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[ Movie 2012] National Security/남영동1985

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National Security/남영동1985
Directed by : Chung Ji YoungWriter : Lee Dae Il, Chung Sang Hyup, Kang Min HeeProducer : Kim Ji YeonCinematographer : Seo Min SooWorld Premiere : 6 October 2012 at BIFFRelease date in South Korea : November 2012Runtime : 110 minLanguage : KoreanCountry : South KoreaOfficial website : http://namyeongdong1985.co.kr/

Kim Geun-Tae (Park Won-Sang) is an ex-advisor to the Democratic United Party. When he was younger, he was a leader for the democracy

 movement during Korea's autocratic rule. In September of 1985, Kim Geun-Tae is kidnapped and dragged to an anticommunist investigative

 room. The investigation room is located in the Headquarters for the National Police, located in Namyeong-dong, Seoul. For the next 22 days,

 he is tortured by Lee Geun-An (Lee Kyeong-Yeong).


Park Won Sang

Lee Kyeong Yeong

Myeong Gye Nam

Kim Ui Sung

Lee Chun Hee

Seo Dong Soo

Kim Joong Ki

Moon Jung Geun

Woo Hee Jin

More stills




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Interview with the director & writer

cr info, pics and video to original source

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