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[C-MOVIE 2012] Caught in the Web 搜索

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"Life is short; I'm more brilliant than fireworks." - Gao Yuanyuan plays the target of an Internet gossip war in "Caught in the Web."

In upcoming film “Caught in the Web 搜索,” artsy finally meets modern as director Chen Kaige explores the costs of the Internet and the value of human lives. The film recently released character posters and a trailer.

Gao Yuanyuan plays Ye Lanqin, an alluring young secretary who is caught on camera refusing a bus seat to an elderly. The filmer is a rising journalist played by Yao Chen, who uses the clip as a way to propel herself into success as the clip receives top views. Using filters and other nudges to turn the push the public opinion of Ye Lanqing into the extremes, the journalist and her apprentice (Wang Luodan) start a “flesh search” for the girl, revealing all her past and rumors.

As the rest of the world smears Lanqing’s name, she goes to visit her home with the help of a newly found companion (Mark Zhao), the boyfriend of the journalist. When the truth came out about Ye Lanqing and her story, it was already too late, and the tides turn against the journalist instead.

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Seriously going to watch this when it comes out!

It just sounds so interesting and gives the thriller vibes! Somehow I just feel this movie's theme is very meaningful, how the internet can really ruin someone's life so watch what you do in public, you never know if someone's recording you with their iphone!!!

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