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Hyun Bin 현빈 "Shining Brightly"


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*** I'm sure that theater and K-Drama fans will love this news that "Crash Landing On You" is turning into a musical. We will find out MORE about this musical. The breaking news is all over the media worldwide. This is going to be amazing! I'm sure BinJin fans are ready.  I imagine that both may be attending the musical. No official details yet revealed on who are the cast here. Also,tickets and show details will be unveiled very soon for sure. IDK if the drama is still viewable via Netflix until now.  :kisslevel:

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22 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

He got another food truck. He's so sweet. This one was from OMEGA!! He helped move the table :)




@ElectricHearts, thanks for sharing this. He must have loved Citron Tea. In Korea, they call it Yuja Tea. (traditional K-tea) And he requested it warm, I guess for his throat. :blush:







*** Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin crash into April Fool's Day, sharing the news they are getting married soon. Why shouldn't they? Should it be true they are tying the knot, it is happiness in the entertainment industry. The netizen then included a link to a news report, making the followers believe it is real, but the link actually directs to the January 1st, New Year news when they formally announced they are dating and in a relationship. Whether a good joke or a bad joke, it deserved to trend on that day. :rickroll:

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So sweet. Daniel Henney was first guest on Upgrade Human (Lee Min Jung's variety show that she is MC of). HB was brought up like I hope he would be but it was during when Daniel and Stephanie Lee (one of VAST artists - She was in Start Up drama) first met. She got to be on the show with him. They have a lot in common (both born in Michigan, love for dogs/adopting dogs etc). HB was excited for them to meet hehe :)




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11 fragrances your favourite Korean celebrities always wear


We adore it when our favorite celebrities share little snippets of their lives – particularly their magnificence secrets and techniques! (Like after we get the lowdown on Blackpink’s skincare ideas, Son Ye Jin’s magnificence secrets and techniques, and a group of haircare ideas of Korean stars!)


It comes as no shock when one among their holy grail merchandise is revealed and it sells out virtually instantly. In spite of everything, who doesn’t need in on their idols’ signature lipstick shade?


Make-up and skincare apart, we’ve gathered some Okay-pop idols and Korean actors’ and actresses’ signature scents that you just too, would possibly need to add to your vainness.



Perfume Hyun Bin wears

9. Hyun Bin Creed Millesime Imperial

Crash Touchdown On You’s male lead Hyun Bin loves Creed’s Millesime Imperial Aromatic Spray. 

Horny and masculine, this cologne blends sea salt, iris, mandarin orange and Sicilian lemon to present off refreshing notes of citrus and a wealthy musk scent.

Accessible on CosmeticsNow for S$448.95/100ml.



(skipped unrelated.....)P



source : https://www.sociallykeeda.com/11-fragrances-your-favourite-korean-celebrities-always-wear/

credit : @nina_mitrokhina 5misnina / LMH thread

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Check Out These 5 Highest Paid K-Drama Celebrities of 2021




With the popularity of the new Korean wave, or widely called Hallyu, in the international scene, comes the rise of fame and popularity of South Korean actors and actresses.


This means more projects like drama, movies, and endorsements for these K-Drama stars who are dominating both global and local scenes.

With that said, let's take a look at the highest-paid Korean actors and actresses and their worth per episode.


Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

The third highest-paid K-Drama celebrity needs further introduction.


Hyun Bin or known as the OG K-drama hunk, stole the hearts of viewers with his role as Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok in the hit 2020 drama "Crash Landing on You" alongside his reel to real-life partner Son Ye-Jin, who played the role of the South Korean heiress, Yoon Se-Ri.

In a report, the Korean heartthrob takes home $113,000 per episode for his upcoming projects this year.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/120307/20210409/check-out-5-highest-paid-k-drama-celebrities-2021.htm


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HB has been busy with more endorsements :) I've been waiting for the official news is out for some of the others but there have been teases shared already that seem to confirm that it is him. I will post those later


HB will be Ecovacs ambassador - robotic vaccuum cleaner. the latest teaser has a closer shot of him now. they will be revealing "who it is" tomorrow.




countdown. three teasers





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HB x Ecovacs CF and pics so far









Today we announced that HYUN BIN was appointed as #ECOVACS Brand Ambassador for 5 APAC countries that include South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, bring together the best #HYUNBIN and the best product to reach even higher






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So much more content!!




agency post


Ecovacs tweet/behind the scenes instagram story










Hyun Bin's Korean Actors 200 page is up too




From a romanticist in TV series to an action hero is the film industry. Hyun Bin's reputation, which always makes the public excited, shows no sign of slowing down



The video is so good :) 



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Hi, Thank you for keep updating this thread. Glad to see this new drama getting so much love. I hope he get recognized for this drama though I haven't watched it. Is it good? Was debating if I should watch it or not. Looking forward to his upcoming movie Bargaining. 

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Actor Hyun Bin Selected As Exclusive Model for Global Home Appliance Robot Brand "Neat and Warm Image"



Actor Hyun Bin has been selected as an advertising model for global home appliance robot brand ECOVACS and will be working as the face of eco-vax in five Asian countries, including Korea

Actor Hyun Bin is enjoying high popularity not only in Korea but also abroad, showing various aspects of his acting across movies, dramas, and commercials. Thanks to such high popularity at home and abroad, Hyun Bin is expected to contribute greatly to the increase in brand awareness as he is selected as a model for global home appliance robot brand Ecovac.

In particular, it will approach domestic consumers with a variety of appearances, including advertisement videos, still cuts, and various events, along with the title "Hyun Bin Robot Cleaner." In the commercial image released together on the same day, Hyun Bin emphasized the image of eco-vax with his neat and elegant appearance.

An official from Ecovac said, "We decided that Hyun Bin's neat and warm image and effort to show various acting matches the vision of Ecovac , so we chose him as the advertising model." Hyun Bin will focus on promoting eco-vax with various activities along with "Hyun Bin Robot Cleaner", "Ecovac Divot T9" and "Ecovac Divot N8 PRO".

On the other hand, Ecovac released two new models, the Ecovac  Divot T9 with automatic dust emptiness and aroma capsule diffuser, as well as the powerful performance and affordable cost-effectiveness.







HB's message to his fans in Philippines 



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*** The release continues for the K-Actor 200 List and HB will be on its 5th release with the 2nd half of the compilation left to come. It's interesting to see these NICE & COOL collection in every release. I hope some of my biases will also be featured.  :coolshades:

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@willenette HB is already out. (Came out Tuesday Korea time as there was a server delay on Monday). I posted it above lol. However yes he was on the 5th week. 5 more weeks for the rest of the 200 actors to be posted lol.


CA2 team got a food truck



Ecovacs have been busy updating their instagram




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