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  1. I really love their chemistry so I was hoping for a consistency and a certain sense of completion in that freshness. I admit it is my fault for sticking with it. If YH didn't run into that stairwell and sat there when she cried then tied her shoe laces, I probably would have dropped it like a hot potato. I was basically skimming before that. What can I say. I'm one of those suckers. His actions before her confession is flirting. His actions after knowing her feelings is stringing her along simply for the fact he did not verbalize clearly his answer. He loves her I know but he should have been clear about. He's a cipa patient but also is a mature in his late 30s. Is it a proper or mature thing to do to make excuses for not being able to be clear about his feelings? When you know someone like you but you still allow that affection to go on through ways of being nice and caring but you have no intention of being with that person, you are stringing that person along. I don't fault people for being nice but they should also understand what their actions would trigger and the responsibilities that come with it. Emotions are involved and feelings can be hurt. If I'm not clear about it, I want to state that my main beef is this mature man in this 30s was unable to be verbally clear, decisive and honest about his feelings. It makes him fall into the wishy washy main leads. I like YH and I was hoping he wouldn't fall into that category nor walk down the beaten path. I was yearning for a sense of completion in freshness. But it is what it is. I surmise he would make a clear statement by the end of the drama after episodes in murky waters.
  2. If you follow the crumb trails, you'll find it. But if there's no kiss scene in the end, don't throw rocks at me. I dropped any expectation already for a closure. Or rather I expect nothing anymore. I let them played me long enough and I played along long enough. I like clarity. Without being clear and verbally reject or accept, it would look like he was flirting with her then continued to string her along and played with her feelings. I've been waiting since her confession to hear his answer in verbal format with clarity, to hear his decision if he ever made one. I've seen the so-called noble self sacrifice themes too often and I was hoping for something more refreshing, not having to deal with the excuse "oh because I'm sick and I'm dying so I can't be with you" again. Please spare me that path of thorn. There are people who are sick but still find love and there are healthy people who stay away from love. I want him to make a decision and stick with it. Don't want love? Isolate your damn self and draw that thick line as much as you can. Because if you play Romeo and look handsome like that, chances are the girl will fall for you unless you have a face only a mother could love.
  3. Maybe it's my delusion or wishful thinking, I like to believe that they shot the kissing scene the other day. It looks like SY was standing on a 4-6 inch block. But this is just my conspiracy theory.
  4. YH started this whole romance adventure. He picked on her in prison. He followed when she cried. She tied her shoelaces. He stalked her in the rain. He ran into the locked down zone for her. She didn't just fall for him. His feelings lead her to him. But after letting her into the path of love, he wanted to keep her at arm's length? Got cold feet and wanted to run away from the game he started? How is that even fair to her? And the least that shows if she actually has any weight in his life is him being frank and straight forward about his feelings and intentions. Instead, he never acknowledged anything and I didn't see anything beyond the ambiguous gestures. Then she has to find out something about him from another? I'm a female so naturally I take the female's perspective. She didn't do all that to get a thank you from him. And there will be some noble or cheesy excuses like oh I did it all for your sake. Oh sure. If I were her I would ask, so who am I to you?
  5. Looks like they were filming HanYoung scenes last night KST. Maybe they're working on scenes for ep 16. I don't care if the sky falls down on him. I still want him to follow through with a confession, kiss and wedding. A man has to answer to a woman's love properly. If not, Cha Yo Han will get my pile of rocks. Right now, I don't even feel like watching ep 14.
  6. From now until next airing I will be spending some quality time collecting some rocks. One of the two potential targets is our Romeo. Because "when love dies, Romeo must die."
  7. His actions wounded me. He knocked on her door. Made her fall for him. She confessed. She showed him her heart sincerely. In the end, he kept her in the dark and left. The least he can do is be honest with her and he doesn't even want to do it. The momentum is destroyed. A beautiful rhythm is ruined. The refreshing approach is no more. And now I have to watch Romeo on the run. Heh. So much for that.
  8. YH is shaping up to be a jerk. After what she had done for him, he would just leave without even telling her anything. She had to be notified from others that he was leaving. That's cold blooded, man.
  9. I just want to say that I kept watching the scene where Romeo wiped away his woman's tears and caressed her face like a few hundred times. It was sexy. Heck, I want to see his confession and their kiss so desperately. In this regard, YH is losing to SY. He has to be more assertive. He better steps up his game because my confidence in him as a strong Romeo is dwindling as it is. Other than that, I don't know what's up with the story of a bunch of main guys getting terminal illness and rare diseases. Four guys in the main cast: lawyer and his shady boss, prosecutor and hero. And then there's the dominant of ratio male vs female in patients: 2 male in prison (of course), a boxer, the cipa boy, the priest, SY's father, and the only female is the actress. I dunno. Is there a underlying message here? Or maybe I'm just bored due to the lack of HanYoung romantic scenes that would keep my brain busy. Things just feel a little iffy and weird when the main men are falling sick and the main guy keeps falling (literally). To add insult to injury, the nurse went all out destroy hero mode because. She's starting to pluck my damn nerves.
  10. They definitely love each other but yes, I want confession, kiss and wedding. This show is so sadistic.
  11. Thanks so much, comrades, for the live updates. In other words they showed scenes from ep 14 in the preview supposingly for ep 13 last week or they planned to put those scenes in ep 13 but now changed to 14. I'm not sure that's a good thing. I want them to wrap the Mr. Mastermind issue up asap so we have more time left for romance which is priority. I mean my HanYoung loving addiction is killing me but they gave me 2 teeny tiny itsy bitsy sesame size romantic moments like so and expect me to be cool until the next dosage? Btw, am I lead to believe that SY also applied for a position at the same clinic?
  12. This is great casting. I can't wait to see Kim Hye Soo and Joo Ji Hoon together in a drama. This may be a new dream team. The bad news is I have to wait until next year.
  13. He only wrote "apply for the position" so I wonder why would the Korean translation adds the researcher detail. Hmm... He better takes SY with him. Their time with each other is precious as it is already. Every week is a long wait so if they don't have HanYoung lovey dovey scenes next ep, I will cry 9 rivers.
  14. Thanks much, mate. YH's father lived long enough to have him and raised him a few years. Maybe his father lived until 30 or early 30s before he passed and now YH is in his late 30s or so. The writer already created this miracle so might as well go all the way. But... Si Young is such refreshing character. She wears her emotions on her sleeves, so frank about her feelings. She confessed and pushed forward without hesitation. My heart started wishing that she would ask him for marriage. That would be consistent to her character and put a nice wrap on their story. But then they made the turn with the typical act when the hero runs away for "noble" reason. I feel like they've been playing with my heart and will continue to play me until the end. There's no good ending even in the very least I know. What can I say. When I wish, things go South but my heart has a mind of its own. I can't control what my heart wishes for.
  15. So their children would be Bb. Is that close to normal? Kind of ok? Or not good? Just explain to me like I'm a 3 years old. Then I can decide how to weave the scenario of whether I should add little YH and SY to my picture of them in his house on the hill.
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