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Guest Gintoki

Why nobody there? :( So sad :( Maybe because Tae Joon is a new actor to most people.

I really love Choi Tae Joon as Hyun Suk in the drama Ugly alert. He's also playing the male lead in the drama Mother's garden but I haven't found the engsub yet.

He looks so handsome so cool and he is definitely a good actor.

I've just read the news that he'll be on Running man, actually they are filming now. So happy to see Tae Joon on RM ^^

I hope he'll be loved more and will have many other good dramas and movies.

Although I'm just a 4-month fan but I'll always support you Tae Joon-ssi :)

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2016 KBS Entertainment Awards Red Carpet - Choi Tae Joon:wub::wub:

So dashingly gorgeous, if I may say so:heart:  
cr:  korean_kpop

[INFO] Choi Tae Joon winning the "'Talk Show Rookie Awards'  at the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards!!! AWESOME!!!!:heart:

CONGRATULATIONS CTJ!!! You deserve it, you worked so hard and tried so much to widen your horizon, and doing it so wonderfully good. I salute your courage and confidence in doing a talk show, and going out your comfort zone (acting).  You're nailing it successfully!!!! Way to go CTJ ~


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MISSING NINE!!!  An absolutely another interesting KDrama which will start on Jan 18, 2017. 

And with our dear Choi Tae Joon as Troublemaker, for crying out loud!!!! :blush:  What a way to start 2017 ~

cr: as tagged
I am just glad that we are seeing CTJ doing varied things these days.  I love him at WGM with Yoon Bo Mi and I admire him at Hello Counselor too.  With this drama and that webdrama his currently filming too, he's perhaps so busy and tired, but I always see him so full of energy at WGM with Bo Mi.  They're so bubbly and considerate with each other ~
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Hi guys!!!  I hope you won't mind me joining in expressing my admiration of CTJ in this thread, which I just recently stumbled upon.  I just recently discovered his connection with my favorite Korean actor, hence my so recent curiosity of him.  I also got to know him a bit, and come to love and adore him at the MBC We Got Married with Yoon Bo Mi.

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Chanyeol, Choi Tae Joon, and Jung Kyung Ho hint at their bromantic chemistry on 'Missing 9'

EXO's Chanyeol, Jung Kyung Ho, and Choi Tae Joon's bromance is another reason to look forward to new MBC drama 'Missing 9'!

Along with the still cuts of the 3 actors, the producer of the new drama shared, "Not only do the 3 people have great acting chemistry but their close bond that got built up during filming reflected in their acting. Please look forward to seeing their tight relationship in the past years which remains to the day they get stranded on an island together." 



Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/01/chanyeol-choi-tae-joon-and-jung-kyung-ho-hint-at-their-bromantic-chemistry-on-missing-9



This new TV Dama of CTJ to start on Jan. 18, 2017 is quite interesting, and I'm specially curious of his role as a troublemaker:blush:  To be honest, I'm confident that he will pull it through excellently ~ he's a good actor, and his gaze alone is quite intense!!!!



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Didn't know there's a forum thread for actor Choi Tae Joon. Glad to have found it to be able to get  more updates about  him.

I watched a few of his works and i must say  i love him most in the drama a "Mother's garden". Got to know him more on variety show through Celebrity Bromance and Happy Together. Also there  is Hello  Counselor as one of the host. 

Though he is not the main lead im excited to see him in the drama Missing 9. I like the fact that he is not hesitant to try acting out different roles/character and trying something new w/c only proves that he is a versatile actor . 

I wish that sooner he be able to get cast  in another excellent drama as the main lead. Compared to others he is way more deserving of a better projects be it in drama/movies.

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Hey guys, just in case you missed it, here is Tae Joon's New Year's Greetings to all of his fans :heart:  Simple as it may seem, it has absolutely gathered endearing comments from fans who have considered this gesture of his thoughtful and awesome!!!


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(Spoiler) 'Missing Nine' looks in to human nature

Updated : January 12 2017


The cast of 'Missing Nine' (Yonhap)


To the layman, human nature is a tricky subject to grapple with. But at times it becomes pronounced, in its best and worst forms, under extreme circumstances.

MBC TV's new late night drama "Missing Nine" explores human nature by dropping nine people on a deserted island far away from civilization, according to its director Thursday.

"It's a massive work. Many storylines are melted in. It's a drama about people who don't give up," director Choi Byung-gil said at a press conference in Seoul.

Spoiler: Just one character returns home alive, which is where the show begins. The plot slowly tracks back events following a mysterious plane crash that occurred four months prior.

The story revolves around nine people, including a washed-out musician, former bandmates, a resourceful stylist, a rising actress and CEO and other employees of the fictional Legend Entertainment agency. They become stranded on a deserted island after their private jet crashes in the ocean.

The only rule is survival, but the castaways later discover that the plane crash wasn't a mere accident and try to get to the bottom of it.

On the island, social status and ego becomes obsolete. As chances of rescue become more and more slim, the characters slowly reveal their concealed true natures. Raw emotions fly high.

"Missing Nine" is carried by an ensemble cast.

Lead actor Choung Kyung-ho stars as Seo Joon-ho, a 28-year old singer and guitarist of the band "Dreamers." A former music prodigy and once a top star, he's fallen from grace over a controversial scandal and barely manages to make ends meet by small TV appearances yet maintains a big ego.

His opposite Baek Jin-hee plays the resourceful Ra Bong-hee, Seo's stylist. She's the sole survivor who returns home and holds the key to the show's mystery. From a family of poor means, Ra come to Seoul to make it big, but gets handed misfortune on her first day of work.

Baek Jin-hee (Yonhap)

The cast also includes Jung Ki-joon who plays Seo's manager, Choi Tae-joon as a bass musician, and Lee Sun-bin who plays a fast-rising actress on the threshold of mega stardom.

Chanyeol of boy band EXO also stars as the band's drummer.

When asked whether the show was in any way inspired by the Sewol ferry tragedy in 2014, Choi, who previously worked on "Angry Mom," said the show isn't related to real life events.

Choi, though, said "in times of disaster, there are those who want to get to the bottom of the cause and those who try to conceal it," adding that the show will be an exploration on common human nature.

Due to its premise, comparisons to the hit US TV show "Lost" is inevitable. But Choi promised "Missing Nine" will be a different show.

"Lost is a story about people reacting to the mystery surrounding an island. (In Missing Nine,) the island is a mere tool that isolates the characters from the world."

"(The island) provides an opportunity (for the characters) to reflect upon their past lives. I think it will be a totally different drama from Lost," Choi said.

"Missing Nine" is set to premiere on Jan. 18.


Source:  http://kpopherald.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=201701121736105074979_2


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Korean drama Missing Nine episode 1 to be broadcast next Wednesday in South Korea

A new Korean drama is about to start next Wednesday. It is called Missing Nine and it is aired on the MBC channel in South Korea. It is about a plane crash on an uninhabited island, somewhat similar to US Drama Lost.

Missing Nine episode 1 will be broadcast on January, 18th in South Korea. Jung Kyung-ho and Baek Jin-hee are playing the main leads in this TV drama. Oh Je Se, Choi Tae Joon, Lee Sun Bin and Park Chan Yeol are also part of this TV drama.

Korean drama Missing Nine

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