-young's Cart, by being less bombastic and more relatable, serves as an timely reminder that Korea's history of injustice and political demonstration lingers on. Yet the film is never lightweight, inspiring outrage in its shocking standoffs, when middle-aged women are carted off by disguised gangsters hired to clean up the trash. Furthermore, in recent years few Korean have addressed women's rights so effectively.

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class="single__title entry-title" style="border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: inherit; vertical-align: baseline; margin: 0px 0px 0.79em; padding: 0px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);"10552657_699830953442752_736027377017128

The press conference for upcoming film Cart is reported to have been delayed due to the necessary checks made as it was found out that D.O‘s fans falsely presented themselves as part of the press. 

On October 22nd, the preview and press conference for the film was held in Lotte Cinema in Gwangjin, Seoul, but was delayed due to due to D.O’s fans who participated in the event pretending to be reporters.

According to the production team, there had been numerous occasions where fans allegedly used fake name cards and pretend to be reports during the film’s previous sessions. The necessary checks were put in place to prevent this from happening, temporarily postponing the press preview which in return caused an inconvenience for the entire production and invited guests.

Meanwhile, EXO’s D.O makes his film debut in Cart, which is about the workers for a large discount store who gather and protest after being unlawfully fired. It follows a stellar line-up with actresses Yoom Jungah, Moon Jeonghee andKim Youngae.

It has made its world premiere last Septemer at the Toronto International Film Festival and is set to be released in theatres in South Korea on November 13th.

Source: Newsen
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I'm listening to Do Kyung Soo ost for cart, it melt me right away. The rhythm very suitable for historical drama, still I found it very appropriate for cart movie. Cart being a movie that I wait for a year even though it's not romance, horror or thriller movie, haha

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Guest LadyAra

class="titleNews"EXO’s D.O ‘Cries Out’ in MV for Movie ‘Cart’

[Video] EXO’s D.O ‘Cries Out’ in MV for Movie ‘Cart’

Making his voice be heard, EXO’s D.O released his song Crying Out for the movie Cart.

The music video for Crying Out was released on November 4, showing clips from the new movie Cart, starring Yeom Jeong Ah, D.O, Mon Jung Hee, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Young Ae and more.

Cart is about a group of employees going up against the company after being unfairly laid off. It will premiere on November 13.


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Guest LadyAra

class="titleNews"Photo Wall for VIP Screening of ′Cart′ Canceled Due to Too Many Fans

Photo Wall for VIP Screening of ′Cart′ Canceled Due to Too Many Fans

The movie Cart was forced to cancel the photo wall event for its VIP screening.

The VIP screening of Cart took place at the Konkuk University Lotte Cinmema on November 3. To see many stars at the event, a rush of fans arrived at the theater, eventually leading to the photo wall event getting canceled.

The promoters for Cart stated, "More fans arrived than expected. We were going to set up the photo line and continue the event, but when the celebrities arrived, the lines broke down. As it was an uneasy situation where the safety of reporters and fans were on the line, we had to cancel the VIP photo wall event.

"Because EXO′s D.O appears in Cart, more attention has been brought to the movie. EXO members, as well as other popular idol group members and stars were invited to the VIP screening, so many more people than estimated gathered around the photo wall," explained the promoter. "We had to cancel the event to prevent possible incidents, and we would like to apologize to the fans and reporters for that."

"We haven′t received any details on the situation where one man was hitting the fans," said the promoter. "We don′t know much about it because we were busy organizing the press photo line."

Photo Wall for VIP Screening of ′Cart′ Canceled Due to Too Many Fans

Cart is a film based on the current issues surrounding temporary employees. The film tells the story of temporary employees who were unfairly laid off from a supermarket. Yeom Jeong Ah, Moon Jung Hee, Kim Young Ae, Kim Kang Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Chun Woo Hee, Lee Seung Joon, Ji Woo, and D.O star in the film.

During the first screening of Cart at the Busan International Film Festival, many fans gathered as well. Around 4,000 fans arrived at the outdoor theater and screamed loudly at D.O′s appearances in the movie, causing the people watching the movie to complain about not being able to concentrate.

Photo Wall for VIP Screening of ′Cart′ Canceled Due to Too Many Fans

Photo Wall for VIP Screening of ′Cart′ Canceled Due to Too Many Fans

During the press conference and press screening for Cart, a few sasaeng fans pretended to be reporters, causing the press conference to be postponed for about 15 minutes. Fortunately, there were no physical fights or accidents before the situation was taken care of.

However, the situation was different with VIP screening photo wall as it was in an open area where accessiblity was high. With the announcement that EXO and other stars will be attending, fans rushed in, causing the photo wall event to be canceled and leading to the photos being taken inside the theater.

Photo Wall for VIP Screening of ′Cart′ Canceled Due to Too Many Fans

With this amount of attention being poured on the movie and its cast, people are wondering how sucessful Cart will be when it premieres on November 13.


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Guest LadyAra

‘With my wonderful son Kyung-soo’


Korean actress Yeom Jeong-ah on Wednesday uploaded a selfie with actor-singer Do Kyung-soo, better known as D.O. of boy band EXO, boasting friendship.

In the picture, Yeom and Do are smiling radiantly, standing tight.

“With my wonderful son Kyung-soo. A week until the movie ‘Cart’ releases, finally,” the actress wrote alongside the picture on her agency’s official twitter account.

The two act together as mother and son in the upcoming film. [kpopherald]

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Guest LadyAra

'Cart' co-stars Yeom Jung Ah and EXO's D.O. are like mother and son in a selca


Cart' co-stars Yeom Jung Ah and EXO's D.O. looked like mother and son offscreen as well!

Yeom Jung Ah's agency Fantagio tweeted on the 6th, "'Cart' with my pretty son Kyung Soo~Finally, a week left until the premiere~," along with the endearing selca.

D.O. previously revealed that Yeom Jung Ah felt like a mother to him during filming of their movie, and it seems like they've gotten close like family. EXO-L were also happy to see the normally reserved D.O. flash a big smile.

'Cart' will premiere in theaters across Korea on the 13th! [more]
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Guest LadyAra

'Cart' publicizes plight of temporary workers


Boo Ji-young's second directorial feature "Cart" highlights the unstable working environment of temporary laborers in Korea. Provided by the distributor

"It's a story everybody needs to hear", agreed cast members of the upcoming film "Cart" - including lead actresses Yeom Jeong-ah, Moon Jeong-hee and Cheon Woo-hee - during a press conference on Oct. 22.

The movie, which opens in local theaters on Thursday, is about a handful of temporary workers at a large retailer who are fired without notice. It depicts the unfair treatment of these laborers and their arduous struggle to get back to work.


Temporary workers Hye-mi (Moon Jeong-hee), left, and Sun-hee (Yeom Jeong-ah) are laid off without any prior notice from their company.

The unstable environment temporary staff are forced to endure has long been a serious issue in Korea, but no mainstream movie had ever been made about it.

So when Boo Ji-young received the script for "Cart" two years ago from Shim Jae-myung, head of well-known production company Myung Film, she didn't want to make a politically-driven film but more of a commercial movie that focuses on the lives of ordinary women and their families and friendships.


Boo Ji-young, director of the upcoming film "Cart".

"Cart" is Boo's second feature-length film after "Sisters on the Road" (2009).

"It is a difficult subject matter, but there are stories about family, friendship and comradeship in the film as well", said Boo during an interview with the Korea JoongAng Daily at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, central Seoul, on Oct. 30.

"Because the focus is on the narrative, I believe it will appeal to a wider audience".

Q. How did you feel when you first read the script?

A. To tell you the truth, I didn't have any resistance to the subject matter. Rather, I considered it a very interesting and courageous attempt.

Did you feel under pressure because the film tackles controversial issues?

I didn't feel under pressure, but I definitely wanted to do this very well. Since I didn't intend to make a political or social movie, I wanted to implement commercially interesting themes in it.

Why did you focus on female characters in the film?

Many people may have stereotypes about people fighting for their rights - such as that they are very aggressive, and that makes them remote from the lives we know.

But there's not that much difference. They live their lives, just like we do. In order to convey more of that, I thought women would more effectively show the bonding and family-centric aspect of these people.

It is a long fight so it should get overwhelming at some point, but in the process of that I wanted to show that these people have joyful moments at some points.

In the movie, Yeom Jeong-ah plays her character in a rather restrained way without showing dramatic emotions. How did you direct her to act?

She is a very ordinary housewife, but a very faithful one. She doesn't have any spare time to take care of other people and have an interest in social issues.

In order to express that, she needed to be a very timid person rather than assertive.

How was working with Do Kyeong-soo from K-pop group Exo in his first acting role?

When I first worked with him, I was surprised that he had certain facial expressions I never expected. He had a lot of energy and a positive spirit, and also at the same time a dark side that has derived from the various experiences he has had so far in his life.

In order to get more out of him, I talked a lot about the script before shooting so that he was fully aware of the situation. He worked very hard.

What was the intention for Do's character, Tae-young, who receives unfair treatment at the convenience store where he works as a part-timer?

It was a chance to reveal what the working environment is like for underage people who are not fairly compensated for their labor just because they are young.

Also, it was an opportunity to allow Tae-young to understand his hard-working mother instead of blaming her for not being there when he needed her.

I hope that many teenagers watch the film because they are the ones who these issues will relate to at some point in the future.

Why did you give the film an open ending?

It has an open ending, but it is a happy one for me. It sufficiently suggests that these people will continue fighting for their rights outside the film and I thought such an ending was right for the movie.

BY JIN EUN-SOO [jes@joongang.co.kr]

Source : koreajoongangdaily.jo... [hancinema]

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Guest adikkeluangman

Chun Woo Hee airport fashion. She was heading Busan to attend Busan International Film Festival in October to promote this movie.1794519_725268930900589_3221003461781955

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Guest adikkeluangman

Chun Woo Hee, actors and director for this movie during the outdoor greeting event for Audience Meet-and-Greet during BIFF.BzVJq3qCEAAgNdo.jpgBzVJrO-CQAAtBIg.jpg



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Guest adikkeluangman

Chun Woo Hee and I also think other movie casts help out in a restaurant while in Busan. Maybe this part of the movie promo too. This was during BIFF.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Chun Woo Hee behind cut getting ready for BIFF red carpet. Last year, she came for movie Han Gong Ju, this year for Cart. :) 10570346_730556487038500_3460121723994651798552_730556493705166_7626257806323754



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Guest adikkeluangman

"Alluring beauty of the Fox" ... 'cart' Yeom Jeong-ah, Moon Jung-hee, Chun Woo-Hee, Marie Claire pictorial publishedB1E6Z9pCAAAJLkr.jpgB1E6aJPCIAA2X1g.jpg

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