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  1. Overall, I think the writing for the cases can be better. I want more roping for clues, twists, turns and surprises than the too convenient scenarios. The best thing about this show is the casting of KHS and JJH as the main couple. For me, it was love at first sight. Their chemistry is the driving force that keeps the show alive. Their characters very much reflect their eccentric selves in real life. I thirst for moar of their lovely moments. I'm keeping my hope alive for season 2 and beyond. Until next time.
  2. They're so cute in that clip. Is that in the last ep? I want season 2 already.
  3. I'm a little disappointed that the plot is a little bit too simple where Mr. Song is the one dimensional evil doer trying to take over the world and all colluding with US based Kevin Jung from US/international company taking over a Korean company. (I do notice in the world of Kdramas/movies, the US goverment or US companies somehow or other always ends up being the cause of Korea's problems.) At this juncture, I don't think there will be any twist. But I think I can roll with this gangsta coolness. And hopefully, there will be season 2 and beyond. My real wish is always having KHS and JJH working together longer and become a real couple. Perfect couples match making is part of my moonlight jobs. *evil laughter* So at this point HJ was betrayed both by his father's buddy and his friend. Mr. Ga sure has a ultra thick face. After stabbing his friend, he still thinks everything is cool and dandy and they're still friends. Is there shame here? I guess the real twist here is that the Chan Ho (?) guy is actually a sweet loving dude. Actually I prefer that he's not guilty as well so I'm cool with that.
  4. I think KHS' haircut can be better especially for this drama. The one shown in the clip from infinite challenge looks way better. And she has black belt so she is a real badass who can kick some sorry asses if need be.
  5. Please date please date please date. That's all I'm thinking about at this juncture.
  6. I clicked into thread and at the top of page 17, I saw headline "Joo Ji Hoon expresses his love for Kim Hye Soo". I was like YES and about to throw a ball then I realized it was just in the drama and not in real life. *sigh* Maybe other comrades already mentioned why Mr. Song wanted Jun ho (?) to take over Issume. And I'm thinking the young hot stud must be his biological son or something. I'm sure if we go through some twists and turns over the path of thorns, we'll find some connections somehow. Now that I think about it, there's the possibility Mr. Song may not turn out to be the final boss. He seemed a little bit too emotional in ep 12. My feeling is the final boss would be a little more cold, composed, and maybe badass. What if it's Kevin Jung? He's not to the level of badassary of a final boss but he seems pretty composed. And his purpose of letting GJ on HJ's dad may very well be having them duking it out while he sits back sipping tea. Everyone goes down and he gets the whole pie then proceeds to romancing the girl while hero HJ looks on helplessly. Something like that. I do also wonder if GJ's biological parents will get into the picture. Maybe I should start weaving another conspiracy on that aspect.
  7. So Mr. Song turned out to the ultimate evil overlord controlling everything and everyone from the shadows. He set up everything and knows all secrets. He put people in positions he wanted and orders them around like he's their boss. I don't suppose there will be a back story about how he was growing up poor and his parents got killed by the top 1% so this is his grand plan for revenge where I'm prompted to shed a few crocodile tears and finally understand the motive. Or something. Ms. Kim suddenly becomes small fry now but she's still useful for overthrowing evil doer Mr. Song by giving clues regarding his wife. GJ may team up with her after all. I like that HJ finally confessed and GJ got all soft. They have Kevin Jung to thank as he gave GJ the heads up on the plot against HJ's daddy. That was very emotional of Mr. Jung. He really wanted to confirm GJ's feelings so bad. With so many things left to resolve and too little time, I guess I won't get to see HJ taking GJ back into his family eh. It's all Mr. Song's fault for coming out at this junction and messes everything up for me. What a jerk.
  8. On the Netflix website, it says Hyena season 1. Does that mean there will be seaon 2, 3 and beyond? Well, I'm cool with that considering JJH and KHS will be working together more and maybe they will turn into a real couple so I can throw a party or somethin'. *insert evil laughter here*
  9. So disappointed that there is no lovey dovey moments this ep. which is setting the tone for the next ep. The main point of interest will be GJ finding the killer (Law and Order) style. So Kevin Jung asked GJ out and she politely declined. Hmm...
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