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♡ BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#BBHot100No7 #BEIsComing #LifeGoesOn]

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Amazing photo from the GQ Japan magazine. I love to see them so happy!!! Awwww the dance video is adorable - too bad I can’t dance to save my life lol    https://twitter.com/choi_bts2/status






11 K-Pop Idols Whose Death Glares Could (Probably) Kill

Oct 27, 2019
by sammilee

You know those moments in life where everything just seems to be annoying to you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It happens even to the best of us! Whether you’re needing some good death-glare inspo to help you practice mentally taking down your enemies or you just need someone to commiserate with in the depths of your angst, these idols are here for you. (These GIFs also make great replies to those texts for which you have… no words. Just bookmark this page, trust me.)

In no particular order, here are 11 idols with angry stares that are so intimidating, terrifying, or just plain adorable that they could probably kill.

1. BTS’ Suga

BTS’s rapper Suga is just always a whole mood: from his professed love of sleeping to his “done with the world” facial expressions, he’s proven time and time again that he’s just the epitome of relatable. He’s not afraid to let his opinions be known, and his honesty is always appreciated!


9 K-Pop Idols That Are Always Glass Skin Goals

Nov 17, 2019
by sammilee

Glowing, flawless skin has long been a staple in Korean beauty. There have even been a few terms coined to describe the perfect look, including “glass skin,” “chok chok skin,” and “honey skin” – the list goes on. Despite the slight nuances that differentiate such phrases, they all imply the same skin-focused ideals that so many Koreans aspire to. From makeup to skincare to special in-office treatments, so much of the K-beauty aesthetic is centered on smooth, hydrated skin that’s so clear it’s practically glassy. In no particular order, here are nine K-pop stars who always have that glass-skin glow – and we’re going to need their skincare routines, stat!


BTS’s rapper Suga has famously amazing skin, so much so that fans, makeup artists, and even fellow BTS members have pointed it out. Despite the group’s rigorous schedule, constant traveling, and Suga’s decidedly low-maintenance skincare routine, he always manages to retain that fresh, youthful look. Back in 2017, Suga and fellow rapper J-Hope did a sheet mask and chatted with ARMYs over V Live – and the resulting glow had us running for our stash of sheet masks straight away!




Credit to soompi.com

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One of the best article about BTS this week in the Paper Magazine and this is how a journalist should write about BTS by highlighting them as musicians. We're also blessed with their thought from their own point of view.


Thank you for the amazing article plus the beautiful arts and well suited attire that complement each other.






Credit to the owner

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