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Guest FirstTheWorst

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Guest FirstTheWorst
Your Favorites?
Hmm, so I've been listening to Indies for a long while, but I only come across some UK bands. I have this horrible fetish with UK bands because their accents are absolutely charming. D:! Name your favorites D:~!
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Guest Myss Blewm

I dont know too many bands either, especially the indie ones.

Okay, let me see if I can remember all the bands I like that are from the UK....

Indie(ish) bands:

-Franz Ferdinand

-Arctic Monkeys

-Hot Chip

-Kaiser Cheifs



-Busted (broke up, though)

-Son of Dork

-Sugababes (I think they're so much more talented than Girls Aloud; and they have better songs as well)


-Fightstar (LOL they're out of the loop, being like "post hardcore" or whatever you want to call it, but their lead singer Charlie used to be in Busted, a pop-punk band)

All for now....I think...

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Guest Di@na




-Girls Aloud


There were a lot of UK and Irish groups I liked ..but most of them already broke up >_<

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i understand..haha..i have a thing for UK bands too :lol:

most of the bands on my my space friends list are uk bands

lets see

eight legs


the littl'ans

the horrors


the rakes


whatever hedi picks to do the dior homme showmusic

some uk bands dont have a british accent..some bands have really heavy accent though..like eight legs..love sam's voice

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Guest petit_charat

i really like the UK music scene. they're indie bands are always pretty good..



-Arctic Monkeys

-Bloc Party


-Howling Bells (Aussie, but moved to UK)

-Lilly Allen


-The Duke Spirit

-The Little Flames

-Dirty Pretty Things

-The Kooks

-The Cribs

-Maximo Park




-The Verve/Richard Ashcroft

-The Fakers

-Little Barrie

-The Prodigy (if you're into beats and such)

etc etc etc

there are loads of unheard-of indie bands on MySpace, cos that seems to be thier greatest saviour....so check that out too.

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Guest VersusVillain


Joy Division

New Order


My Bloody Valentine





The Chemical Brothers


And some others.

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Guest lunarmist

I believe that Franz Ferdinand are Scottish, but i could be wrong. They are a good band.

my short list: just to name a few.



Artic Monkeys



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Guest petit_charat

i've always dreamt fo going to the glastonbury festival in the uk to experience the true festival fever. complete with all the most awesome UK bands of course!

c'mon thread! revive damnit!

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aah.. i've been infatuated by the british bands since i was in the elementary school.. blame it on my cousin who's 15 years older than me and kept on playing me decent british bands music hahaha

my fave british bands would be :

Adorable (<33 Piotr Fijalkowski)

Siouxsie & the Banshees

The Smiths

The Stone Roses

Happy Mondays


Mojave 3


Neil Halstead



Talulah Gosh



The Charlatans UK

Lightning Seeds



The Auteurs

The Divine Comedy

Black Box Recorder

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