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[Hong Kong Movie 2013] Inferno 3D 逃出生天3D

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Details:Title: 逃出生天3D / Táo chū shēng tiān
English title: Inferno 3D
Genre: Action , Drama , Adventure
Producer: Daniel Lam  (林小明)
Open in Theaters: September 23, 2013

Cast:Sean Lau Ching-Wan (刘青云)Louis Koo (古天乐)Angelica Lee (李心洁)Natalie Tong (唐诗咏)Wang Baoqiang (王宝强)Xu Jiaqi (徐佳琦)Wang Xueqi (王学圻)Gillian Chung (钟欣桐)Chen Sicheng (陈思成)Cheung Siu-Fai (张兆辉)Jin Qiaoqiao (金巧巧)Hui Shiu-Hung (许绍雄)Ma Yuhe (马浴柯)Wang Zhifei (王志飞)Zang Jinsheng (臧金生)Zhang Chi (张驰)Terence Siufay (小肥)Tian Zhenwei (田振崴)Mahei A Yi (马嘿阿依)
Synopsis:On the hottest day in 50 years, in the density packed urban centre, a serious fire incident happened to a busy commercial tower because of an unexpected phenomenon known as “flashover”. As the fire burned their conscience to the ground, those who lacked passion in their life were about to meet a gaggle of firefighters with an indestructible enthusiasm to save lives.

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